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The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 1

6 years later

Selena never thought she can be happy as she was its been 6 years since she been away from her family, but she knows that they don’t miss her because if they did they would have called her or answer their phone when she called, the only people she talks to is her old high school friends they make her laugh all the time, but today she is getting her photoshoot for sports magazine for volleyball they are naming her the undefeated champ of all time, Selena like the attention and all but she miss her friends and she started to feel empty inside like doesn’t exist for herself but of what she became, when they interview her they asked her many questions.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” asked a journalist from a sports magazine.

“No I don’t, all I been concentrating on is the game and how I and my team beat the other competitors,” Selena said.

“What are you gonna do on your days off after defeating the winning team of twelve years before you came along.” the E! magazine asked.

“My best friends that I went to school with are going to be staying with me and we will be hanging out together, and I will be getting a chance to finally meet my godchildren from my best friends,” Selena said.

“Do you ever plan to start a family of your own?” asked sports illustrate.

“Yes, but not now I’m waiting for the right guy and the person that I will fall in love with,” Selena said.

“So you’re saying your waiting for true love and not just a random guy.” asked E! magazine.

“Yes that’s exactly what I am saying,” said Selena.

Once the interview was over Selena caught a flight back home to Carpathia and get the rooms ready for her friends, it been a long time that they have seen each other, the only time they talk was on Skype and that’s how she talks to her god children’s and to see them, but she is all jittery because she can get to meet them for the first time, but she doesn’t know what will await for her when she gets home. Selena got a text message from Carla that she was going to a party with some friends and she doesn’t know when she will be back, and to have fun with her friends and their family.

“Nothing new there, she was always a party girl,” Selena said.

All Selena can think about was what would her life be like if she wasn’t living in fear of her brother’s best friend, she wondered if there was someone out there for her that would make her feel love, cherish, and protected from someone like Samuel.

Andy thought there was nobody that he can call his own that he can love and protect them from harm, and cherish them like they were meant to be. Andy wolf Demon was whining in his head about not finding his soul mate, same for their Carpathia side as well.

Andy feels alone in the world, he is the only one left of his kind Andy doesn’t know what to do about it, but he feels something good and bad is coming his way and he doesn’t know what it is yet.

“I wonder what this feeling I’m having is going to be,” Andy said.

“I don’t know Andy but I want to know a good feeling. I just hope it our mate that we are about to find tonight,” Demon said.

“Same, I can’t take it anymore with the waiting around it’s killing me just thinking about what she looks like or what she smells like too,” Andy said.

Andy decided to go for a walk in the forest so he can clear his head with thoughts running in his mind. While lost in thought Andy didn’t know he was almost close to the edge of the forest until he looked up, while Andy looked around to see where the edge of the forest led him.

Andy has never been to this side of the forest so it was new to him so Andy kept on walking until he happened upon a huge cottage, while he was looking at it Andy saw movement. When he took a whiff at the person he didn’t like the smell of this person who is trying to look for a way inside. Andy was about to approach the person until a car pulled up.

The person who was trying to get into the owner’s house took off running in another direction.

“Excuse me, do you live here by any chance?” Andy asked.

“Yes, both my roommate and I live here. Why do you ask,” The woman asked?

“Because I saw somebody trying to look for a way in when you arrived the person left in a different direction,” Andy said.

“Okay thank you for telling me. My name is Carla by the way,” Carla said.

“Andy it’s nice to meet you,” He said.

“So what were you doing here in the first place?” Carla asked.

“I live in the woods and was taking a walk to clear my head, I wasn’t paying attention and wind up here,” Andy said.

" Okay then. Do you know know what this person looks like?” Carla asked.

“Male, caucasian with black hair, but I didn’t see his face,” Andy answered.

“Sound’s like Samuel is here,” Carla whispered to herself while thinking of a plan to protect Selena from him.

“Hey, can you do me a favor?” Carla asked.

“Yeah sure,” Andy said.

“My roommate comes home today from her world tour, can you check on her to make sure she doesn’t overdo it because her best friends and their family will be staying over for I don’t know how long,” Carla said.

“Sure, no problem,” Andy answered, then he turned to leave after they said goodbye. Andy made his way back through the forest with so many questions going on in his head.

“Who is Samuel and why was he trying to break into Carla and her roommate’s house?” Andy asked himself.

“Don’t know, but we need to look into this and protect the women,” Demon said.

“Agreed,” Andy said and kept on walking.

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