The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 19

The next morning everyone got up to get ready for the day, while they were eating breakfast Richardson got a call from Carla saying that his undercover work with Samuel starts now.

“Well wish me luck on not killing Samuel before we have him behind bars,” Richardson says.

“Good luck and hope we get enough evidence to put him away for good,” his other team members said.

When everyone got done eating Richardson gotten hooked up so they can listen to everything Samuel said when he was done Richardson left to meet them at the motel to see what Samuel has in mind. When he got to the motel he saw Carla and Samuel standing there waiting for him while talking to one another, they both stopped talking when they saw him walking up to them after he parked his car.

“So you must be Luke, Kit told me so much about you,” Samuel said while holding out his hands so Luke (Richardson) can shake.

“Yeah when she told me you needed help and that she is collecting her IOU’S I said what the heck at least she will be off my back,” Luke said while shaking Samuel’s hand and thinking in his head that he needs to sanitize it after he was done.

“So what eventually you will be needing my help again to save your hide,” Kit said while looking offended by what he said.

“Sorry Kit didn’t mean it like that please don’t be angry,” Luke said.

“So shall we get started, I already checked both Kit and I out of our motel room and it’s gonna be two day’s drive to the next town over to get to our destination,” Samuel said.

“Okay let’s get started,” Luke said and they got in the car and started driving.

Back at Selena’s and Carla’s home, everyone is listening to everything that they are saying and all the while Selena shivered with dread just by hearing Samuels voice.

“So I wonder what he is planning over the next town that takes a two-day drive,” one of the operators said to his other team member.

“I have no clue but whatever this guy is planning can’t be good at all,” the other said.

“Well let’s continue to listen and we will figure out what to do next,” the operator said.

“Selena, can we talk for a moment?” Max asked his sister.

“Yeah sure let’s go outside to do so,” Selena said to her brother and followed him outside so they can talk privately.

“So what did you want to talk about?” Selena asked her brother.

“I want to say I’m sorry for what I did but she is different from those other girls, when I’m with Carla I feel something that I never felt before and when I touched her I felt sparks shooting up my arm,” Max told his sister and all Selena did was smile and hugged her brother.

“Please don’t hurt her,” Selena said to her brother.

“I won’t and I’m sorry for pissing you off,” Max said while hugging his sister.

“It’s okay, but if you do it again I’m gonna sock you one again,” Selena said with a laugh.

“Oh trust me I’m never doing that again,” Max said with a laugh.

“On a serious note, Andy wants to have a talk with you since he sees Carla as a little sister he wishes he had,” Selena said to her brother.

“Okay, bring him out then,” Max said to his sister and he watched her walk back into the house to get Andy. While he is waiting for Andy to show up he is thinking if he should make a run for it but decided to stick around for the talk, when Max heard the back door open up and close again he turned around to see Andy making his way towards him with the way Andy is walking he looks like a predator stalking over to his prey when Andy got close to Max all he did was flinch.

“So you wanted to talk to me?” Max asked.

“Yeah, I do actually. Why did you sleep with Carla? You just met her and you already had sex with her,” Andy questioned Max.

“I know I just met her but when I’m with her I can’t seem to hold back it’s like if I don’t claim her I would lose her to somebody else and when I felt sparks when I touched her I knew she was the one,” Max said and he saw Andy smile at him.

“I understand that feeling all too well when I met your sister and she was almost go taken from me that first night,” Andy said.

“Yeah I almost forgot about that, but I almost feel sorry for Samuel if he had succeeded in kidnapping her,” Max said with a laugh.

“Why do you say that?” Andy asked confused until Max pointed to his face that’s when Andy got it and burst out laughing because that idiot wants to try it again.

“Oh man I wish that we can somehow find a way to sneak to whatever place he wants to take her just to see her kick his ass,” Andy said.

“Heck yeah I would so pay to see that,” Max said while laughing like a loon.

“What are you boys laughing about?” Ralph asked.

“Oh we are laughing about paying to see Selena kicking Samuel’s ass if he succeeds in kidnapping her,” Max said to his father.

“And why on hearth you want to see that?” Ralph asked until Max once again pointed to his face which had his father laughing with them thinking about his daughter kicking Samuel’s ass and giving him a piece of his own medicine.

“Yeah well don’t let your mother hear about this or I will be in a dog house,” Ralph said laughing until it was too late.

“Too late dear you already are,” Lora said while hearing everything.

“So are you Andy both you and dad are bunking with Max, I don’t wanna hear ifs, and, or buts about it,” Selena said before both she and Lora walked away.

“Damn I guess we were too loud, well son we are gonna have a boy’s night in your room then,” Ralph said to Max before all three of them went back inside to figure out what to do for their guy’s night.

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