The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 31

Four hours later both Carla and Max woke up and their stomach started to growl, when they fully woke up they saw everyone was in the room looking at them with amusement in their eyes.

“Did you guys have a great nap?” Selena asked with a soft smile on her face while looking at them.

“Yes, what time is it?” Max asked looking at his sister with worry in his eyes thinking about the check-up that she went to.

“It’s 12:03 pm you both slept for four hours so it’s lunchtime and since I’m craving Chinese food I took the liberty of ordering us lunch both Andy and Marco went to pick the order up since Marco is going to be eating with us,” Selena said.

“Okay, how did the check-up go?” Max asked with the same worried look in his eyes and Selena saw it.

“Well we now know why I was already starting to show a bit, you are going to be an uncle of four,” Selena said with a smile.

“Wait, What!” Carla got out while she sat up straight.

“Yup I’m having quadruplets, and I have to stay calm a lot more now since I have a bit of high blood pressure as well,” Selena said. She looked at both Carla and Max and burst out laughing because their shocked look on their faces is so funny that everyone else saw this which had them bursting out laughing as well.

“Holy cow this is a first in the family,” Max said while he took a deep breath and sighed until he remembered that it was the day of the blood moon which had Max’s eyes go wide when he looked at his sister.

“Well that would explain a lot,” Max said to himself but Carla heard him.

“What explains a lot, Max?” Carla whispered asked, Max.

“The babies were conserved on the day of the blood moon,” Max whispered to Carla only for her to burst out laughing like a loon.

Both Selena and their family looked at them like they had lost it. When Andy and Marco walked in with food only for them both to stop where they were at to look at both Max and Carla laughing like a loon.

“What’s going on?” Marco asked.

“I have no clue I’m lost like you are,” Andy asked looking confused as ever.

“Well I told them that we are having quadruplets and this is the result of it after they got out of their shocked facade,” Selena said to them until she smelled the food and her stomach growled really loud which had Andy chuckling.

Both Andy and Marco started to pass the food out when everyone got the food they dug in even the children who were eating happily ate their food with a smile on their little faces. Selena ate her beef lo main combination with a happy smile on her face knowing the babies are happy that they are getting food since they were hurting her stomach really badly but she didn’t want her family to worry.

“You seem happy with the food,” Andy said while eating his pork lo main combination.

“Yeah because the babies are happy,” Selena said which Andy gave her a confused look.

“The babies?” Andy asked confused.

“Yeah the babies were getting hungry that they were hurting my stomach they only calmed down when I whispered that their daddy is getting the food,” Selena told Andy.

“Is that supposed to happen?” Andy asked Selena worriedly.

“Yes love when they are hungry, they are hungry so they hurt my stomach to let me know,” Selena said to Andy trying to calm the worry from his face.

“Okay that’s good I was so worried about that,” Andy said.

“Yeah and for the fact that their daddy was away didn’t help either,” Selena told him which had Andy chuckling knowing Selena will be clingy all the time which had Andy smiling about that.

“By the way love when should we tell everyone we are getting married,” Andy asked.

“How about after they are done eating, I don’t want anyone choking and my mom knows since she spotted the ring when I hugged her last night,” Selena said.

“Okay, a good point we don’t want anyone spending the night in the hospital with Max,” Andy said which had them laughing.

“Although it seems Carla wouldn’t mind that,” Selena said to Andy which had him nodding his head in agreement.

A couple of minutes later everyone got done eating their lunch which they were happy about until everyone was talking and making jokes about everything that came into their minds or in Dante, Ren, Andrew, Dominic, Alex, Billy, and James case telling a joke when they served their country as a soldier. All their wives can do was shake their heads thinking in their head what they have gotten themselves into.

“So we have an announcement to make,” Andy said which had everyone stop talking.

“What is it?” Max asked.

“Well before all this crap went down last night Andy asked me to marry him while we were at our secret place,” Selena said which had everyone moving really quick except for Lora who already knew about the engagement, Max looked at his mom confused as to why she isn’t excited about it.

“Mom how come you not excited about the engagement?” Max asked confused.

“It’s because mom already knew about us engaging since she was the only one who spotted the ring on my left ring finger,” Selena said which had everyone looking at Lora who was smirking like a Cheshire cat from Alice in wonderland.

“You, my dear are sneaky I can’t believe you didn’t tell me,” Ralph said with a pout which had everyone laughing with the look he is giving Lora.

“Well dear if I did you would tell everybody else before Selena and Andy could make the announcement,” Lora said which had him sitting next to Lora pouting like a child.

“Please dad for the life of me never teach our children that because I will be calling to yell at you for teaching them that if they don’t get their way,” Selena said to her father which had both Andy and Lora nod their heads in agreement while Max and the others just burst out laughing for the way Ralph is acting. When everyone was talking Selena crawled on Andy’s lap and fell asleep since she has gotten tired and it was nap time for her since the babies are sleeping, Andy chuckled and held onto her while she was sleeping everybody saw this and smiled at this and started to talk quietly to not disturb her sleep.

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