The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 15

It started to get dark out and Carla knew there will be a lot of explaining to do and now that her boss will be tagging along with this undercover work it will be easier for her because she really is having a hard time not strangling Samuel with his constant whining about Selena like dude she never wanted you to get over it you are nothing but an obsessive stalking creep who needs to go away and stay away for good.

There was a loud knock on her motel room door that made her jump, when she got to the door Carla opened the door slightly only to find Samuel standing there.

“Do you have to knock on the door like that?” Kit (Carla) asked while opening the door a little wider.

“I thought it was my ex-boyfriend for a minute there,” she said to Samuel.

“Sorry about that I didn’t mean to, I just want to know if you care to join me for dinner,” Samuel said trying to look apologetic and being a gentleman when she knows he’s not. Then her stomach growled loudly and Samuel burst out laughing while Carla just stood there blushing and glaring at the creep.

“Well, I guess that answered my question,” he said while Carla was trying not to strangle the bastard who is after her best friend.

“Let me put my shoes on and grab my purse then I will be out,” Kit said to Samuel in an annoyed tone and closed the door before he can answer her. Carla put her shoes on and grabbed her purse and left her motel room to join Samuel for dinner.

“The only reason I agreed to have dinner with this creep is that I’m hungry,” Carla said to herself before she got close to where Samuel was standing, when she got close to him he looked annoyed.

“Why do you look annoyed?” Kit asked.

“You shut the fucking door on my face! How else am I suppose to look,” Samuel said looking at her with a pissed-off face.

“Well sorry I heard my phone vibrating and it was my guy friend who owes me multiple IOU’S so I’m gonna start collecting,” Kit said.

“And what IOU’S would those be?” Samuel asked still pissed.

“Well since I helped him and saved his hide too many to count he owes me so now I’m collecting,” Kit said.

“What did you want him to do?” Samuel asked looking more pissed by the second.

“I told him to help you with your plan to get your woman and to help fix up a house that you are interested in,” Kit said. Samuel’s face lit up like a Christmas tree and he picked Carla up swinging her around saying thank you for the hundredth times.

“Okay I get it you excited but if you keep this up I’m gonna throw up on you and mind you I haven’t eaten yet,” Kit said to him which made Samuel put Carla down gently so she doesn’t fall on the ground from being dizzy.

“Sorry about that I’m just so happy to have somebody help me with my plan, which how did you know?” Samuel asked looking confused.

“Your welcome and you had that look on your face when we were at the house that you were coming up with a plan for it. Did I get it? wrong,” Kit (Carla) said making herself look confused.

“No, you got it right,” Samuel said smiling and led Kit to a restaurant so they can eat, or in Samuel’s case they can celebrate for his plan is going to finally be put into motion.

When they got back to the motel room a woman with black hair nice figure and hazel eyes was standing in front of Samuel’s door waiting for him, what Carla can tell is that this person is dressed in very little clothes.

“Oh Cathy you are just on time to have some fun,” Samuel said.

“That’s why I’m here sugar, how about we go inside and get started since it’s going to be a long night,” Cathy said and they both went inside ignoring Carla.

Carla was horrified, to say the least, because Cathy used to hang out with Selena and she also tried getting with Andy but that didn’t work in her favor. Cathy was known around campus as the number one slut, she would go around campus to get with every guy even if the guys have a girlfriend she even tried to get with guys not knowing they aren’t straight it was pretty funny to watch, but when she tried to get with Andy, Carla laughed really hard because Andy turned her down and humiliated her in front of everyone by listing all the names that described her perfectly. But since she is keeping him occupied it was Carla’s chance to go home and face the music.

When she got there everyone was at the table eating even her boss and the crew was there as well. Selena saw Carla walking in she got up real fast and tackled her on the floor happy to see that she was safe.

“Carla welcome home. I’m glad you are safe,” Selena said while hugging the life out of her.

“It’s good to be home and to have my sanity back as well,” Carla said with a laugh.

“That bad I take it. Carla how are you, my friend,” Andy asked while helping them both up and hugging Carla until he growled since he can smell Samuel on her.

“Sorry about the smell he swung me around which boss your cover story is I helped and saved your ass so I’m collecting my IOU’S from you so I hired you to help Samuel, will that be a problem,” Carla said.

“Nope we were trying to figure out the story without you getting caught but you did great with coming up with that,” Richardson said.

“By the way how did you get here without being caught?” Andy asked while Selna’s family and friends nod their heads in as in asking the same question and all Carla can do is laugh like a loon-a-tick.

“Do you remember Cathy?” Carla asked Andy and he got why she was laughing like that.

“Yeah she’s the wench that tried to get with me,” Andy said.

“Wait. What Cathy tried to get with you,” Selena said shocked.

“Yup she did but she didn’t succeed in that because in front of everyone he told her off and called her many different names by the book,” Carla said while Andy went back into his memory of that day and burst out laughing and so did Carla.

“So why you asked Andy about this Cathy person?” asked Lora.

“Oh you must be Selena’s mom Lora, and the reason I asked is that the reason I was able to get here without him following me is that she is at Samuel’s motel room to have some fun as they put it,” Carla said. All of a sudden Selena’s friends and their husbands are laughing their asses off.

“Well, he is gonna catch something which will be on him for screwing the number one slut at our college campus, but then again he deserves it for going after my life mate,” Andy said while laughing evilly.

“So you must be Carla I take it?” Max asked while trying not to drool because of how beautiful she is. Carla turned around to see who asked her that question until she is met with the hottest guy she has ever seen.

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