The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 5

Max got off the phone with his baby sister Selena, he still can’t believe what he is seeing though he can’t believe that he was such a fool to let this sick fuck who used to be his friend near his baby sister so he decided to call his parents.

“Hello?” His dad answered.

“Dad it’s me, Max.” He said.

“Hey, son how are you?” His father asked.

“I’m fine, or was until I got a call from Selena and what I’m looking at right now in Samuel’s apartment,” Max said.

“What happened? Is she alright?” His father asked frantically.

“She is now, can you and mom do me a favor and come over to Samuel’s apartment,” Max said.

“Sure, how come?” His father asked.

“It would be easier to show you and explain everything when you get here,” Max said.

“Ok, we are on our way.” His father said.

“Ok see you then.” He said, and he hanged up.

4 minutes later Ralph and Lora arrived at Samuel’s apartment, when they found Max they went to him.

“I can’t believe I let that sick fuck around my own baby sister.” That was all Max said when his parents came up to him.

“What are you talking about my son?” Lora asked.

“Mom, dad follow me and you will know what I am talking about,” Max said, he led them into the room that has nothing but a shrine of Selena.

“What is this?” Ralph asked.

“It’s a shrine of Selena, he been obsessed with her for a long time,” Max said.

“How long son?” Ralph asked.

“It turns out he been obsessed with her since she was in 9th grade freshman year when she started playing volleyball,” Max said.

“Oh my God,” Lora said.

“That’s not the half of it,” Max said. Ralph looked at his son and asked “what do you mean by that son?”

“I mean that sick fuck is still obsessed with her, Selena called me from her house phone while I was in front of his door when she told me after she got home and got the guest rooms ready for her high school friends and her godchildren, she got ready for bed and since she was really tired that she went into a deep sleep. Well, that fucker kidnapped Selena out of her bed and put her in his car, but when he slammed the passenger door Selena escaped from him and ran into the woods. And she ran into a man who was jogging in the woods he saved Selena from Samuel and there is more.” Max said.

“And that would be?” Ralph asked angrily.

“He has a notebook of what he will do to her if he did secede into kidnapping her. And another thing is when I went to see what was taking him so long going to the bathroom since Selena was always out with her friends, well I caught him in Selena’s bedroom sniffing the dirty panty that she changed out of. He is the reason why Selena moved far away from us he is the reason for everything when Selena would hang out with her friends instead of our sacred family time because Samuel is always there.” Max said. He saw that his father was pissed beyond belief and he saw that his mom was crying because their little girl is in danger.

“What is in the notebook?” His father asked.

“He writes.”

I’m gonna kidnapped Selena and make her mine, I’m gonna dominate her I’m going do hurtful BDSM on her I’m going to steal her virginity by raping her and rape her over and over again until she is pregnant with my children and I will force her to marry me and continue raping her, her body, soul and spirit will be mine forever. Max read.

“WHAT THE FUCK I’M GONNA KILL THAT SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!” Ralph yelled. His mom cried very hard for her daughter is in danger.

“Who is the man who saved our daughter?” Lora asked between sobs.

“She said his name is Andy and is born in Carpathia and he will be staying with her and Clara until the danger has passed. But she sounded like she been rescued by her other half that you and dad been telling us to wait for.” Max said. And this time his mom cried with happiness for her daughter has found her other half.

“I would like to meet this gentleman who saved my daughter,” Ralph said.

“Soon, I just called my chief He and other detectives are on their way here, and since Selena is my sister I am in charge of the investigation and I’m to go to Carpathia to arrest him, and if he is to come here they will be waiting for him to show,” Max said.

“Ok, but we are going with you to Carpathia I want to see my little girl,” Ralph said.

“Same here,” Lora said.

“Ok, it’s a good thing Selena’s cabin is huge,” Max said. When the detectives and his chief showed up with forensic they see what Max had called in.

“Wow boy, you stepped in one hell of an evidence boy.” The chief said.

“That’s not the half of it chief take a look at this and read what’s inside it,” Max said. When the chief read what’s inside of the notebook he looked disgusted that he closed the notebook really fast.

“What kind of twisted fuck is this, and he is after your undefeated champion sister it’s a good thing I got a warrant to search and to arrest him in either state.” The chief said, and Max nods his head and walked out with his parents to get them and himself packed for a trip to see his baby sister, not knowing that he will be meeting a woman who has been helping him with the other undercover job and that he will be falling for her. It took them thirty minutes to pack everything and sixty minutes to get to the airport. When they got there it took two hours almost three hours before their flight was called so they can board the plane when their plane number was called they boarded the plane and took off, After sitting for twelve hours on the plane they finally made it to Carpathia and them were now heading to their daughter /sister home.

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