The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 6

Selena and Andy are still seeping into each other arms when Max, Ralph, and Lora was standing at her bedroom doorway looking at them sleeping.

“They look so adorable sleeping like that.” Lora said, what they didn’t know was that they woke Andy up from his slumber until he said “you know watching people sleep is really creepy.” which made all three of them jump and look at Andy.

“Sorry about that, but can I asked you a question?” asked Max.

“Sure, what is your question,” Andy said.

“Who are you to my sister Selena?” Max asked.

“I saved your sister from her kidnapper, and when we got at here she didn’t want to be alone, so she asked me to stay and I said yes like I was going to leave her here by herself. anyway I came in here to see if she was okay, the next thing I know she wouldn’t let me go so I lay here next to her and we fell asleep like this.” Andy said.

" Thank you for saving my sister. By the way, what is your name?” Max asked

" My name is Andy Thomas,” he said.

" Well Andy Thomas we have a lot to discuss since we Know who tried to kidnap my little sister, so when you can detangle yourself from my sister we have a lot to tell you what we have found before we came here.” Max said. Andy nods his head and said, ” he will be right out there.”

Andy left her room after he got himself detangled from Selena, when he opened her bedroom door and walked out he went over to where her family is at which is the kitchen. When they see Andy walking over they gather around the kitchen eating table, he asked: ” What do you guys want to discuss with me?” Selena’s parents and her brother looked at him and then each other before nodding their heads yes for them to tell him what is going on.

“Well you see the person who tried to kidnap Selena is or should I say was my best friend Samuel,” Max said. Andy looked at him for a while and then nod his head for him to continue.

“Well you see I was friends with Samuel since we were kids and well when my sister grew up to be such a beautiful person, he became obsessed with her. I didn’t take notice until one day I was going upstairs to look for him since he was taking forever of getting back from the bathroom, and well I found him in my sister’s room sniffing the underwear that she wore during volleyball practice.” Max said. Andy looked at him intensely, he looked like he wants to kill somebody, but all he did was nod his head for Max to continue.

“When I found him doing that I said.”

" Dude what the hell are you doing!” Max yelled.

" Nothing.” He said.

“Bullshit I just caught you sniffing my little sister’s underwear!” Max yelled. He was glad his parents weren’t home yet.

" Sorry man I don’t know what came over me all of a sudden,” Samuel said.

" Dude that’s cool no wonder why my little sister ask me when you come over so she can hang out with her friends, its because you creep her out, and worse when she told me I told her she was exaggerating, but clearly, she’s not and I’m glad she followed her instincts,” Max said.

Samuel just looked at his best friend trying to process in his mind what best friend had said, while he was doing that Max was looking at him with pure anger, but he was also angry with himself for not believing his little sister, he knew that he has to make it up with her, and Max knows that he has to protect his little sister from his best friend.

" Dude we can still be friends, but you have to stay away from my sister and STAY THE HELL OUT OF HER ROOM!!!!” Max yelled the last part out, all Samuel said was “okay.” he left the house. But while he does what I said he still goes to her volleyball games Max thought he was supporting his sister’s team, Max didn’t know that Samuel was coming up with a plan when so he can have Selena all to himself.

" That’s what I said to him, we had a falling out after Selena graduated from high school and she went to college out here, she graduated and she stayed living here because as she said (it’s beautiful out here and it’s far away from him.) she comes to visit us, but when she ran into Samuel that’s when she leaves, so we decided to come here and visit her so she will feel comfortable.” Max said. Andy looked at them and asked “there’s more isn’t there?” Max, Ralph, and Lora said “yes” he blew out a breath and asked ” what is it?” they looked at him and Ralph said, ” that son of a bitch has a shrine of my daughter and there is a notebook on what he is going to do to her.”

" What does it say?” Andy asked.

" He wrote.”

“I’m gonna kidnapped Selena and make her mine, I’m gonna dominate her I’m going do hurtful BDSM on her I’m going to steal her virginity by raping her and rape her over and over again until she is pregnant with my children and I will force her to marry me and continue raping her, her body, soul and spirit will be mine forever.” What they never counted on was Andy getting so pissed the fuck off that he punched the counter and broke it.

“I’m GOING TO KILL HIM!!!” Andy yelled, they all jumped and looked at him in shock at the way he acted, but they don’t know is that Selena is awake and she heard everything.

“Wow you didn’t tell me you saw him do that, man I feel so violated just by hearing that,” Selena said. She shuddered by the thought of her brother ex-best friend doing that it creeped her out non-stop that Andy went over to Selena and held her until she stopped shivering knowing that she felt safe.

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