The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 24

It took them two day’s and one night for them to get back to the other town where Selena, Carla, and Andy live, while Richardson is driving to their home his team members are taking Samuel to the airport to fly him back to his home town to be put in prison until they decide when his court hearing is.

When Richardson pulled up to Selena’s and Carla’s house Andy woke her shook her awake to let her know that they are home. Andy wants Selena fully awake knowing everyone is gonna give her a deep hug especially the children since two of them were the ones who saw it happen.

“Love wakes up, we are home,” Andy said.

“Hmm, what time is it?” Selena asked while she stretched awake.

“It’s six in the morning hon,” Carla said.

“Yeah and I need to grab my things before my flight back home takes off,” Richardson said tiredly.

“Oh, okay thank you for all the help,” Selena said.

“Your welcome, and it looks to me you got people waiting to greet you,” Richardson said to her. Selena looked and sure enough, everyone was out of the house waiting for her to get out of the car.

Andy opened the car door and got out than he turned to Selena and held out his hand to help her get out of the car once she was out and she wasn’t near the car they all ran up to her and gave her a group hug but her friends and family was also careful since she is pregnant. When Max saw Carla he went over to her after hugging his sister, he pulled Carla towards him and kissed her deeply until he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket when Max checked it’s a text message from her saying ” YOU BETTER NOT HURT HER WITH YOUR PLAYER WAYS!!!” He looked up at his sister and she gave him the sign that’s stating (I will be watching you) which gives him shivers down his back.

“We are so glad you are okay sweetheart,” Ralph said while holding on to her mom.

“Me too, but I can say the training I had with my best friend’s husband’s really played off,” Selena said until she remembered what technique she used on Samuel which had her laughing, that had the guys looking at her like she has lost her mind.

“What technique did you use that have you laughing like a loon,” Dante asked curiously.

“It’s the technique you thought me that you’ve been trying to teach the other guys but they said that it was boring. I used it on Samuel when he tried to put me in the darkroom but I put him in there instead and locked him in,” Selena told Dante which had him roaring with laughter because he actually knew what technique she was referring to.

“What technique did she say?” Alex asked Dante looking confused.

“The one you guys said was boring but look what happened she used it on the creep so she can let Carla and Richardson hide her until Andy got there,” Dante told Alex.

“Oh that technique,” Alex said with a blush, and everyone laughs.

While they were laughing and goofing off Richardson went inside to get his things then he got in the car after he said bye to everyone and left for the airport to take Samuel back to their home town until he got a call from one of his men telling him that Samuel has knocked one of their members out and escaped their guess was he is going after Selena and Andy. Richardson hanged up and did a U-turn around to get back to Selena’s house.

While everyone was getting food ready both Selena and Andy went to the secret place that nobody knew about except for them.

“I’m glad we are back here it gives me peace and it’s where we first met when you turned from your wolf into your human form,” Selena said while leaning into his arm content.

“Yeah, that’s when that creep was chasing after you so I thought if I brought you here you won’t be afraid anymore,” Andy said to her while wrapping his arm around her sighing in content and laid his head on hers until he remembered why he actually brought her out here for, so he stood up and pulled Selena up with him. Selena looked at him confused when he went down on one knee she gasped with her fingers over her mouth.

“Selena my love, my life-mate, and mother of my unborn child will you do the honor to be my wife. Selena Diaz, will you marry me? Andy asked while holding out the ring box and opened it to show her the ring.

“Yes, thousand times yes I will marry you,” Selena said in a voice that sounded like she was going to cry. Andy slipped on the engagement ring on her fingers then he got uplifted her and twirled her around while laughing and he kissed her with so much passion and happiness, but what they didn’t know was that Samuel broke into their home and was holding everyone hostage.

While Selena and Andy were walking back to the house Samuel broke in through the back door, he has a gun in his hand waving it like a lunatic and yelling at them to get in the dining room.

" WHERE ARE THEY!!!” Samuel yelled at them.

“W...Who?” Lora asked while stuttering scared.

“SELENA AND THAT MONSTER!!!!” Samuel yelled at them.

“We don’t know,” Nevada said with a straight face.

“WELL, I GUESS WE JUST STAY HERE AND WAIT UNTIL THEY GET BACK SHALL WE!!!” Samuel yelled while walking back and forth. With him doing that he was scaring the children because of him waving the gun around.

While both Selena and Andy were almost to the house Richardson stops them and yanked them to the other side of the house and told them to be quiet.

“What’s going on?” Selena asked in a whispered voice.

“Samuel is here and he is holding your family hostage, he is waving a gun he still from one of my men that he knocked out,” Richardson said.

“Crap, what are we gonna do?” Andy asked worried about the children.

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