The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 30

While Max and Carla were doing their own thing, Selena, Andy, and their family went to look for doctor Mitch so he can do a full check-up to make sure both she and the baby are okay after having a stressful event in her life. When they found the doctor and he spotted them he walked over to them.

“Alright, are you ready for your check-up Mrs.Diaz?” Doctor Mitch asked them with a happy smile when he saw them nod their heads excitedly.

“Yes doctor I am ready for my check-up now,” Selena said to the doctor.

“Alright let us go to the exam room so I can do check-ups and then we will do the ultrasound to see how the baby is, I am worried about both of your health so let’s get started shall we,” Doctor Mitch said and led them into the exam room. Doctor Mitch got started with the examination on Selena’s health which is perfect although she has a bit of high blood pressure. When Andy and everyone else heard this they are going to make sure she is less stressed so her blood pressure won’t go anymore higher than it already is.

“Alright since that is done let us see if I can grab an ultrasound so I can see how your baby is,” Doctor Mitch said before leaving the room. When he was about to turn the corner nurse Marco came around the corner of the hall with the ultrasound that doctor Mitch was going to get.

“Ah there you are doctor I went and got the ultrasound for you while Mr.Diaz and his girlfriend are busy in the room,” Marco told the doctor.

“Thank you, Marco, why don’t we head to the exam room together then and I can teach you how to use the ultrasound so if I’m busy with other patients and Mrs.Diaz comes in for her yearly check-up then you will know what to do,” Doctor Mitch said with a smile on his face.

“Yes, that would be great thank you. Oh and I almost forgot your son called, he said it was an emergency, I told him I will let you know so you can call him after you are done with a patient,” Marco said and doctor Mitch just sighed.

“Which son?” Doctor Mitch asked Marco.

“The one that is working at the Military hospital and he also travels with them so if any of the soldiers get injured he is there to help,” Marco told doctor Mitch.

“Oh Leo, I will definitely give him a call to see what’s going on, for a minute there I thought it was my rebellious son asking for me to get him out of prison again,” Doctor Mitch said before he opened the door and entered the examination room that Selena and her family was in.

“Well nurse Marco was able to find an ultrasound so let’s check to see the baby shall we,” Doctor Mitch said. He plugged in the ultrasound and called Marco over so he can teach him how to use it. When doctor Mitch had Selena lift her shirt and undo the button of her pants when he put the gel on Selena shivered from the coldness.

“Sorry, it’s a bit cold. Now let us see what we have here,” Doctor Mitch said. When he got started he asked Andy not to touch her.

“Please Mr.Thomas doesn’t touch her I think, yup it is congratulations Mr.Thomas and Mrs.Diaz you are having quadruplets. Here I will print the ultrasound picture and I will have you scheduled for your next doctor’s appointment,” Doctor Mitch said before leaving so he can call his son Leo.

When doctor Mitch left the room Andy looked shocked until he remembered something when they made love eight weeks ago it was the night of the blood moon.

“Oh crap,” Andy said looking white at Selena.

“What is it, Andy?” Selena asked worriedly at him.

“When we first made love it was the night of the blood moon,” Andy said.

“Is that bad?” Selena asked.

“No, I’m just want to let you know that on the blood moon if you found your life-mate on time you went into heat while I went into a rut,” Andy said.

“Oh so on the day of the blood moon our hormones go raging high that we won’t stop until the next day,” Selena said with a smile on her face while Andy just nods his head and their family burst out laughing while Selena finished wiping the leftover gel on her stomach off then rebutton her pants and pulled her shirt down.

“Don’t worry so much we got this Andy I know you will be a good father to our babies,” Selena told him while giving him a hug.

“Now let’s go and make our next doctor’s appointment for our check-up and see if Carla and Max are done in there so we can continue to visit him,” Selena said and they walked to the checkout area to make the next doctor’s appointment.

“Can I help you?” The receptionist asked while batting her eyelash at Andy.

“Yeah I need to make another doctor’s appointment after you are done trying to flirt with my fiance and the father of my babies,” Selena said in an irritating voice which had the receptionist flinch.

“Sorry, about that. Name?” The receptionist asked while Andy was hugging Selena from behind laughing silently into her neck.

“Selena Diaz,” Selena said to the receptionist.

“Oh Mrs.Diaz, yes the next available appointment is on July second at three pm will that do,” The receptionist asked.

“Yes that will be perfect thank you,” Selena said and the receptionist printed out the paper for her next appointment. After that, they all went back to Max’s private room to see if they are done so they can continue to visit Max. When they got there Selena knocked on the door and there was no answer so Selena opened the door and walked in only for her and her family to find them together sleeping.

“Well, that escalated fast didn’t it?” Selena asked.

“It sure did,” Lora said while Andy decided to take a picture of the sleeping couple with his cellphone which had the family chuckling quietly so they don’t disturb Max and Carla’s sleep.

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