The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 35

Ever since they went back to Carpathia from Selena’s childhood home for Samuel’s trial everything went back to normal for the most part. Right this moment Selena’s friends and family are helping her plan the wedding which doesn’t go well when it comes to her mood swings every time they pressure her with something she isn’t feeling up to with her being hungry, tired, or sore from carrying quadruplets.

“Alright everyone holds your horses both me and Selena is getting married but at our special place and for another thing you do know you guys can’t stress her out we don’t need her blood pressure going too high,” Andy told them which had Selena sighing in relief from being hounded by everyone.

“Love are you okay?” Andy asked his fiance.

“Yes thank’s to you now I can actually breath as well rest since the babies have been moving around a lot with all the pressure,” Selena said to Andy.

Andy pulled Selena into a hug and walked her to their bedroom so she can finally get some sleep. Selena is now five months pregnant although she looks like she is seven months pregnant, everything is going wonderful or so they thought.

A couple more weeks later the wedding is finally ready for the happy couple that they all gotten ready but they didn’t know that a drama is going to hit the fan at their reception. All of their friends and family they knew flew out to Carpathia so they can attend the wedding. Selena walked down the ial wearing a beautiful wedding dress, when both Andy and Selena said their I do’s and told each other their vowels it had everybody crying at how romantic their vowels have been when the priest said that the husband may kiss the bride everyone cheered for the happy couple.

At the reception, it was going wonderfully with the groom and the bride having their first dance as husband and wife then each family had a dance with Selena and Andy except for her jealous cousins which what had started the problems but their parents a good talking to which had them apologizing for the way they had been acting.

What really started the problem was when Max has gotten a call threatening Carla’s life without telling anyone so when she found out that she is pregnant it was when she told Max that he knew what to do so he can protect both her and their baby, he started an argument with her after he explains what is going on Carla knew it was the only way for Max to protect them so it started until Selena took Max and Andy took Carla so they can have a breather before anything more is said. Max told his sister what is really going on and Carla told Andy and they knew that it is only for a show so they agreed to help protect Carla and the unborn baby. Let’s just say both Max and Carla is in for a rude awakening when they find out who is threatening their life.

After everything has been settled both Andy and Selena went on a romantic honeymoon in Australia and New Zealand in their very own private cabin which is so very beautiful that they want to know how much is it so they can have it as their family vacation home. Once they unpack everything Selena jumped Andy and started to kiss him as her life depends on it.

Both Andy Selena stripped really fast that so they can touch each other as their life depends on it when they thought they couldn’t get enough of each other Andy thrust his twelve-inch cock deep inside of Selena which has her moaning like crazy and begging him to take her fast and hard that he abloge her needs since they have never really gotten any privacy to themselves so they will pretty much be making up for it throughout their honeymoon, but what drama will await them throughout their life will be an adventure to them. While on their honeymoon they went into the woods that surrounded their beautiful cabin, while walking through the woods they found the most beautiful clearing that is filled with many different kinds of flowers and while walking through the clearings they came upon an enchanting waterfall that they had ever seen before besides the one they found back at home.

“Wow I thought our secret place was beautiful but this place takes the cake,” Selena said in aww.

“I know what you mean love this place is magnificent,” Andy said with aww sound in his voice which had Selena looking at her husband in shock because the only time he had that kind of voice was with her when she walked down the ial when they have gotten married.

“Shall we come here for our picnic that we had planned?” Selena asked her husband with a knowing smirk on her face. Andy turned to his wife with a shocked expression on his face.

“Really, do you mean it?” Andy asked his wife.

“Yes, love I mean it,” Selena said with a smile on her face, but she also biting her bottom lip to try not to laugh at his childish antics.

" Thank you, love! this is going to be the best picnic ever,” Andy said with excitement in his voice that this time Selena couldn’t hold it in anymore that she started to laugh really hard that tears started to come down her face. Andy cocked his head to the side in question as to why his wife was laughing, with the look of confusion on his face made her double over with laughter.

“Oh my love I’m sorry but you just sounded so cute and when you looked confused, you looked like a confused child,” Selena said while wiping tears from her eyes from all the laughing that she did.

“Oh, I didn’t even know I was even doing that,” Andy said while rubbing the back of his neck.

“Don’t be ashamed my love it’s cute,” Selena said while hugging her husband.

Selena and Andy started to walk back to their cabin so they can start making their picnic, once they have gotten back to the cabin they started to make their foods and packed some drinks, after the food was done they put it into a container so they can put it in their picnic basket after that Andy grabbed a blanket for their picnic. Once all that was done they began to walk back to their new favorite place for their picnic.

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