The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 25

While Selena, Andy, and Richardson trying to come up with a plan something drastic happened, Samuel spotted Carla in the group and he tried to grab her and yank her out but Max wouldn’t allow it.

“Max long time no see, why don’t you hand her over like a good champ yeah,” Samuel said with a creepy smile.

“No way man she is my girl and you not touching her,” Max said in a really pissed-off mood.

“Well old friend you give me no choice then,” Samuel said before he shot Max in the stomach but that just tick Max off more and he threw a punch that had Samuel on the ground holding on his broken nose which is now bleeding.

Selena then remembered the taser gun that Carla got for her as extra protection just in case.

“I got an idea,” Selena said.

“What is it?” both And and Richardson asked.

“Carla got me a taser gun as extra protection if I can sneak in my bedroom and grab it from my secret compartment I can use it on Samuel it will knock him out in no time at all,” Selena said to them.

“That is a great idea,” Andy said until they heard a gunshot and they took a look to see what is going on until they saw Max bleeding and Selena gasped quietly so they won’t hear. What surprised them was that Max still stood there with an angry face and punched Samuel and hearing a loud crack Selena knew her brother broke Samuel’s nose. When Selena has seen that Samuel is facing away from them she decided to sneak inside the house, but when her family and friends saw her they were about to say something but she put her index finger to her lips for them to stay quiet when she saw that they understood she continued to sneak in until she got to her bedroom.

When Andy saw Selena sneak into the house he was about to grab until he saw Samuel was facing away from them, he turned to Richardson and tell him to call for an EMTS because Max has been shot. When Richardson heard that he got his phone out and called for an EMTS because one of the hostages has been shot they understood that and their dispatcher told Richardson when the EMTs will be there. Richardson told Andy when the EMTs will be there, they went back to see that Selena has made it to her bedroom without Samuel seeing her.

Selena got to her secret compartment she pulled out her taser-gun when she heard shouting she snuck out quietly.

“DAMN IT, MAX YOU BROKE MY NOSE MAN!!!” Samuel yelled while he was getting up slowly off the floor and holding his bleeding nose.

“Well nobody told you to shoot me and try to grab what is mine,” Max said with a calm but angry voice and that surprised Selena. What nobody saw coming was Samuel grabbed Carla really fast and dragged her in front of other people Max went to save her but Samuel shot Max again and that brought him down to one knee, Samuel then began to open his pants but Selena stepped out.

“SAMUEL!!!” Selena yelled looking really pissed off.

“Well well look what we have here the woman I’ve been wanting has finally shown up,” Samuel said while slowly walking towards her not knowing she has a taser gun on her. Carla took this chance to crawl to Max to see if he was okay Samuel saw this he was about to shoot her.

“Don’t even think about it Samuel,” Selena said with her voice hardened with anger. Andy saw this and was about to go in there but Richardson pulled him back and shook his head and said wait that Selena has something up her sleeve.

“Oh, and what are you gonna do about it begs me to not hurt them and decided to give yourself to me. I like that idea very much I do say so myself,” Samuel said with a leering smile.

“No I won’t stoop so low into doing that but I will do this,” Selena said, and then she shot him with a taser gun which have him dropping the gun on the floor and Samuel going down himself knocked out while foaming at the mouth.

Andy saw that it and he ran inside the house picked Selena up and swirled her around which made her dropped the taser gun so she can wrap her legs and arms around Andy.

“I’m so proud of you my love,” Andy said then he kissed her.

“Yeah but make sure you don’t piss her off or that would be you,” Richardson said while he was checking on Max.

“MAX!!!” Selena yelled before jumping down and running to her brother they heard the EMTs and Andy opened the door to let them in.

“So who are we here for?” One of the EMTs asked because they see two people on the floor.

“My brother Max he’s been shot twice trying to save and protect his girlfriend from his ex-best friend,” Selena told them and they ran right to Max. They were able to slow down the bleeding they got him on the stretcher and then they took him to the ambulance Lora asked if it’s okay if she rides with her son, the EMTs said that it was fine and they rushed him to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Richardson cuffed Samuel before he woke up and put him in his car after he bagged the gun that Samuel used to shoot Max and told them that he will let them know when his court hearing is so they can be there.

When Richardson left everyone hugged each other and then they all load themselves into their vehicles and drove to the hospital to see what is going on with Max after they parked their vehicles they ran inside to find Lora was in the waiting room Selena ran to her mom and hugged her they stayed hugging while both Lora and Selena cried for Max hoping that he will make it out alright.

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