The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 23

On the second day of driving to the next town, they drove all the way to the abandoned house that Samuel had fixed with the help of Kit and Luke. What Samuel doesn’t know was that they had been getting tailed those two day’s by Carla and Richardson’s team and he doesn’t know that the Alpha king is almost there to save his life-mate and their unborn child when they parked their vehicles and when Carla saw Samuel grabbed Selena, she saw that her best friend is awake but pretending to be still knocked out by the chloroform.

When they got inside both Luke (Richardson) and Kit (Carla) followed him to the darkroom when Samuel opened the door to put Selena inside she decided to wake up and flipped Samuel that he landed on his back inside the darkroom she closed the door to the room and locked it not knowing that he has the key to get out, but Carla and Richardson knew that he does they both grabbed Selena and took her to the place that they had fixed to keep her safe until Andy arrives to help them.

“Carla? Richardson? What in the world is going on? And where are we?” Selena asked them while being dragged to the safe room they had fixed.

“Well I’ve been undercover from the beginning posing as Kit and I decided I needed help so I contacted my boss who is posing as Luke and we had to play buddy, buddy with Samuel to get info so he can get sentenced for a long time. For where we are at we are in the next town which is a two-day drive from our town and we are taking you to a safe place until Andy gets here,” Carla told her while they entered the safe room.

“Andy is on his way here?” Selena asked looking confused.

“Yeah, he didn’t take lightly that you were taken when he was out so he shifted and got your scent, Max helped us discover that your boyfriend is an Alpha king of the Carpathian wolf or loup-garou, and since Samuel took you he is in deep shit trouble,” Richardson said to her until they got quiet when they hear Samuel walking around and slamming doors open that he had fixed.

“SELENA!!! COME OUT, COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARE!!!” Samuel yelled out sounding really pissed.

“COME ON OUT SO I CAN MAKE YOU MINE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!” Samuel yelled while slamming the door to the room they fixed they decided to put her into the room that will keep her safe with a door that blends into the wall.

“What are you guys doing?” Selena asked quietly.

“Keeping you safe from him so stay quiet,” Carla said and she received a nod from Selena after they closed the door quietly they went out of the room.

“Samuel, what’s up man?” Luke asked him.


“First off calm down and second of all why should we continue to help you with that tone in your voice?” Kit asked standing her ground.

“You’re right I’m sorry,” Samuel said with an apology look in his voice when Carla heard the growling coming from the outside she grabbed Richardson’s hand to start walking backward little by little while Samuel is watching.

“KIT WHAT HELL ARE YOU DOING HELP ME FIND SELENA SO I CAN FORCE HER TO BE MINE!!!” Samuel yelled until he hears both Kit and Luke laugh like a loon.

“Us help you with Selena, no way in hell am I helping you force yourself on my best friend/ roommate,” Carla told him with an evil smile on her face that had both Samuel and Richardson shudder.

“How are you her best friend/ roommate? I would have seen you before, wouldn’t I?” Samuel asked with a confused look on his face.

“No you wouldn’t have but I did see you rummaging through her luggage when I walked in to surprise her so I snuck into my room and came up with this master plan to put you away and keep you away from her forever,” Carla told him with an evil smile that had Samuel go white until he got so angry with her that he was gonna lunged at her but Andy jumped through the window and over Carla when he landed he growled massively that the whole house shook which had both Carla and Richardson running to the room that they put Selena.

“ANDY DON’T KILL HIM JUST KEEP HIM IN PLACE UNTIL WE GET BACK!!!” Carla yelled while running when they got there Carla opened the door for Selena to get out.

“Come on Andy is here for you,” Carla told her friend which had her smiling brightly while Richardson told his team to get in. When they got downstairs Selena saw that he has Samuel pinned to the ground growling. Andy caught a whiff of his life-mate

he looked from the corner of his eyes that she was safe and sound and so is their unborn child that both he and Demon is happy about when he saw that Samuel was looking at Selena with a hungry look in his eyes and with the smell of his hormones Andy growled big-time that had Samuel shaking scared.

Selena walked up to Andy and began to hug and kiss him and gave him a scratch on the head.

“That’s my good Alpha king pinning the bad man down,” Selena praised him while giving him a scratch behind his ears. When Richardson’s team came in they tossed her Andy clothes and slowly walked up to him so they can arrest Samuel.

“Andy you need to get up so they can arrest him and so you can shift so you can get dressed,” Carla told him so Andy did as told which Selena backed up along with Andy so Samuel doesn’t try to touch her. When Andy shifted and got dresses Samuel saw Selena checking that guy out which had him so pissed off that he fought the officer who tried to put handcuffs on when Andy sensed this he finished getting dressed then put Selena behind him.

While Samuel went to grab Selena, Andy put her behind him, and then he punched Samuel in the face that had him lying on his back but he won’t give up until he has Selena so he got up and the fighting commenced when all this was going on Richardson’s team decided to place a bet who will win which all of them placed their bets on Andy winning.

“YEAH, SINCE YOU PLACED YOUR BETS ON MY BOYFRIEND WHO IS MY BABY DADDY YOU BETTER COUGH UP HALF OF THAT MONEY!!!!” Selena yelled which had both Carla and Richardson laughing like a loon at the groaning that came from the team and with the smug look she was giving them since she was right. When Samuel heard her say that he has gotten really pissed off.

“YOU SON OF A BITCH YOU TOOK WHAT IS MINE!!!” Samuel yelled before charging at Andy when he got close to him Andy flipped Samuel and put him in a headlock.

“SELENA WAS NEVER YOURS, TO BEGIN WITH!!! WHO WOULD WANT A CREEP LIKE YOU WHO WOULD FORCE THEMSELVES ON A PERSON TO BREAK THEM!!!! SELENA IS MY LIFE-MATE SHE IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND THE MOTHER OF MY UNBORN CHILD THAT IS GROWING INSIDE HER SHE WILL NEVER BE YOURS!!!” Andy yelled before knocking him out cold then he tossed him to the Richardson team so they can finally get the handcuffs on him and the other member of the Richardson team went up to Selena and handed her half of the betting money which she took gladly, Selena said her thanks before running up to Andy and jumped on him to give him a victory kiss, he carried her like that outside until they got to Richardson car when he put her in and got in next to her.

“I’m never leaving your side again since this happen, love,” Andy told her.

“That’s okay at least when the baby is born and the volleyball tournament season starts back up we can travel together as a family,” Selena said with a smile and all Andy can do was smile just thinking about the love of his life kicking butts in volleyball.

“That sounds amazing love why don’t you get some sleep before we get home and you get put in a group hug by everyone who was really worried about you,” Andy told her.

“Okay,” Selena said before leaning into him and fell asleep while she is sleeping all three of them enjoyed the peace and quiet ride back home.

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