The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 34

It was July fifth the day of Samuel’s trial and Selena looked heavily pregnant since she is carrying four babies inside of her, when they have gotten to the courthouse they all went into the courtroom where Samuel and his lawyer that his parent’s gotten him while his parents are sitting behind Samuel. When Samuel’s parent’s heard them walking into the courtroom for his trial they glared at them with hatred in their eyes, they have gotten up and walked over to them.

“You have some nerve coming here to my baby trial after what your daughter did,” Samuel’s mom said angrily until the look on Lora’s face made them gulp.

“For one my daughter didn’t do anything to your son. And for another thing your son became obsessed with my daughter since she was in ninth grade, and because of your creepy-ass son, my daughter was barely home to spend time with her family because he is always showing up at our house. FYI your son was in my baby girl's bedroom while she was out and we weren’t home except my son Max who he was friends with, my son found your son in my daughter's bedroom sniffing her dirty underwear!.” Lora almost yelled at them in the courtroom while they go white as a ghost.

“Well I never,” Samuel’s mom said with a gasp.

“There are a few things you never in the first place. Like raise your son right,” Lora said with a snide remark before they walked to their seats next to Richardson who was snickering since he heard the whole conversation as did everybody else who was in the courtroom.

Samuel’s parents look very embarrassed for being put in their place by non-other than Lora Diaz when the court police said “All rise for the honorable judge Mrs.Parkason.” Samuel’s parent’s looked really scared because they thought they were getting their friends who are the judge, what they didn’t know was the DA found this out and requested a new judge.

While the judge was reading the conviction and who it was it turned out the judge knew Selena because she is Martha’s mom who also helped protect Selena from Samuel, Mrs.Parkason looked really pissed under the calm exterior but if you look into her eye’s it was raging mad. They continued the hearing and all the people who testified against Samuel, but when they got to Max a lot of people were not happy at all especially when Max told them about how he kidnapped Selena while she and their mom was outside with the children while they played in the playground that Selena and Carla had built for them and how although his sister was pregnant she still dropped kick him from all the training to defend herself.

What really got them was when Max told them how Samuel shot him twice with a gun then dragged Carla. He also told them how Samuel was gonna rape Carla right in front of them and the children. Max told them how Selena saved them from Samuel, let’s just say Samuel’s parents are so embarrassed that all they want to do is try to hide from all the eyes of the courtroom. When called Selena up to the stand they saw a man help her up and walked her to the stand then he sat back down.

“Okay Mrs.Diaz can you first addressed to the audience who is that man that helped you up to the stand?” Samuel’s lawyer asked her.

“Hia name is Andy Thomas and he is my fiance and the father of my babies,” Selena told them which shocked everyone in the courtroom until one of the member’s of the jury walked over to Andy and bowed his head saying “Your royal highness it’s good to see that you are alive and well.” Andy nodded to him and said thank you and they will talk when the trial is done, everyone gasped at this and turned to glare at Samuel knowing who Selena’s fiance really is.

“Well since that got out of the way let’s begin shall we?” Samuel’s lawyer asked.

“Of course,” Selena said while nodding her head.

“Have you ever led my client on?” He asked.

“No, I never liked your client, to begin with,” Selena said.

“When did you started to suspect my client started liking you?” He asked Selena.

“You mean how long have your client been obsessed with me since I was graduated eighth grade and went onto ninth when I started playing volleyball for my school,” Selena told Samuel’s lawyer after she corrected him that had everyone laughing so much.

“Right, did you wear any type of clothes that would make him think that you are seducing my client?” Samuel’s lawyer asked.

“No, I have never worn any skimpy clothes at all I leave those to the wanna-be’s when I was at school who would date any guy they want,” Selena said.

“No further questions your honor,” Samuel’s lawyer said, the DA lawyer went up to start asking questions.

“Mrs. Diaz, how long have you known Samuel?” DA lawyer asked.

“Since I was born,” Selena said.

“Why do you think Samuel became obsessed with you?” The DA lawyer asked.

“I overheard his parents told Samuel that I was gonna be his wife someday and if I don’t then he would have to force me to be his wife one way or another,” Selena told the DA lawyer which caused everyone to gasp in shock.

“How did you and your fiance meet?” The DA lawyer asked.

“When I escaped Samuel the first time Andy was going for a walk since he also lived in the cabin in the woods I ran into him, Andy heard Samuel yelling my name while chasing me in the woods Andy got me somewhere safe and away from Samuel,” Selena said.

“So Mr.Thomas saved you and protected you from your brother's ex-best friend?” The DA lawyer asked.

“That is correct,” Selena said.

“No further question’s your honor,” The DA lawyer said before going back to his seat which Andy walked up to help Selena walk back to her seat.

“All right we will have a 15-minute recess so the jury can decide what is the jurisdiction for the defendant,” Judge Parkinson said before she banged her maillot.

When everyone sat there waiting for the jury to decide Samuel’s Parent’s look white as a sheet knowing that it’s not going to go their way at all and knowing their son took their words to a heart made them happy but also sad since they have a feeling they won’t be seeing their son anytime soon when both the jury walked in and then judge Parkason they rose and then sat back down except for Samuel and his lawyer.

“For the attempt of the kidnapping of Selena Diaz, how do you find the defendant?” Judge Parkinson asked.

" We find the defendant guilty your honor,” The jury said.

“For kidnapping Selena Diaz while pregnant and attempted Rape of Carla Micheals how do you find the defendant?” Judge Parkinson asked.

“We find the defendant Guilty,” The jury said.

“For the attempted Murder of Max Diaz and harming an officer how do you find the defendant?” Judge Parkinson asked.

“We find the defendant guilty of all charges your honor,” The jury said.

“Samuel you are hear by guilty of all charges brought against you with so much evidence you are hear by sentence to fifty years in maximum prison without parole, this trial is adjourned,” Judge Parkinson said before slamming her maillot down and Samuel was being dragged to the holding cell while he was kicking and screaming.

Samuel’s parents were stricken with grief knowing they will probably be dead when he gets out of prison, they left knowing they will be hated by everyone knowing when the people find out about what their son did to the Diaz family. After the trial, they decided to stay in town for the rest of the day and go back to Carpathia the next day.

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