Love in the mafia

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Olivia was an only child and her father loved her to death, but did he love her more than his business.Olivia is sucked into an arranged marriage to a man she has never met, but she can’t stop thinking about a very hot, mysterious man she met at a club.Not to mention her bodyguard is in love with her.Who will win her heart?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 2:the stranger

Author looked at me shocked.Olivia what do you think your wearing?!Clothes Author.Where are you going you know your not allowed to leave without permission from your father and I would know because he hasn’t told me to take you anywhere.I’m going to a club with Liza for my birthday chill,go ask my father he knows.Fine, don’t leave I’ll be back in 5 minutes.As soon as Author walked out I called Liza.Liza we hav etc go now Authors on to me.Girl I’m in front of the gate in my car run.I grab my bag with my wallet and other things and sprint down the hallways downstairs until I’m at the gate.Liza is sitting there like she said and I hope in the car she takes off at full speed.Here I am disobeying my father to go to a club.I don’t even like clubs.I am also on edge there is a bad feeling sitting in my stomach.

I didn’t see any cars behind us so I was relieved but what I did see was Author running out the gate look straight at me with a look of pure madness in his eyes.

When Liza pulls up we hop out of the car and walk in.Not having to wait because Liza has a special pass because she comes here all the time.First we went to the bar to get a drink so we could loosen up.

I sat down feeling overwhelmed.Then someone sat beside me.I looked over to see the hottest man I’ve ever seen.He looked very Italian with pitch black hair, and deep green eyes, he was also very tan, and muscular enough to wear you could see his muscles clearly through his expensive suit.He tapped me on my shoulder and I turned to face him.I don’t think I’ve seen you here before I would remember if I did, he said in a slight Italian accent confirming my suspicions.My cheeks flushed and I said no I haven’t.Well let me know if you need anything I just happen to own the place.Oh, well it’s been great service and everything the place is really nice.You run a very good club Mr.- um I don’t think I got your name.Nathan Bendini at your service.And who is the the lovely lady I’m speaking too.I considered not telling him my last name but figured he would t know my father well I hope he doesn’t. Olivia Montrolli, nice to meet you. Something Olivia tells me you don’t come to clubs often.What makes you think that? The way your sitting here drinking most people don’t do that because they are dancing or scared of roofies.

So to save you from all these people would you like to go to my private lounge, he whispered in my ear.I don’t know why but it sent shivers down my spine.I blush and shake my head knowing this isn’t going to go well.I knew what he wanted to do and I knew I didn’t want to.I promised myself a long time ago I would save myself for marriage. I don’t know though this man is intoxicating he keeps drawing me in I can’t decline.

We walked in and I started getting nervous so I began fidgeting with the end of my dress. He came up to me and leaned in he put his hands in my hair and groaned.Why is it so soft? I blushed because I take care of it.Will you take care of me Olivia? I loath would do you mean? He leaned in me captured into the hottest kiss ever he hit my lower lip making me open my mouth for him.Out tongues fought he began tugging on my hair and I let a moan slip through my lips.

He took that as a sign and pushed me against a wall.He ran his hands down my thighs and I gasped..This spurred him.Then I put my hangs in his chest feeling the muscles and pushed him back. Iiii stutter and ran for the door leaving my purse.Not even caring. I was shaking I stopped at the curb and called Author.Hey Author I need you to come get me...
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