Mine - Her Hazel Eyes Under My Possession

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Jack, the ruthless white collared mafia was betrayed by his most trusted man, Richard. Richard commit suicide as soon as Jack sensed the betrayal. In order to seek revenge, jack himself hunts down sam, Richards son. Sam was in his college at the time, where jack first saw zoe. (This is background) Jack stalks her for a year to find out she was a good friend of sam and his sister, amy. Jack sends a girl named crystal to be Zoe's friend. Here the story starts... Jack enters Zoe's life disguised as a owner of few hotels, but in reality he was white collared mafia who did all the illegal and wrong things. But in front of zoe he became the gentle with etiquettes and respect. Zoe falls in love with him pretty quick when he offers the fake freedom and love to her. Jack shut the mouths of Zoe's brother ruthlessly, first by beating him then offering the freedom from mafia world in exchange for keeping his mouth shut. And convincing Zoe's parents was pretty easy for jack. Soon Jack proposes zoe. As zoe accepts the proposal, Jack releases his collection of girls that he used to keep in his basement for pleasure purpose in front of Zoe's brother and father. This event leaves a deep impact on aarav, Zoe's brother who tried to run away with zoe only to be caught by Jack and beaten again. On the other hand, amy pretends to be Jack's family to save her brother from Jack's anger and

Romance / Erotica
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