The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 32

After sometime Selena was still asleep so Andy decided to take her home so she will be comfortable in her own bed.

“Hey I’m gonna take Selena home so she can be more comfortable in her bed instead of sleeping like this,” Andy told everyone they agreed and said that they will see them when they get home. Andy picked Selena up and carried her bridal style and walked out with a sleeping pregnant fiance. Andy put Selena into the passenger and buckled her seat belt then closed the car door then he went around the vehicle to the driver's side and he got in so he can buckle his seat belt. Andy turned the car on he pulled out of the parking spot of the hospital parking lot and started to drive to their home so Selena can lay down on a soft bed so the babies won't give her problems.

When Andy pulled up to the house he parked the vehicle then he got out of the car so Andy can walk around it so he can get his fiance out of the car after he unlocks and opened the front door of the house once they were inside Andy walked all the way to their bedroom and laid her down on her side of the bed with a smile on his face knowing that there is going to be four babies instead of one.

"How did I get so lucky to have found you, my love. I was going to give up on living, I wanted to dye but you save me instead. I love you so much both you and the babies are my reason to live," Andy whispered to Selena thinking she was still asleep.

"Well, I guess it's a good thing we found each other or we wouldn't have met if you had died, I would have lived alone for the rest of my life knowing I wouldn't have kids because I couldn't find that person that is made for me." Selena told Andy with a smile on her lips.

Andy looked at Selena with a smile on his face before he leaned down and kissed her on the lips what he didn't expect was for Selena to pull him towards her to deepen the kiss even more than Andy wind up being on top of her but he was leaning over her gently so he doesn't squish her and
the babies while deepening the kiss.
After eight minutes of them kissing each other, Andy pulled away to get some air back into their lungs, Andy and Selena looked at one another with passion burning in their eyes they are surprised their clothes doesn't burn off of their bodies.
"Are we home by ourselves?" Selena asked her fance.
"Yes love we have the house to ourselves for a couple of hours until our family comes home," Andy answered his fance with a devious smile on his face.
"Hmm, well what should we do with all these extra hours to ourselves?" Selena asked with a mysterious smile on her face. Andy looked at the love of his life knowing what she is thinking and
smiled right back at her so Andy leaned down and kissed her.
Andy ficked his tongue on her lips asking for her to open her mouth so he can deepen the kiss when Selena slowly parted her mouth open.

The next thing Selena realized Andy shoved his tongue in her mouth and their tongue is fghting for dominance until Andy won, they kissed and began to remove their clothes slowly until they both are completely naked. After they got naked Selena and Andy roam their hands around each other's bodies, when Selena got to his twelve-inch cock she grabbed it and began to masturbate him making Andy moaning and groaning so
much that his body started to quiver which he also started to leak pre-cum from the tip of his cock onto Selena's hand.
Selena used the pre-cum that is going on her hand and spread it all over his thick shaft until it has gotten nice and slick. While she was doing that Andy decided to stick a fnger into her wet,
hot pussy, he started to move one fnger in and out of her, and then he added another fnger
inside of her then he added another until Andy has four fngers inside of her. While he has four fngers inside of her, he started to kiss her down to the side her jaw down to her neck, he stayed by the neck for a while until he left a hickey then he moved down to her chest to group her one boob and put his mouth on the other. When Andy felt like she was ready he took his four fngers out when he did that Selena whimpered.
"Be patient love I will fll you with something better," Andy said to Selena. After he said that Andy
lined up his cock to her folds and pushed in then waited until she adjusted to his thick shaft.

Once she adjusted to him Andy began to move inside of her until slowly at frst until they began
to move faster with one another, they do it all over different parts of the house except certain
rooms. Andy shifted to his wolf form, Selena wrapped herself with a blanket then she climbed on
him and held on to him while he ran through the woods until they have gotten to their special
place. Once they got there Selena laid down the blankets and they started to make slow
passionate love with one another until they came and fell asleep.
That night
The same night all of their family came home from visiting Max at the hospital when they went inside the house only to fnd the lights still off but the guys smelled something that shouldn't be around the house except the bedroom. When they walked around the house they found the back door open and both Selena and Andy are missing.
"Selena and Andy must have gone to their special place," Carla said next to them.
"Yeah seems like it, but they must have had sex all over the house except the kid's playroom and our bedroom," Billy told Carla while the other guy's just burst out laughing.
"Well, then they must have burned all that Chinese food out of their system so let's start cooking something for them," Billy said to them and they all agreed.
"Kid's go in your playroom while we cook dinner!" James yelled to them since they are very loud.
"OKAY!!!" The kids yelled very loudly.
When the kids ran to their playroom all of the adults looked at them and shook their heads trying to fgure out how they got so much energy in their little body is beyond them. After the children were in their playroom they started dinner until Rosey saw some kind of stain on the counter, that's when it hit her because she and Alex did the same thing while she was pregnant with their oldest.
"OH MY GOD!!!!" Rosey yelled which had everyone running to her.
"Honey, what happened?" Alex asked looking concerned until he saw the white stain on the counter that his wife was at then started to chuckle because it brought back memories when they found out that she was pregnant with their frst child.
"Well this brought back memories doesn't it love?" Alex asked his wife who doesn't answer so
Rosey just nodded her head in agreement while everyone who done this before started chuckling as well, but Rosey didn't know that her scream woke Andy up from sleep.
"Andy, what's the matter?" Selena asked him.
"I heard screaming coming from the house," Andy said.
"Oh dear I think they found our evidence of lovemaking somewhere in the house," Selena said with concern in her voice.
"Well, it's time to face the music then," Andy said then shifted into his wolf form while Selena wrapped the blankets she brought with her and climbed on Demon's back just for her to hold on to him while he ran back to the house. When they got there Selena got off and Andy shifted back
to his human form just for him to wrap himself in the blanket that she held out to him.
Andy and Selena walked inside the house through the back door only for Rosey to come up to them with a wanna-be angry look on her face only for her to smirk at them.
"So what was the screaming was about because it woke Andy up when he heard it," Selena said to them.
"Oh, nothing really only to fnd your fun time on the kitchen counter while we all were cooking," Rosey said
"Oh, I thought something bad happened that's why when I heard one of you scream it woke me," Andy said to them.
"Sorry it was me since I'm the one who found it," Rosey told them.
"Oh sorry about that," Selena and Andy said together looking sheepish.
Selena pulled Andy with her to their bedroom so they can put some clothes on since they were butt naked under the blankets when they got to the bedroom they took a shower which led them to make love in there, once they were done taking a shower after they got done making love they
got up and dried themselves and put some clothes on so when the kids see them at least they will be decent.
When dinner was done the children were called and they ate only for Selena to blush real badly knowing what they did on the dining table. After they ate Andy went up to Selena to check up on her.

"Hey, are you okay?" Andy asked looking concerned.
"Yeah, I was just thinking about what we did on the dining table while we were eating there,"
Selena told him only for Andy to blush as well.
"Well damn, I almost forgot about that," Andy said which had them both laughing. Once everything was cleaned up they hang out a bit with their family until Selena started to fall asleep next to Andy who was playing with her hair, when he saw this Andy picked Selena up and said good night to them then left the living room to their bedroom to lay her down on her side of than bed then went to his own side of the bed and laid down only for Selena to turn over so she can curl up against Andy, they said good night to one another and fell asleep.
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