His Little Mate

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Nick Drakos has been searching for his mate for all his life. Now that he has set his eyes on him, he won’t let him go.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Andrew’s POV

I wanted to run away.

I get that they’re werewolves and have different views but I’m just human.

Plain, basic, no canines, no turning into a giant beast.

I’m just good old Andrew.

Nick left me for a bit to talk to Anastasia’s boyfriends about god knows what.

I was thinking of slipping away.

Although I asked Anastasia to bring me, this was a whole different story.

I could find a job somewhere and start making a living.

As I am thinking of ways to escape, I see Anastasia peeking in.

“Hey Andrew” she said

I rush up to her, “Anastasia, I need you to help me”

She tilted her head at me, “huh?”

“You have to get me out of here”, she looked at me in shock.

“Why?” She asked confused.

“If I knew it was like this I would’ve never came. I can’t be here Anastasia. This is not suited for me” I tell her

She looked a little nervous, “I could help you but Nick won’t be pleased, I know you’re new to this. I still am too but Nick needs you” she tried to convince me and it is not working .

“Anastasia, I get what you’re trynna say but I don’t need this type of life” I tell her

She sighed, “okay, I’ll help you. THIS ONCE, if you get caught or if Nick drags you back. I can’t help you, my mates won’t be happy either about this when they find out”

I gleam with happiness, “it’s okay, I won’t get caught”

She shook her head at me, “that’s what you think, but just wait until he catches you. You won’t be able to escape again. Why do you think I’m here and accepting my fate? I do love them but my freedom is literally restrained” she wailed her arms everywhere

“Then why don’t we leave together?” I suggested

She gave me the look, “I would go with you but I love them and honestly, I can’t live without them anymore.”

I sighed, “okay, but can I leave now?”

She also sighed, “yeah, let’s go before the head back. We’re gonna go out the back entrance, there’s a road that leads to a town. You should be able to escape from there”

I nodded

Freedom here I come.
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