The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 28

The next morning doctor Mitch went into the ICU to check on Max, when he went into the room Max was already awake and looking out the window.

“Good morning Mr.Diaz how are you feeling?” Doctor Mitch asked while checking his vital signs. Doctor Mitch checked underneath where the tube to pump air back into his lungs when he sees that Max won’t be needing it anymore he told Max that he will be taking the tube out that was filling his lungs back up.

“Is it okay for me to start taking the tube out now Mr. DIaz?” Doctor Mitch asked him.

“Yes please this thing is irritating the crap out of me,” Max told the doctor.

“Okay Mr. Diaz let me get one of my nurses and I will be right back in to start taking out the tube,” Doctor Mitch said and he left to get one of his male nurse knowing if he asked one of the female nurses they will do something inappropriate to Max, he already heard one of his female nurse talking inappropriately about what they want to do to the pore fella.

“Marco let’s go you are gonna help me take the tube out of Mr.Diaz,” Doctor Mitch said after he found one of his male nurses that just clocked in.

“On my way doctor Mitch. How is Mr.Diaz feeling doctor?” Asked nurse Marco while walking alongside the doctor and getting dirty looks from all the female nurses.

“He is feeling a bit uncomfortable with the tube,” Doctor Mitch said while walking back into the room only to walk into the room to find one of his female nurses trying to do something inappropriate to him.


“But the doctor I just want to make him feel comfortable,” the nurse said with a coy smile on her face.

“No you are not you are sexually harassing my patient, now get out or you are fired I better not find out you have been doing this to all my male patients,” Doctor Mitch said with anger in his voice.

“Of course not doctor,” The nurse said while walking away.

“Bull crap, I’ve been meaning to tell you this but every time I tried you are very busy. But nurse Cynthia has been doing this to other attractive male patients even when they are still under the effect of the amnesia after their surgery or if they are in a coma I don’t know how many times I dragged her out of the patient’s rooms,” Nurse Marco told doctor Mitch.

After hearing all of this doctor Mitch placed her under probation until she can be trusted again actually he did that to all of his female nurse that works in the ICU department. All the female nurse was pissed off because of Cynthia getting caught in the action.

“Alright now that is taking care of let’s start getting this tube out,” Doctor Mitch said.

" Oh yeah before we get started Mr. Diaz this is nurse Marco and he will be your nurse throughout your stay even when you get moved to your private room which will be today,” Doctor Mitch told Max.

“Hello Mr.Diaz it’s nice to meet you, let’s get started why don’t we. Ready whenever you are doctor,” Nurse Marco said to doctor Mitch.

“Okay let’s get started then,” Doctor Mitch said and they get started taking the tube out of Max’s side.

While both the doctor and his male nurse were taking the tube out Max started to grunt slightly in pain, they were about to stop but Max told them to keep going so they did as they were told. Once the tube was out doctor Mitch numbed the side that the tube was in, he waited for it to take effect so he can start stitching the side. Once Max side was numb doctor Mitch started to stitch it after he was done he took a cotton pad, he had nurse Marco hold on to it so he can put on a sticky bandage with a clear middle that you can see the cotton pad through, once that was done both doctor Mitch and nurse Marco rechecked his vitals to see if he is ready to be moved into his private room that his sister Selena paid for.

After going through all of his vitals the doctor asked nurse Marco to check to make sure his room is ready.

“Marco after you checked that his room is ready let me know then we will move him and also make sure that there is breakfast ready for Mr.Diaz so he can eat,” Doctor Mitch said.

" You got it, doctor I will do that right away ser,” Nurse Marco said before he left to check on the room. When he got there he saw that one of the nurses was about to put a patient in there until Marco yelled at the nurse for putting a patient into a private room that was paid for.

“Why on earth would you put a patient into a private room that is clearly been paid by doctor Mitch patient sister can’t you read the name on the sign,” Marco told the nurse.

“I’m sorry nurse Marco but I was directed here by the head nurse, I tried to tell her but she uses them ( I’m the boss and you do what I say no patient is important to have a private room) sentence on me,” nurse Nicky said.

“Okay there is an empty room next door put the patient in there I will call doctor Mitch and tell him the situation,” Marco said, he went into the room to find it ready, but also it looked like somebody slept on the bed so Marco went next door and asked nurse Nicky who slept in the bed when nurse Nicky told him it was the head nurse Marco was pissed so he called down to the ICU and asked for doctor Mitch.

“Marco is the room ready?” asked doctor Mitch.

“The room is ready, but we have a problem,” Marco told the doctor.

“What’s the problem?” Doctor Mitch asked.

“It’s the head nurse doctor she slept on the bed that is meant for Mr.Diaz and she tried to make nurse Nicky put a patient into Mr. Diaz room ser, she acts like since she is the head nurse the rules don’t apply to her and she said that Mr. Diaz isn’t important for him to have a private room,” Marco told the doctor.

“Is that so, Marco fixes the bed I will be up with Mr.Diaz and I will handle the head nurse. Marco when you order his food stay in the room until I get there and if she tries to start on you, you have my full permission to talk back and defend yourself from her, I will deal with her personally I already warned her about this and I had enough she will be fired today,” Doctor Mitch said before hanging up the phone.

Marco hanged up the phone and picked it up to order breakfast for the patient when he said what room and the patient’s name they said they will have it up in a jiffy. After that Marco put new beddings on after he found a condom wrapper on the floor, after that the food arrived along with the head nurse she was about to start to yell at Marco when doctor Mitch came in with Max.

“Ser we have another problem,” Marco said.

“Oh pray to tell what problem would that be that you have to tell the doctor,” The head nurse said.

“Ser she had sex on that bed, I had to disinfect it and put new beddings on,” Marco told the doctor.

“That’s nonsense why would I tell do such a thing?” The head nurse said while looking nervous and sweating bullets knowing she was caught.

“By this,” Marco said when he pulled out the used condom and its wrapper, just by looking at the doctor’s face he was not happy whatsoever.

“THAT DOES IT YOU ARE FIRED!!! PACK YOUR THINGS AND GET OUT BEFORE I CALL SECURITY!!!” Doctor Mitch yelled getting sick and tired of his idiotic female nurses.

“Please doctor Mitch give me another chance,” The head nurse pleaded.

" No now leave,” Doctor Mitch said and wheeled Max into the room and both Marco and doctor Mitch got him into his bed before the other nurse wheeled the bed back down to the ICU. Once they got Max comfortable Marco wheeled the table that has a tray full of food.

“I didn’t know what you like so I got you an omelet with applewood bacon and sausage, whole wheat toast with butter and jelly on the side so you can put it on yourself, and orange juice,” Marco told Max who was smiling big time.

“Well Marco I just died and gone to heaven haha, we will get along just fine and the funniest thing is we just met and you got me my favorite breakfast,” Max told Marco.

“Well, I will leave you boys alone to get to know one another since Marco is your only nurse.” Doctor Mitch said before leaving.

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