The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 2

Andy Thomas thought he was gonna be in the dark for a long time that he will never get the chance to see color, but he likes to transform into his wolf form so he can go for his annual run because he likes to run really fast like no one can ever run before. When Andy got close to a cabin that he been watching over because one of his human friend Carla asked him to since she will be going out of town and his old classmate Carla asked him to watch while her roommate is touring for the volleyball championship when he got to Carla’s and her roommate’s cabin there was something not right he can see that there was somebody else was in there snooping around, he was about to go in there to get the person out but he heard a car coming over so he stayed where he was at in his wolf form.

When Andy saw a car pulling up the driveway and he has seen it was a girl that came out of it after she parked her car in the driveway she got out took her luggage and other bags out of the trunk of her car, when she turned around to head into the house Andy saw color’s for the first time and when he took a whiff he smells rose and cherry blossoms, then she went to the house Andy seen the man who broke into the house hide somewhere in the house. Andy watches her get all the guest rooms ready.

“I guess she is gonna have a guest either today or tomorrow,” Andy said to himself

“We found our life mate.” said his wolf Demon.

“Yes, we did,” said Andy.

Both man and wolf have been watching their life mate flattering around the house. Andy didn’t like that there was a guy in the house with her, while she was finishing getting everything ready for her guest she stopped to eat dinner before she can continue, she came out back just to sit and relax.

When Selena went out back she saw a wolf out there so she decided to walk close to it, but she stopped when she was near him he has the most beautiful sapphire black fur she has ever seen in her life, Selena put her hand on his head and began to pet him on the head.

" Hello Mr. wolf I’ve never seen you before, your fur looks beautiful and it feels so soft that I can’t seem to stop touching it,” Selena said when she was petting him she felt a spark going up to her arms.

" Well, I can’t keep calling you Mr. wolf so I guess I will name you Demon since your fur is sapphire black and your eyes are red as blood with black around the irises of your eyes that makes it pop,” Selena said, the wolf bark in response like he agreed to the name.

“Want to accompany me into the woods for a walk?” Selena asked him. Demon barked as in saying “yes” so they got up went into the woods and began to walk. Andy took his mate to the special place that was deep into the woods that he likes to go to when he needs time to think.

When they got to his favorite place it was filled with so many different flowers and there was also a beautiful waterfall that she has ever seen.

“Wow so beautiful. I didn’t even know we had this, if I did I would be here all the time so I can relax and think. By the way Demon, my name is Selena. Thank you for bringing me here,” Selena said and they both sat down and enjoy the view and each other company.

While Selena and Demon (Andy) are at the spot, Carla went into their house and she found Samuel snooping into Selena’s things sniffing everything he can get his hands on, Samuel heard footsteps so he dived back into his hiding spot. Carla went into her room to pack a bag for a so-called trip but in reality, she is coming up with a plan to get rid of Samuel and protect Selena from the creep. Every time she comes up with a plan all the scenario is for Selena to be apart of the plan.

“Maybe I can get Andy to involve in saving and protecting Selena,” Carla whispered to herself.

“It’s the only option I have, but with her friends and their family being here it will help as well if they find out what is going on they will help as well,” Carla said to herself.

Carla got up from her desk grabbed her suitcase and walked out of her bedroom to get something to eat before she leaves just to make her plan work and put it into action, it’s time for him to pay for making Selena’s life a living hell that she can’t even visit her family at all.

When Carla did her dishes she left before Selena came back from her walk in the forest, when she seen that Samuel is still hiding she turned and left the house. After Carla left Samuel got out of his hiding spot and sighed.

“That was a close one, I need to be careful,” Samuel said. When he heard barking outside he looked out the window just to see Selena and a huge wolf walking out of the forest.

“God she has gotten so beautiful, I can’t wait to make her mine,” Samuel said to himself before he went back into his hiding spot.

Selena went back into the house and she called for Demon to come into the house, she has gotten herself and Demon some water after the walk they had.

“Well I’m going to get ready for bed you can stay here if you want,” Selena said, Demon barked as he agreed to the offer since he can smell the person who broke in is still there. Selena got ready for bed then she slid into bed and fell into a deep sleep so she can have the energy for tomorrow.

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