The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 4

Andy stood there in his wolf form looking at his lifemate wondering why she is in the middle of the woods crying his wolf Demon didn’t like it either, then they heard a voice yelling “Selena!” They have seen how their life mate had reacted when she heard that voice.

“Damn I need to run before he finds me,” Selena said while she is crying Thomas then knew something was wrong when she said that, and then he knows that he has to get his life mate somewhere safe from him so he walked up to Selena slowly not wanting to scare her. When he is near her he sees how frightened she was because her blue eyes turned white with a hint of blue in her eyes. When she sees the wolf near her she stops crying for a minute looking at Demon, then she reached out to pet him and Thomas nudged his head into her hand, that’s when they both felt the sparks and he knew he has to talk to her before he goes crazy so he shifted into his human form. Selena thought she was seeing this like it was a trick mirror or something but she knows the truth that she sees a hot naked man in front of her. Andy likes how Selena is looking at him, she sees a hot man that has black hair with gold on the tips of his hair he has the most beautiful blue-green eyes that she ever saw then she sees he has a straight nose and strong jaw and the most kissable lips she never knew existed, then her eyes moved down his strong neck and huge biceps and his wide strong chest to his Oh my god lick me 8 packs that she wants to rake her nails on, and when her eyes got lower for the first time she sees male dick, but this male has one hell of a dick his dick is 10 inches long maybe 12 I don’t know and very fat, and huge balls and his legs are muscular.

“Are you done checking me out beautiful?” He said.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare,” Selena said while she is blushing because this is the first time she saw a naked man in her life.

“That’s ok, what’s your name?” He asked.

“Selena Diaz. What’s yours?”

“Andy Thomas, why are you in the middle of the woods crying and who is that guy calling you?” Andy asked. He could see that she is scared.

“I was asleep before my brother best friend Samuel took me out of my bed and into his car, when he slammed the passenger door I woke up and seen that I wasn’t in my bed when I looked I saw it was Samuel so I got out of the car running to get away from him. Since I know my way around the woods because I usually in the woods for a run or to walk, but I never saw this place before. And he is also the reason why I moved to Carpathia in the first place but he somehow knew where I live and he has been like this since I first started playing volleyball he is a psychopath stalker, now he is something more and my friends who helped protect me from him is coming to Carpathia while I’m on vacation from volleyball tournaments and my roommate is at her company party so yeah I don’t know how I’m going to explain why I’m not at my home.” Selena said.

“Wow, that’s some crazy shit right there, if you want I can stay with you at your home if you want,” Andy said.

“If you put clothes on and if you know a way to sneak past him. And I have a question for you.” Selena said.

“Ok. And what’s the question?” Andy said.

“How are you a wolf?” Selena asked.

“I was born to be half Rougarou and half Carpathian I lived for a long time and I used to not see colors but I do now since I found my life mate,” Andy said.

“And who is your life mate and what is a life mate?” Selena asked.

“A life mate is someone another half who is another half of their souls and you Selena are my life mate you are my other half and the love of my life,” Andy said.

“Wow is that why when I touched you in your wolf form there were sparks,” Selena said.

“Yes love,” Andy said.

“Hum can you put clothes on I’m not used to seeing naked men. This is the first time I actually see men naked the only time I have seen a man naked was when I accidentally walked in on my brother.” Selena said while blushing. Andy chuckled and said “sure.” He got up went behind a tree to put clothes on but Selena couldn’t help but look at Andy’s tight ass and his strong back that she is feeling wet down in her private area that she never felt before.

When Andy got done getting dressed he came out from behind the tree to see Selena standing there looking like a beautiful goddess in her white nightgown her sapphire black hair down past her ass and bare feet. He also noticed that she has curves in all the right places and her breasts are nice big cushions that he wants to lay on but also to suck on and have his hands overflow with them. He walked right up to Selena held his hands out so they can walk back to her cabin together he will protect what is his no matter what even from that psychopath name Samuel.

“Ready to go back to your cabin?” Andy asked. Selena nods her head yes.

“What about your clothes for you to change into?” Selena asked.

“It’s behind the tree that I changed behind we can grab it while we head to your cabin,” Andy said.

“Ok.” She said and they started walking to get out of the woods, they stopped for a moment to pick Andy’s duffel bags and they continue walking. While they were walking they can still hear Samuel calling out to her, Selena held onto Andy tightly and he knows why.

When they finally made it to Selena’s cabin she opened the door but Andy put Selena behind him to protect her from Samuel the psychopath, when he sees that it was safe he nodded his head to let her know it was ok to come out from behind him. When she came around him she moved around the cabin when she found her wireless house phone she grabbed it and dialed her brother Max number when it started to ring on the fourth ring her brother picked up.

“Hello,” Max answered.

“Max this Selena I need to talk to you about your friend.” She said.

“Hey, sis which one?” He asked.

“Samuel.” She said.

“What about him? I haven’t heard from him since the day you left for college.” Max said.

“Your friend Samuel is in Carpathia, I just came home from touring with my team and giving interviews. Since my high school friends and godchildren are coming here tomorrow I got the guest rooms done and when that was done I changed and went to bed.” Selena said.

“And what does this have to do with Samuel?” Max asked.

“Your friend Samuel kidnapped me while I was asleep, he put me in his car what woke me up was when he slammed the passenger door closed I got out and ran deep into the forest because I know he doesn’t know his way around the woods. Does that sum it up? Oh, and your friend is an obsessive psychopath since I was in 9th grade.” She told her brother.

“What do mean by that Selena I never seen him look at you because you are never home when he comes to the house,” Max said.

“That’s because when you tell me Samuel was coming over and my friends ask me if I want to go to the mall or the movie and everything else I agree to because I don’t want to be there when he goes to our house. I’m surprised you don’t see how he looks at me.” Selena said.

“Damn I should have known when I caught him in your room holding the dirty underwear that you change out of and holding himself. I thought it was just a phase that he was going threw I’m at his apartment door since I have the key but I will leave since now I know where he is.” Max said.

“When you do go in there and see what I mean I bet you he has every picture of me or he probably made a shrine of me,” Selena said.

“Okay hold on a sec.” He said, he unlocks Samuel door walks in he starts to look around when he went to Samuel guest room door it was locked so he went to the loom for a spare, when he found it he went back to the guest room door and unlocked it when he opened the door he couldn’t believe what he was seeing there was nothing but pictures after pictures of his own sister that takes back from 9th grade to now and there is a notebook of plans his friend would do to his baby sister.

“Holy shit you were right sis there is a shrine of you and there is something else too,” Max said.

“What?” Selena asked.

“He has a notebook written down of what he would like to do to you, and it’s not pleasant to read, it contains stuff he will do to you for being such a bad girl,” Max said.

“Oh my god, I and my friends are right he is an obsessive psychopath.” She told her brother.

“Yea now I know why you left for a faraway college and now you are living there,” Max said.

“Yes he is the reason why I stayed in Carpathia because I feel safe here, but now he isn’t the only reason I stayed here,” Selena said.

“What do you mean?” Max asked.

“I met someone.” She said.

“Who, what’s his name?” Max asked.

“His name is Andy and he saved me from your psychopath friend.” She said.

“That’s good I can’t wait to meet him, it’s about time you started dating. I will be up at Carpathia when I get this situated down here.” Max said.

“Okay, see you whenever you get done doing what you got to do. Bye bro.” Selena said.

“Bye little sis,” Max said.

When she hanged up the phone with her brother she felt relieved that she finally told her brother and happy that he believed her, she turned around and seen that Andy was watching her with a big smile on his face.

“I’m glad your brother approves of me my love and I’m proud of you for telling your brother everything that had happened. And I’m happy that I’m the first man and the only man that you are going to be with.” Andy said.

“Yea I know, now let us get everything re-locked and I’m gonna see if Clara home yet,” Selena said. Andy nodded at her and started to lock everything up and then he went upstairs to find Selena, when he found her she was closing her roommate door quietly since Clara is sleeping and then he followed her with his duffel bags to her room, when they went in her room Selena closed the door silently and turned to Andy.

He couldn’t hold on much longer he had to taste her kissable red lips, he dropped his duffel bags and walked up to her caging her between her bedroom door and himself, he dipped his head a little and his lips found Selena’s lips and kissed her lightly until she heard her gasp that made her lips part and he deepens the kiss and shoving his tongue inside her sweet mouth, their tongue started to wrestle each other for dominance that Andy’s tongue won the battle. Selena wrapped her arms around her enjoying her first kiss, her hand found Andy’s hair and yanked on it a little for him to kiss her deeper when they pulled apart a little their forehead touch each other and they stared at each other eyes while catching their breath.

“Let’s get some sleep since it’s getting late and there is going to be a bunch of little kids tomorrow,” Selena said breathlessly, all Andy could do was nod his head. Selena showed him where the bathroom was and the closet where he can put his duffel bags in until tomorrow morning where they can put away his things, Selena turned around to finding Andy stripping down to his plain black boxer’s she couldn’t help but see how good his ass looks in them. When he turned around just in time to catch Selena checking his ass out.

“Enjoying the view?” He asked.

“Pretty much, since you have a nice ass,” Selena said, all he did was chuckle at that and then he slid right under her covers and lay down waiting for his perverted lifemate to come to bed. When she walked to the bed and got under the covers she played down in Andy’s arm and they both fell into a deep slumber.

Selena heard Sam call out to her while he ran after her. Selena speeds up her running and went deeper into the woods that she didn’t know where she was and she doesn’t care as long as she is away from that psychopath stalker as fast as she can.

When she replies that she doesn’t hear him anymore she slowed up and walked she kept on walking until she came to a clearing that was so beautiful that she fell to her knees and started to cry because she can’t believe that this had happened to her, she thought she was far away from that crazy-ass friend of her brother. She cried until she heard a SNAP!!!! From a twig. She stopped crying and slowly turned around and found a big black and gold wolf standing there instead of that psychopath stalker.

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