The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 7

Nobody took notice that Selena came out of her bedroom and she heard the conversation that her family is having with Andy until she was about to make her appearance known until she saw the man she fell in love with punched her kitchen eaten in counter brake just by him punching it that’s when she decided to really make her appearance known, Selena walked up to Andy wrap her arms around his waist and buried her face in his strong back that felt like heaven to her. Andy felt Selena hugging him from behind that he calmed down very quickly, when he was calmed down he turned around and hugged her back and kissed the top of her head then all of a sudden Ralph coughed to get their attention back when Selena saw her family she pulled back from Andy’s embrace so she can run to her family for a hug since she has been so busy that she didn’t have time to visit them.

" Mom, Dad, Max what are you guys doing here I thought you guys are coming here next month?” Selena asked although she is really happy to have them there.

" Well since what we found in that son of a bitch apartment, we decided to come here a lot earlier than expected and since now we know he is here we are staying here until he is either caught or dead either one would do greatly.” her father said.

" Ah, it’s about what you guys were talking about with Andy that it got him really pissed off by the look of my kitchen counter that I usually eat at, now I have to get it replaced, good thing I have plenty of room since my best friends are coming here with my godchildren and their husbands,” Selena said.

" Which friends Selena?” her mom asked.

" My childhood friends that I grew up with, and the exact friends that helped me and protected me from Samuel the creeper,” Selena said.

“Oh, those friends that I am really grateful that you have. Did you said, godchildren?” Max asked.

“Yes, my friends made me their kid’s godmother since they are like family to me,” Selena said.

" Wow, so it’s going to be rambunctious here,” Lora said.

“Yup, maybe with them here I can get my mind off of the whole incident that happened last night for a while because I know the girls is going to ask me about it, and knowing them if he is still here and they see him they will either kill him or have their husbands do it since their husbands see’s me as their little sister that they always wanted,” Selena said.

“That’s good I’m glad, and I can’t wait to meet your friends my love it’s going to be very exciting,” Andy said. Selena looked at him and smiled with so much happiness that she never experienced before in her life that she ran up to Andy jumped on him and started kissing him that he felt the happiness she is poring into the kiss that even both his wolf and Carpathian side is jumping with happiness until she pulled back from the kiss and said” I hope you are either going to replace my kitchen counter or figure out how to fix it.” before she jumped down while he was still in a daze and all he replied with is an “okay.” all of a sudden her parents and brother burst out laughing for what she had did to Andy. When Andy came around watching Selena’s family laughing their ass off while Selena is just standing there with a big smile on her face.

“I’m gonna get you back for that my love,” Andy said.

" You shouldn’t have broken my kitchen counter then I wouldn’t have done it, hahaha,” Selena said while laughing, then he started making his way over to her, and then he grabbed her with so much speed that both her and her family didn’t even see him move, Andy put Selena over his shoulder and he started to tickle her that she burst out laughing really loud that her family smiled really wide with happiness because their little girl or sister is happy and she has someone to make her happy and take her mind off of the incident that had happened to her, all of a sudden there was a knock on the front door.

" Who is knocking on your front door Selena?” her mom asked.

: It could be my childhood friends with their family since they are supposed to be here by now.” Selena said.

“Oh okay, I will answer the door and greet them.” her mom said, and she walked off to answer the door, when she opened the door where Susan, Rosey, Martha, Nevada, Mandy, Alexis, and Delilah with their family.

" Hi girls it’s good to see you again and with your family at that come on in we have a lot to discuss and don’t mind the kitchen counter there has been a lot of things going on and we also have someone we want you to meet,” Lora said.

“Okay,” Susan said in confusion. They followed her in with their luggage and what they walked into is something they would never think they would ever see the day that their best friend was laughing her ass off while she is over some guy’s shoulder being tickled.

" Wow, I never heard her laugh like that before,” Delilah said.

“Yeah, but Andy is just keeping her mind off of things that had happened to her last night and what we had found out yesterday that made us come here a month early,” Lora said. They looked at her and said ” SPILL!” They looked pissed off, they told their kids to go in the playroom that their aunty Selena has for them are brand new toys.

Selena Doesn’t know what to do, should she tell them or not.

“What should I do Andy? I don’t know how they will take it,” Selena asked Andy.

“Tell them the true love they will have your back no matter what,” Andy answered her. Selena looked at Andy and she looked at them with a shaky breath knowing what kind of blow-up it’s going to cause and knowing there is no other way but tell them everything and that’s what she did.

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