The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 27

All Max can see was dark, nothing but darkness until he heard a voice talking to him so Max went to the voice that was talking to him until it turned out to be his mom talking to him telling him how proud he made her that he smiled he wants to wake up so he tried to force his eyes open. While Max was doing that his hand that his mom was holding started twitching that his mom started to freak out that she pushed the call button.

“Max, the son can you hear me?” Lora asked her son getting happy.

Max was finally able to open his eye and looked at his mom with a smile on his face and he curled his hand to his mom. Lora had tears of happiness that her baby boy has woken up from his coma.

“Hey, baby boy mommy is here. I swear you are one hell of a fighter my son you were just in a coma and you fought and are awake now,” Lora told her son with happy tears coming down her face.

The nurse went into the room to see why the call button has been pressed until she saw the patient who just went into the coma is now awake that she ran out of the room to get doctor Mitch.

Ten minutes later both doctor Mitch and the nurse who came into the room before she ran out to get the doctor walked in and saw that Max was awake and that surprised him greatly.

“Well Mr. Diaz this is a surprise indeed you were just going into a coma too,” Doctor Mitch said while checking Max's vital signs and he saw that he is doing really well.

“Alright, this is gonna hurt a bit. I’m gonna take the tube out of your mouth and put a cannula in as a placement,” Doctor Mitch told him before asking “Are you okay with that?” Max gave a slight nod of his head and they began working on removing the tube gently so they don’t scratch anything or destroy his vocal box.

After the tube has been removed Max coughed a few times and then he settled back and they put the cannula on and the doctor told Max the results and also about him having bronchitis.

“I have bronchitis, but that’s impossible I have never been sick before. Is this some kind of joke,” Max said with shock because of him being sick for the first time.

“Well, Mr. Diaz it’s not a joke, but if you keep improving like tonight you will be moved to a private room tomorrow and then if you heal and improve by then you will able to go home, but you will be doing physical therapy for a while until then so I suggest you rest now so your family can go home to get some sleep as well,” Doctor Mitch said before leaving to do the rest of his rounds before going home himself.

After the doctor left both he and his mom began talking and catching up on what has happened at Selena’s and Carla’s house.

“How is Carla?” Max asked his mom.

“Well she drop kick some guy who pretended to be doctor Mitch until she told us that she was helping you with a case that you were working on before the whole Samuel business came up,” Lora said and Max looked at his mom trying to remember what case he was working on until it clicked, it was the mafia case with the mafia boss Santiago.

“Holy crap I’ve been working with Carla this whole time and I didn’t even realize it. Man I’m such an idiot I know Selena will be laughing if she knew that I never recognize her best friend that I’ve been working with this whole time,” Max said with a groan knowing his own sister will have a field day with this information.

“I doubt that she would after everything you both been through with your ex-best friend,” Lora said while chuckling.

“Are you sure mom?” Max asked looking worried.

“I hope so but then you do things to tick her off a lot so I have no clue at all,” Lora answered him with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Great she will definitely have a field day with this I can hear her now,” Max said before he yawned starting to get tired.

“Well I let you get some sleep so you can get better,” Lora said and then bend down to kiss Max on the head.

“Okay mom loves you and get some sleep you look tired,” Max said.

“Okay, love you too son,” Lora said before she began to walk out of the room with a smile knowing how strong her baby boy really is.

When Lora walked back to the waiting room with a smile on her face they all know something good happened to her in the ICU room that caused that smile. When she walked up to them Lora told them that Max just woke up from a coma he just went into but he is responding really well and if he improves really good tomorrow he will be moved into his private room and all of us will be able to visit him everybody cheered with happiness and Selena cried into Andy’s chest with happiness knowing her brother will survive and he is doing okay. Andy comfort Selena knowing she will need it after everything that happened to them all in one day.

When all that was said everyone walked out of the hospital they all went home to clean everything up that was left but Andy took Selena to their bedroom to get her ready for bed since her having this much emotion she needs to rest since the drama isn’t good for the baby after she fell asleep Andy walked back out to help them clean until he got to the place where Max blood stains are at so he took the bleach and wood cleaner to clean up the bloodstain so Selena wouldn’t get any more emotional than she already is. When all that is done they all went to bed to get some rest so they can visit Max the next day.

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