The One Who Found Her

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Chapter 8

When the kids went to the playroom Selena’s friends and their husbands turned to her parents and her brother Max, Andy saw people that he never saw before stopped tickling Selena but never took her off his shoulder.

" Andy, what’s wrong? And that was mean no more tickling me.” Selena said with a pout.

“It seems we have guest my love, and I nod sorry because you deserve it,” Andy answered.

“I know, but you deserved it for breaking my kitchen counter where I usually eat at. Well are you going to put me down or are you going to keep me on your shoulder like I was some knotty woman that needs punishment with desire?” Selena said. If she saw the look he gave that it made Max laugh his ass off because he heard her said that.

" For saying that out loud my love you are on time out which means you will be stay sitting on my lap until you learn your lesson,” Andy said, and her brother helped by bringing Andy a chair for him to sit, when he sat Andy put Selena on his lap and wrapped his hand around her waist so she won’t move an inch after Selena is seated on Andy’s lap she saw her friends and their husbands.

“Hey, guys it’s good to have you guys here,” Selena said from where she’s sitting.

“We can see that your nieces and nephews are in the playroom you created for them while you can explain what your mom meant by the incident last night and what your family had found,” Delilah said. Selena looked at her best friends and their husbands nervously.

“Well last night I just got home from the volleyball tournament and talking on the sports talk show, so when I got home I decided to get everything ready for you guys when all of the users get here there won’t be much to do, well when I got done with that I was really tired so I got ready for bed and well for the first time I went into a deep sleep,” Selena said. “All I remember was being in my bed sleeping and the next thing I know I’m in a car which turned out to be Samuel so I quickly got out of the car and ran into the forest, I heard him calling my name while he was chasing me, but I lost him so I stopped for a little bit I did cry because I was scared out of my mind because I moved here to be away from him and now he’s here, so while I was crying Andy came up to me to see if I was ok and I told him everything that happened he helped me get out of the forest and asked if he can stay so he can protect me from Samuel.” she continued, her friends and their husbands looked at her let us just say they were really pissed the hell off.

“And what were you doing in the forest Mr.?” Dominic asked.

“It’s Andy Thomas and I live in the forest, I was taking a stroll when I so happened to run into Selena,” Andy said

“Well thank you for saving her and protecting her from that son of a bitch, we warned him to stay away from her when he decided it was a good idea to crash our wedding so he can get close to her,” Andrew said, that seems to really piss him off.

“Calm down wolf boy.” Selena said to Andy, he looked at her like “what the hell she called me ” kind of look, and her friends and family laughed really hard because they all knew she been waiting to call somebody that for the longest of time.

“What suits you, babe,” Selena said.

“Okay it was funny, but I believe it’s your parent’s and brother’s turn to tell them what they found in that fuckers apartment,” Andy said, that got everyone to sober up from laughing really hard and her friends turned to Selena’s family.

“Well before we get into that we would like to thank you, girls, for protecting Selena all this time when we were clueless about everything that was going on,” Lora said.

“Your welcome, she is our best friend and sister we would do anything for her,” Susan said.

“And anyway Samuel gave us a creepy feeling so of course, we had to protect her from him,” Nevada said.

“Okay so what we have to tell you is very disturbing and it will make your husband very pissed off so please bear with us.” Richard said, and all her friends and their husbands said “okay.”

“Well, Selena and I made up after I caught Samuel in her room sniffing her dirty pair of underwear and I said some things which pissed him off, but he backed off or so I thought,” Max said. “Well I decided to visit him, but I didn’t know he was here until Selena called me and when I went in well he has a shrine of Selena everywhere so I called our parents and they came over and well we found his notebook which is of things he would do to her it said.” Max continued.

“I’m gonna kidnapped Selena and make her mine, I’m gonna dominate her I’m going do hurtful BDSM on her I’m going to steal her virginity by raping her and rape her over and over again until she is pregnant with my children and I will force her to marry me and continue raping her, her body, soul and spirit will be mine forever,” Max told them.

“We contacted the police and they saw it and read the notebook as well the police and detectives are looking for him right now and they said they won’t stop until they catch him either dead or alive,” Lora said when they watched Selena’s friends and their husbands they have a bad feeling in their stomach they look like they are going to be sick to their stomachs after hearing it. When Selena looked at her friends they are trying to figure out if they want to cry or if they want to blow up and start yelling like no tomorrow.

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