My Best Friend the Rockstar (Book 1 Steel Wolf Collection)

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He's been my best friend for years, but that spark has always been there. We tried dating once before while I was in college, but we crashed and burned. Ever since then the right time hasn't come for us to try us again. Plus I don't know if I can trust him again with my heart. I've lived by the rule never date an ex and it's been serving me well. So we have both just been living our lives as friends. Me as a teacher and him a rockstar. But in my heart I've always known he is my soulmate. It's been years since I've actually seen him, but all of that is about to change this summer. Because he has asked me to join him on his tour and I don't have the strength to tell him no. Book one of the Steel Wolf Collection.

Romance / Drama
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Author's Note

First I want to say thank you for taking the chance to read my story. This is something I’ve been enjoying writing and can’t wait to see where the main characters lead the story to. You and I both will be surprised. When I write I have an idea on where I want the story to go, but when I get into the book I allow the characters to dictate what is actually going to happen. They are the ones that continue to drive the story. This makes it both exciting to me and you because I too look forward to what is going to happen next in their lives. So sit back and enjoy reading My Best Friend the Rockstar. If you like what you read or have any constructive criticism please leave comments. I want to continue to improve my writing style and who else would be better at giving advice then those that read as much as I do or write.

Again thank you for giving me a chance to share my imagination with you!


Now that this story is done I want to share with future readers. The first part is written from Skylar’s POV the second part is in Dimitri’s POV (his chapters are labeled telling you which chapters they connect to from Skylar’s POV). My recommendation is read Skylar’s POV first and then Dimitri’s. Reading his while reading hers could cause the story to lose some of its mystery. This book is marked as completed, but Dimitri’s POV is not yet done. I thought about pulling his chapter to a different book, but I like the two of them in one location. I better get going I have some chapters to write from Dimitri’s POV!

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