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The secret she is paid to suppress pales in comparison to the truth. Madison Jacobs is the girl behind the scenes. Her job is to bury Hollywood secrets before they become tabloid gossip. Assigned to deal with a PR nightmare for Hollywood’s Golden Couple, Duncan and Victoria Scott, Madi finds herself smack-dab in the middle of the story of the year. Victoria’s affair. Reeling from humiliation, Duncan finds Madi’s honesty and inability to keep her thoughts to herself charming. Madi tries to ignore the flirtatious way he looks at her. She is his attorney after all. But his crooked smile and gorgeous blue eyes draw her in. Victoria warns Madi that Duncan is as dangerous as he is good-looking. Can either of them be trusted? Madi knows no one in Hollywood tells the truth. Everyone has secrets. But normally they’re not deadly.

Romance / Thriller
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Scalding water burns my naked body, waking me. “Oh fuck,” I moan in pain. I’m in the bath. I push through the fog, my last memory in bed, making love.

My breathing hitches as the red water moves around me. Blood, everywhere. Splattered up the tiles. I try getting out, but my body’s a dead weight.

I search the room. The knife in hand, the twisted turn of the lips. The one that explored my body just that morning.

A scream escapes as I watch blood pump from my wrists.

How could I have been so wrong? Why didn’t I listen?

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