The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 33

Two weeks later

It’s been two weeks since Max has gotten out of the hospital, both he and Carla have been inseparable. She’s been going with him to his physical therapy and his doctor’s appointments, Selena has been having morning sickness each morning but now they have to make extra food for her since she is eating for five now, but what they found interesting is that Andy been overprotective of Selena ever since they found out she is having quadruplets all he does is growl at people who get to close to her who is either family or isn’t family.

"THAT DOES IT ANDY MARCO THOMAS THAT IS ENOUGH STOP GROWLING AT OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. EVEN STRANGERS WHO ARE JUST WALKING PASS US TO GET THINGS DONE FOR THE DAY!!!” Selena yelled at him which has Andy flinching left and right from getting yelled at but what really has him shaking is when she yelled his whole name has him gulping even his wolf Demon is shaking in the back of his mind.

" I’m sorry love, both Demon and I are just really protective of you and the babies that’s all,” Andy said apologies to her.

“You mean over baring and this has been going on for over two weeks Andy so knock it off,” Selena said while folding her arms across her chest.

“That hurts love when you said over baring,” Andy said looking upset, Selena just sighed and pulled Andy to her to hug him.

“Well can you cool it with you being over baring, stop growling at people. The only time you can growl is when you smell somebody that will do us harm but not in the courtroom on July 5th okay,” Selena said while Andy just nods his head knowing Selena is right all he did was hugged her back and promised to stop being overbearing.

While they were having this talk her family and friends sighed knowing they can be near Selena again without Andy growling at them all the time since it’s been a month since she has been pregnant it will be two months soon, they know once Selena is close to being due to give birth Andy will be even more protective of her than ever.

The family knows that it will be July 1st soon and the court hearing of Samuels will be coming up soon that they all have to fly back to their home town to go to the hearing they just hope they don’t call Selena to the stand because that will put stress on her and the babies.

“Well, with Selena going to be two months soon I just hope nothing goes wrong with this court hearing that is coming up in two weeks,” Nevada said thinking about Samuel’s parents who will do everything to make sure their son doesn’t go to prison.

“To tell you the truth I almost forgot about his parents and how much influence they have in society,” Lora said to everyone.

“Actually not that much influence since Andy is actually the king of Carpathia and since Samuel did it on his land they will have no choice at all,” Selena told them while walking into the dining room holding Andy’s hands.

“Don’t forget nobody knows what I look like since everyone thinks the royal family died when I am the remaining royal alive. My parents wanted me to live a normal life and a chance to find my life-mate but when they did that my family was killed off right in front of me while I was in a hiding spot that my parents put me in,” Andy said.

“Then who found you?” Damon asked.

“Believe it not it was actually the priest who crowns the next king in line for the throne, he hid me from the enemies and told me once I found my life-mate I will be crowned king while my life-mate will be crowned queen of Carpathia,” Andy said while rubbing the back of his neck laughing nervously while looking at Selena pissed off face.

“When the hell were you going to tell me this huh?!” Selena exclaimed while Andy flinched at the words she yelled at him.

“I was leaving it as a surprise since I ran into the priest today when I went out for a bit,” Andy said in a small child-like voice while wincing at the glare she gave him.

“When were you planning on telling me this?” Selena hissed at him.

“When we were in our bedroom,” Andy said while looking down like a child getting in trouble while everyone else was trying not to laugh so she doesn’t turn on them. When she cooled down Selena told him that he is on the sofa for the night since he kept such a big secret from her, Andy understood that and accepted it as his punishment for keeping such a secret from her.

That night everybody was asleep except Selena because she is so used to sleeping next to Andy that she started to cry quietly. Selena couldn’t handle crying because she told Andy to sleep on the sofa so she got up out of bed to open the bedroom door so she can walk out of her room to go to Andy where he is sleeping. Selena went over to Andy and shook him awake, when he turned the lamp on he looked up sleepily at his fiance.

“Selena, what’s the matter love?” Andy asked worriedly when he saw the tears going down her face.

“I’m sorry I overreacted Andy can you come to bed,” Selena said in a voice that sounds like she is going to start crying again.

“Hey love don’t cry I thought I was condemned to the sofa for the night,” Andy said while pulling Selena to him gently hugging her.

“Yes but I can’t sleep without you next to me I am so used to you being there that I couldn’t handle it anymore,” Selena said waterly.

“Alright love let's go to bed so you can get some sleep okay,” Andy said to her.

“Okay,” Selena said sleepily while Andy had picked her up bridal style and carried her to their bedroom so they can get some sleep since in two weeks it will be Samuels trial he doesn’t want her to be stress over it he thought before going to sleep with Selena next to him.

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