The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 21

The next morning was eventful at Selena’s and Carla’s house, the guy’s decided it was a great idea to stay up all night and sleep in Selena isn’t having it so with the help of her mom Lora and her friend Susan they grabbed a bucket filled it with ice first and then filled it with cold water after they got done with that the women went into Max’s bedroom quietly sneaking in and dumped ice-cold water on the guy’s and they woke up screaming because of how cold it was.

“Selena what the hell!” Andy yelled while the girls laughed like loons.

“Really dear was that necessary?” Ralph asked his wife.

“Yes dear we did warn you and you guy’s didn’t listen so yes it was necessary,” Lora told her husband.

“Really Susan why did you help with this?” Max asked her.

“Well, it was payback for all the crap you put your sister through by inviting the creep to your house and for the fact I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get back at you,” Susan said with a smirk on her face.

“Good since you guys are up get ready since breakfast is almost done,” Selena said before walking out of the room followed by Susan and her mom laughing like there is no tomorrow.

When the guys finished getting ready they walked out of the room into the dining room to eat when they were met with other people staring at them before they all burst out laughing since they heard it all.

“So they all heard us scream then,” Andy said with a sigh of defeat.

“Yup they are never gonna let this down,” Ralph said.

“As long as they don’t tell Carla I’m good because she will be laughing as well and whine she missed it all or for the fact she didn’t get to help with it,” Max said with a sigh missing her more than ever.

“Actually we recorded it on Selena’s cell phone like she asked and she just sent it to Carla,” Andrew said to them which had all three of them cursing non-stop.

“Seriously sis why did you have to do that,” Max complained to Selena.

“Well when I tell you guys to do something I expect yous to it,” Selena said with a stern voice.

“Love, can I talk to you in private?” Andy asked, Selena, didn’t say anything she just got up and walked to their bedroom.

“Sweetheart, what’s the matter with you? Are you okay?” Andy asked her after he shut the bedroom door and walked up to Selena and pulled her into a hug, all Andy heard from his wolf that she has a bit of a different scent on her.

“Yeah I’m okay, I just haven’t been feeling my best that’s all and my hormones have been different lately and I don’t know why. It’s been two weeks now since we met and things have been happening a lot lately,” Selena said while tears starting to come down her cheeks.

“Love do you have any pregnancy test?” Andy asked.

“Yeah, I have them here since every time one of my friends will come up they wind up pregnant. Why?” Selena asked.

“Because Demon said there is a slight difference sent on you than you usually smell,” Andy said.

“And he is right you have a slight oatmeal scent mixing in with your rose and cherry blossom scent,” Andy said again.

After hearing this Selena ran to her bathroom open her medicine cabinet to grab the pregnancy test and peed on the stick, after she was done Selena waited for five minutes before she got the results. Five minutes later she looked at the results on the pregnancy test just to find a plus sign stating that she is pregnant, Selena walked out of the bathroom with a shocked look on her face, she went up to Andy and handed him the test when he took a look to see it’s positive he had a huge smile on his face.

“YES I’M GONNA BE A DAD!!!” Andy yelled in the excitement that Selena is carrying their child.

“SHHH!!! I don’t want them to know yet. We should tell them after breakfast so nobody will chock on their food,” Selena said, after a while for it to finally set in that she is pregnant Selena laughs in happiness and hugs Andy because they are going to have their own little one.

“I take it the result finally sunk in?” Andy asked hugging her back.

“Yes, it is, I thought I will never find somebody to start a family with, and then I met you and it’s all changing for the better,” Selena said.

“Yes, it is love. Let’s go see if they are done eating and then I have to go out to buy something,” Andy said.

They walked out of their bedroom to see everything is cleared and everyone was in the living room watching tv, when they looked up the family turn the tv off to see how they are.

“So what happened?” Max asked.

“We just had a talk that turned into something different when I told Andy what’s going on with me,” Selena said.

“So what turned out different sweetheart?” Ralph asked his daughter.

“Well, Andy said that his wolf Demon told him my scent has a slightly different smell and when he smelled me Andy said I have a slight smell of oatmeal mixed in with my regular scent,” Selena said.

“What does it mean?” Susan asked.

“Honey, what’s that in your hand?” Lora asked.

“Well it means that something is different about my body, and what’s in my hand is what it means I took a pregnancy test because Andy asked me if I had any in the house since one of you always show up pregnant without you knowing yourself. When Andy asked me that I ran into the bathroom and took the test,” Selena said.

“And?” Nevada asked while the others are on edge waiting for an answer.

“I’M PREGNANT!!!” Selena yelled out the answer happily and everyone got up hugging them and congratulating them. Both Lora and Ralph are crying because they are finally gonna be a grandparent for the first time ever.

“All right love why don’t you spent time with everyone while I go out to buy something very important,” Andy said.

“Okay, be careful,” Selena said and he left after reassuring her that he will be careful.

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