The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 26

Selena hugged her mom who was crying because her son Max is in surgery from being shot twice in the gut by his ex-best friend Samuel.

“Mom, Max will make it he is a fighter after all,” Selena told her mom while converting her while she is crying.

“I know, but to see your baby boy being shot by his oldest friend since they were kids it’s really is horrifying,” Lora told her daughter.

“I know and I didn’t make anything easier either did I?” Selena asked her mom.

“Actually you did. He was going to kill your brother but you came out and shot him with a taser-gun, I am so proud of you sweetheart so very much,” Lora said to Selena while cupping both sides of her face smiling at Selena with tears running down her face.

“Yeah it’s thanks to all the training I did that helped as well,” Selena said smiling until Lora spotted the heart shape galaxy-colored diamond in the middle and small clear diamonds running on either side of the ring meeting up to the galaxy color diamond.

“Selena, what is that on your ring finger?” Lora asked while looking at it.

“It’s my engagement ring. Andy asked me to marry him. Andy bought the ring the same day that Samuel kidnapped me,” Selena said with a blush on her cheeks.

“Does the other’s knowledge?” Lora asked. Selena shook her head no.

“When were you gonna tell us?” Lora asked.

“We were on our way back to the house from our special place when all hell broke loose,” Selena told her mom and Lora just smiled.

“I’m happy for you sweetheart,” Lora told Selena.

“Thanks, mom,” Selena said. Lora was about to say something else but the doctor showed up.

Both Selena and Lora got up as well the rest of the family when they saw Doctor Eric Mitch walking up to them wearing scrubs when he got close he asked for the family of ‘Max Diaz’ they all walked up to him.

“How is he, Doctor Mitch?” Selena asked worried for her brother.

“Well Ms. Diaz we got some good news and some bad news,” Doctor Mitch said.

“What’s the bad news?” Lora asked this time really worried.

“Well, the good news the surgery was a success. But the bad news is that your son has bronchitis so it will take time for him to heel and it’s going to take him time to wake up from his coma so all we have to do now is pray for him to get better and best wishes, but don’t worry I will do everything I can to make sure he gets well,” Doctor Mitch said.

“That’s odd Max never gets sick, even when we were kids,” Selena said with a thinking face while looking at doctor Mitch like she has seen him somewhere before, Selena walked up to the receptionist desk and asked the receptionist nurse while pointing at him and asked if that was the real doctor, Mitch it turned out that doctor Mitch is an older guy who they just found unconscious while he was on the way to tell them about her brother, she told the nurse to call the cops and she did.

Selena went back to the family and found the doctor was chatting but what surprised her was that Carla roundhouse kicked the fake doctor Mitch to the ground.

“Carla, what on earth are you doing?” Lora asked confused at the way Carla is acting.

“It’s alright mom he isn’t the real doctor Mitch, the real doctor Mitch is unconscious he was knocked out while on his way here to tell us about Max,” Selena told her mom.

“Then who is this imposter?” Ralph asked.

“I can answer that I’ve been doing undercover work helping another detective at the time, I didn’t know it was Max until I saw this man face again. This man is non-other than mafia boss Santiago who I have been tailing before the whole Samuel business,” Carla said while she handcuffed him and after answering them she read Santiago his rights.

After everything that has happened Lora started having a panic attack, Andy went over to Lora and helped her through her panic attack until she stops having them Ralph then went over to his wife and held her so she can stay calm and help her keep it together until their son wakes up from his coma. The real doctor came out while having a headache from being hit in the head he actually told them the real results of Max condition so they all couldn’t believe that the fake doctor told them half of the results and they also couldn’t believe that for the first time in his twenty-five years he has gotten sick.

“Wow he must have had a really strong immune system if this is his first time getting sick,” Nevada said with awe in her voice.

“Yeah he does, but now I don’t know since he gotten shot I don’t know if he will get sick easier or he will be back to his same old self,” Selena said to them, everybody just laughed until the doctor said only one people can visit him.

“Mom why don’t you go visit him it will help you by not receiving any more panic attacks and you will be at ease,” Selena told her mom.

“Okay, if you are sure,” Lora said.

“Yes now go we can see him once he is in a recovery room that everyone can go in, right now he is in ICU so there is only letting one person in. Go, mom,” Selena said and Lora followed the doctor all the way to the ICU so she can visit Max. When she got there she never thought she will be seeing her oldest son in the hospital hooked up to machines and IVs, Lora went over to Max and sat down on the chair beside his bed.

“Oh Max I never thought I will have to be in the hospital for something like this, but then again we never thought of your childhood friend acting this way and shot you. If we had known this was the outcome then both I and your father will never have let you hang out with him in the first place,” Lora told her son while holding on to Max’s hand.

“Max I am so very proud of you for everything that you did, I am so proud of you for breaking your friendship with Samuel and I am so proud of you for protecting your sister and the girl you fell in love with I am just so very proud of you my baby boy no matter how old you are you will always be my baby boy,” Lora said to Max while tears are running down her face with a watery smile.

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