The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 17

While both Carla and Max were kissing Max had her up against the door of her motel room before she could even open it. Carla was finally able to pull away from the kiss to get some air and to open her motel room when they went in Max slammed the door and then he grabbed Carla by the waist and lifted her and slammed her back to her motel room door and started to devour her mouth with a deep kiss by shoving his tongue inside her mouth passed her teeth. While their tongue fought for dominance Max won and he kissed her like his life depends on it, Max started to roam his hand all over her and he pressed his clothed erection against Carla clothed private area while her legs are wrapped around his waist so she can pull him closer so she can feel him more. While they are kissing Max carried Carla over to her bed and laid her down, Max then began to kiss her chin down to her neck, and he started to suck on her left side of her sensitive neck that made her moan in his ear.

“Max what are we doing we just met each other, but it feels so good,” Carla said while moaning.

“I know but I want you and it’s already too late to be thinking now,” Max said while taking her shirt off and then pulling his own shirt off and tossing it on the floor then he went back down to start kissing his way down to her breast since it has a clasp to open in the front Max undid her bra easily than he started to suck on her left breast and fuddled her right while his other hand began undoing both their jeans. After he did that Max shoved his hand in her jeans and underwear Max began to play with her clitoris by rubbing and rolling it which is making Carla crazy with a desire that she is begging for more.

“Please Max M...More,” Carla begged while moaning.

“More, what Carla? What do you want love?” Max asked while panting having a hard time staying in control because he is painfully hard with the way Carla is moaning and the way her face looks when she is filled with desire.

“I...Want...You...Inside....Me...Please,” Carla said while panting and moaning.

“Not yet, love, I want to play with you more,” Max said and all Carla does is whimper because she is so horny that she feels like she is on fire. Max put a finger in her pussy which had him moaning because of how hot and wet she is and the fact that he feels the barrier that protects her innocents had him moaning a lot more knowing he is her first.

Carla gasped when she felt Max’s finger went into her private area and then she started to moan when he began to move inside her before adding another finger inside her driving Carla over the brinks that she had her first orgasm. Max took his finger out of her and then he took his hand out of her underwear and jeans just to see her orgasm on his two fingers, while he sees her watching him Max put his two fingers into his mouth and began sucking her juices off his fingers which had her moaning at the sight of him doing so.

Carla couldn’t take it anymore so she flipped them around that Max was on his back and Carla was on top of him and she began to explore his body, she started to sick on his left side of his neck to his sensitive area leaving a hickey on his neck before moving down his body until she reached his chest. Carla began to lick and suck on his nipples to make them hard while she played with his other nipples, when she got done doing so kissed and licked her way down to his navel and his open jeans. Carla saw his hard erection still covered by his boxers so she dived her hands in his boxers just to take him out, what Carla didn’t expect was that his cock was twelve inches and his cock was thick she was trying to figure out how he was going to fit inside of her, but that isn’t her worries yet so she used both of her hands to start pumping him and then she licked the mushroom head of his cock which has Max gasping he gasped, even more, when Carla put her hot wet mouth on his cock and started to suck him off, but when Carla took his cock down to the base in her mouth and began to bob her head up and down his cock while moaning, with the vibration around his cock when she moaned has put Max into a moaning mess and made him even harder than he ever been before.

“C...Carla...Get...Up....I...Don’t....W...Want....To...Cum....In...Your...Mouth,” Max said through his panting and moaning while he was also pulling her away from his cock, when Max successfully pulled her off of him he flipped them once again then pulled the rest of their clothes off then went down on her and began to suck on her tasting her sweet nectar and getting her wetter so it will be easy to slip inside her which turned her into a moaning mess, when he slipped a finger inside her he felt that she is ready for him so he got up and kissed her.

“Are you ready?” Max asked her. When she nodded her head yes Max took his cock and began to rub the head and then position the head of his cock and push it in, Carla gasped at first with the pain but then it turned into pleasure when he pushed himself in little by little so he doesn’t hurt her when Max got to the barrier of her innocents he looked at her as in asking her permission when she nodded her head yes he pulled out slightly and slammed himself inside her to break the barrier and sheathed himself deep inside her and then paused so she can get customed to his thick length. Max looked at her she had tears running down her face and she has seen that he had a look of shame Carla took his face.

“Don’t be ashamed it only hurts because it’s my first time,” Carla said.

“But I hurt you,” Max said.

“It’s supposed to for someone’s first time,” Carla said. When she felt that she is now customed to his thick length she pushed her hips up to give him a signal to move when he began to thrust inside her slowly she gasped and then moaned in pleasure when it has gotten really good Max began to move faster and thrust harder inside her that has them both moaning and gasping to each others name until after a couple more hard thrust they both came hard crying out each other name before Max collapsed on top of her. After a few minutes, they caught their breath before Max asked if she is still sore.

“No, I’m not that sore let’s continue,” Carla said.

“Oh, your on I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk for a couple of days or have you limping either one,” Max said before they started up again.

Eight hours later they have been going at it and Max took her in many different positions that she didn’t know was possible or for the fact she didn’t know she was that flexible.

“I can’t believe we went at it for eight hours, you are really unsatiable Max,” Carla said.

“I know but you enjoyed it so don’t complain,” Max said.

“I’m not complaining at all I’m complimenting you,” Carla said.

“Well thank you then. I should get going though so Samuel doesn’t see me coming out of your motel room and start getting questioned about it and have your cover blown because of me,” Max said.

“Okay I’m hoping this ends soon so we can get to know each other properly,” Carla said.

“Yeah, I like that very much,” Max said with a smile while getting dressed until Carla saw a tattoo of a gun and red and white roses on his lower back.

" Nice tramp stamp by the way,” Carla said.

“What are you talking about?” Max asked looking confused.

“You have a tattoo on your lower back of guns with red and white roses. Go look in the mirror if you don’t believe me,” Carla said while smirking since she also took a picture of it before she said anything. When Max went to the mirror Carla heard him screaming and cursing left and right saying that he is going to kill Samuel when he gets his hands on him, while he was saying that Carla burst out laughing because of it.

“Oh, you think this is funny?” Max said

“Oh, yes since it took you until I said something about it for you to realize that you have it,” Carla said before she went back to laughing her ass off until Max decided to kiss her just to get her to stop laughing.

“Better?” Max asked

“Much now go home before Samuel thinks it’s a good idea to knock and wake me at whatever in the morning to get his plan started,” Carla said.

“Okay, be careful and I’ll see you soon,” Max said before he left to go back to his sister’s home smiling like a goon.

Carla sighed missing him already but she got up while wincing at how sore she is before drawing herself a bath to relax in to ease the soreness she felt, after she got done she changed into her Pj’s and went to sleep with a smile on her face after texting Selena that she isn’t a virgin anymore either.

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