The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 22

Before two week

Samuel had both Kit and Luke follow him to the abandoned house that Kit (Carla) took him to when they got there they got out of the vehicles Carla gave Richardson the look of (I told you so) while he gave her the (shut up) look all she can do was smirk knowing she was right and her boss was wrong.

“So Samuel what do you have a plan for this abandoned house?” Luke asked while walking up to take a look at it.

“Well I’m planning to fix it up so Selena won’t be able to escape here since there is no place for her to go, but first I’m gonna fix the one room to be completely dark so when I put her in there she will be so scared she will break and run to me. Hahaha,” Samuel said and then he laughed evilly that both Richardson knew they need to do something before Selena does break, when Richardson looked at Carla she had an evil smile while standing behind Samuel because she knows something thank the creep doesn’t.

“So when do you want to get started? Do you think today or tomorrow?” Luke asked while looking at the abandoned house.

“We will start early tomorrow so it will still be cool before the sun get really high that it’s too hot,” Samuel answered before walking back to his car and left both Kit and Luke at the building, after he left Richardson walked up to Carla.

“Okay what was the evil look was about behind Samuel’s back?” Richardson asked her.

“Samuel doesn’t know that Selena isn’t afraid of the dark and she can navigate it like no tomorrow so good luck to him on that, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she waited until he goes into taser his sorry ass,” Carla said with an evil smile with a plan forming. She knows her best friend by heart since she was with Selena throughout her training with her other best friend’s husbands. They left to go back to their motel room so they can start a plan of their own on how to help Selena.

Early the next morning they all went and get supplies to start fixing up the abandoned building that Samuel is planning in keeping Selena but what he doesn’t know was that both Carla and Richardson who he knows as Luke and Kit have a plan of their own to save and protect Selena from him. Each day for a week they would get up really early to fix up the abandoned house until it would get too dark out for them to see. The next week hit and it was getting closer to finishing up the abandoned house when Carla has gotten a text message from Selena telling her that she is pregnant that Carla started cursing silently that only Richardson heard her, he looked at her and she mouthed later and he nodded his head when they got back to their motel room late that same day.

“Okay, Carla what had you cursing silently for?” Richardson asked in concern.

“We defiantly have to protect Selena now,” Carla said while pacing back and forth.

“Why?” Richardson asked while sitting on his bed watching her walk back and forth in front of him.

“I just got a text from Selena that she is pregnant and knowing Andy if she gets taken he will go wolf to get here to save her,” Carla said until she stopped pacing and she put on an even more evil smile because she knows he has Selena’s scent since they sleep next to each other.

“You just came up with an idea didn’t you?” Richardson asked and all she did was nod her head and told him what she came up with which had him smiling evilly as well knowing that plan will work wonderfully and they agreed, Richardson called their big boss and told him the situation and they told him the plan and their big boss agreed and now their plan will commence once Selena gets kidnapped by Samuel or them either one.

It’s been two weeks now and the abandoned house is finish and Samuel is happy that now it was time for them to go back to the other town so he can kidnap Selena to bring her here so his plan can work. It took two day’s drive and Carla messaged the team to start the plan to commence, when they got to the town Samuel dropped Cathy off at her place and told her to not bother going to the motel since he is leaving with his team that same night and left before she can say anything. Samuel went back to his motel room to get some rest before the big day today so he went to sleep.

“Okay he is asleep and I put a tracking device on his car where he won’t find it,” Carla said, but she didn’t tell them that he put Selena’s scent all over the car so it will be easy for Andy to find where she is taken.

“Okay, we just got to wait until he wakes up to continue our plan,” Richardson said before they went back into their motel room and slept so they can be ready for action.

Later that same before Samuel woke up Andy left to get the engagement ring he’s been eyeing for so long so he went to the jewelry shop to buy it.

“Can I help you?” The shopkeeper asked when she heard the bell above the door ring.

“Yes, I want to buy that ring that you have on the display window please her ring size is a size five since her fingers are small,” Andy said to the shopkeeper.

“Okay, we will have that ready right away. Do you need it today?” The shopkeeper asked.

“Yes please It’s for the girl that I love deeply and we just found out she is pregnant with my child,” Andy told her excitedly

“Congratulations if you would wait here we will get that ring ready for you right away,” the shopkeeper said and left the back of the room to get the ring ready to put it in a size five for the customer.

While he was waiting Andy have a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen so he pulled out his phone to call Max to tell him that he has a really bad gut feeling something is going to happen.

“Hello?” Max asked as he picked up his phone.

“Max it’s Andy,” Andy said to Max.

“Hey what’s up man, where are you at?” Max asked.

“I’m at the jewelry shop to buy an engagement ring so I can ask your sister to marry me, I’ve been eyeing that ring for some time now. The reason I called is that I have a really bad gut feeling something is about to happen,” Andy told Max which had him sitting up straight.

“Okay I will keep an eye out,” Max said to him.

“Okay thank you, give me a call if something happens okay,” Andy said.

“Okay man I’m gonna go see how both mom and Selena’s walk is going,” Max said.

“Okay keep me posted,” Andy said not knowing she was already taken.

A couple of minutes later Samuel woke up to a banging on his motel room door so he got up to answer it only to find that it was Kit.

“What is it Kit?” Samuel asked.

“I just want to let you know we should do it now while that man Selena was with is out doing some shopping,” Kit told Samuel which woke him up real quick.

“Okay let me get ready, both you and Luke get packed because after this we are leaving here,” Samuel said feeling jittery.

“We already are that’s why I came to wake you up,” Kit said to him.

“Okay once I’m done then we start,” Samuel said not knowing that he is trusting undercover cops.

Once he finished getting ready and packed everything, Samuel told them to follow him once they were parked outside the house he told them to wait for him and they will leave for the abandoned house they fixed up. When Samuel went around the house he saw that it was only Selena and her mom with two children who he thought was Lora’s children when the two little ones went onto the playground Samuel snuck up to both Selena and her mom and put chloroform rag over both their mouth and nose that they both past out, he put Lora down while he picked Selena up and carried her off not knowing two little children saw it all until they screamed when he got to his car he laid Selena in the back seat and they took off.

When Max got outside after hearing the children screaming he ran to them until he saw his mom is lying on the ground.

“What happened?” Max asked them.

“There was a man he put rags over their mouth and nose and they passed out,” Nevada’s and Dante’s two children said at the same time which had Max cursing up the storm in front of them.

“NEVADA!! DANTE!!!” Max yelled for them before he pulled out his cell phone to call Andy.

“What is it?” Both Nevada and Dante asked until they came upon a passed out Lora and their crying children and it hit them.

“OH MY GOD, HE HAS SELENA!!!” Nevada yelled which has everyone else running outside even Ralph and he is cursing left and right while holding his wife and crying for his little girl praying that she will be safe.

“Hello,” Andy answered after a couple of rings, he was outside the jewelry shop since he got the engagement ring.

“That SOB has Selena, he did it in front of Nevada’s and Dante’s children. He chloroforms both my mom and Selena,” Max told Andy which have him stop in front of the house and he growled so loud that Max ran to the front of the house to find that he was about to shift.

“Andy passes me the engagement box, you know her scent find her and save her,” Max told Andy and he did as he was told after he shifted he ran into the house and got her scent then left the house again to follow the scent she was taken, he followed the trail that her scent was coming from, Max called Carla.

“Hello,” Carla answered her phone.

“I hope you guy knows what you are doing because you have one hell of a pissed off Carpathian wolf heading your way and by the looks of it he is an Alpha king of the loup-garou,” Max said to her which had Carla sitting straight in her seat of the car.

“OH SHIT WE ARE SO DEAD!!!” Carla yelled which had Max laughing.

“You guys never thought this through, but don’t worry it’s not you guys he’s going after it’s Samuel he’s after,” Max said with an evil smile which had her relaxing a little.

“Thanks, Max for the heads up,” Carla said.

“Yor welcome love,” Max said before he hung up. Carla shook with laughter after the information caught up with her.

“What’s happen?” Richardson asked while driving.

“Andy is already on his way, and he is really pissed off, the dumb ass did it in front of Nevada and Dante’s kids and Max just told me that Andy isn’t just any Carpathian wolf,” Carla said.

“So what is Andy then?” Richardson asked while driving behind Samuel who has Selena inside his car.

“Andy is an Alpha king,” Carla said to him.

“Oh, shit we are so dead,” Richardson said.

“No, not really, it’s Samuel he is after since he kidnapped Selena, not us,” Carla said

“Oh, thank god for that. I thought we were goners for sure when you told me that since Alpha kings are really tutorial when it comes to their life-mate especially a pregnant life-mate at that,” Richardson said and they burst out laughing knowing they get to see Samuel piss himself.

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