The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 16

Carla stood there speechless at the man who asked her a question all she can do is nod at the person in front of her.

“Carla are you okay?” Selena asked her worriedly. When she didn’t get an answer Selena pinch Carla in the arm which made her jump.

“What?” Carla asked.

" I asked if you are okay,” Selena said

“Yeah I just can’t believe that there is a god-like person in our house,” Carla said to Selena, and they all burst out laughing.

“Oh, and who is the god-like person?′ Selena asked.

“He is sitting over there,” Carla said while pointing to where Max sat.

“Oh you mean my annoying big brother Max,” Selena said.

“THAT’S YOUR BROTHER HOLY SHIT!!!!” Carla yelled while blushing since she said all that out loud.

“Well yeah,” Selena said in a duh tone and burst out laughing again until Max decided to get up from his seat and walk up to Carla.

“So you think I’m a god-like person huh,” Max said with his baritone voice that can get women’s panties wet and for Carla, hers is soaking wet.

“Is it me or do my brother have one hell of an ego. I’m surprised we can all still fit inside the house,” Selena said to her friends and parents.

“I wonder how long that ego of his gonna last?” Delilah asked with a laugh in her voice.

“Well if I know my son since he gets his big ego from his father,” Lora said with a sigh.

“HEY!” Ralph yelled not finding that sentence funny.

“Yes, dear can I help you?” Lora said trying not to laugh because of her husband pouting.

“Andy please tell me you don’t have an ego,” Selena said to him.

“No, but my wolf Demon does I’m surprised he can still be apart of me with how huge his ego is,” Andy said to Selena while hugging her.

“Hey man not cool,” Demon said sounding upset by that but Andy just laughed at that.

“Now tell me how you guys knew each other,” Selena said to both Carla and Andy.

“We are college friends Andy is the one to tell Cathy off because she got with every guy she can get her hands on even if those guys had a girlfriend, well she thought she could get with Andy who by the way was the number one popular guy in college and we been friends before then just friends nothing more because he has been waiting for his lifemate who turned out to be you,” Carla said to Selena.

“And it didn’t help that Cathy was trying to bully you although everyone didn’t like Cathy in the first place, and for the fact is the reason why I told her off and called her every name by the book because that’s what she is,” Andy said while kissing Selena on the head.

“Okay you should have told me, Carla I would be kicking that bitch ass for bullying you, Selena said to Carla.

“I know but I didn’t want you to get in trouble undefeated volleyball champion,” Carla said and hugged Selena.

“Hey just so you know Samuel whines all the time about you it was getting one my nerve so bad that I want to strangle him. And yes I called you a god-like person but don’t get it through your head, Max we don’t want it to inflate too much that it would topple over,” Carla said which causes everyone in the room to laugh and made Max walk up to her and grabbed her and pulled her towards him which made her gasp in surprise with the muscle she could feel through his shirt and they also felt a spark going up there arms.

“Okay everyone sits down so we can go over what we are planning and what we are going to do,” Richardson said.

When everyone sat down Max pulled Carla onto his lap which made her blush badly. So when everyone is seated and the kids are in bed they began to discuss what is going on and the plan that Carla came up with which causes everyone to argue the pros and cons of the situation until Carla said that she knows where he is going to do his plans at and since Richardson is going undercover to help Samuel she did a quotation mark with her figures Richardson will know the ins and outs of the place and it will also be easy for them to get Selena out of that place and take Samuel down in one go. Everyone was quiet for a moment before agreeing with them.

“I swear if he touches her in any way I will kill him,” Andy said with a growl so loud that it vibrated the house.

“Calm down we will make sure it doesn’t happen because I’m gonna slip Selena her pocket knife and taser that I bought her for protection,” Carla said.

“Okay, that’s good,” Andy said before he got up with Selena in her arms and walked off to their bedroom to have some fun of their own.

“I got to get back to my motel room before he decides to bug the hell out of me,” Carla said trying to get up off of Max’s lap.

“I’m gonna take you back to your motel room,” Max said.

“No you can’t it can jeopardize the whole operation,” Carla said.

“No, it won’t because he doesn’t know what I drive and we haven’t seen each other for six years,” Max said.

“Fine,” Carla said defeated and everyone just laughed at them.

“Well it’s nice to finally meet you, Carla,” Selena’s friends and parents said at the same time.

“It’s nice to meet you all as well,” Carla said and got up with Max next to her and they both walked out the door, got in Max’s car, and drove in silence until they got to the motel room.

“So how did you and my sister met?” Max asked.

“We met in our English liturgy class and we became partners, after that we hit it off and we would hang out with each other. When I found out Cathy requested to be my dorm mate I asked Selena if I can be hers and she agreed so you can say we have been roommates/ friends for some time now,” Carla said to Max.

“Wow that’s awesome, I’m glad she has a friend like you,” Max said.

“Thank you,” Carla said with a blush and Max found a parking space that Samuel won’t see his car, when they got to her motel room door Max thought to hell with it and kissed Carla on the lips.

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