Nobody But You

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Author's Note

Hi everyone you have finished the Inkitt version of Nobody But You!

I started writing this novel during hurricane season in 2019, specifically when hurricane Dorian started to hit Florida. At the time my boyfriend, his sister, and my grandmother moved in with my family and me. We were a little cramped but the fun that commenced at that time lead me to my idea for this novel. It started with the titled Trapped with Mr. Asshole, as the two main characters get trapped together during a hurricane. I wrote the first five chapters during the hurricane, thankfully where I live in Florida we weren’t affected. I then returned back to college and work, the old saying life got in the way caused me to put the writing aside and to continue with my chaotic life.

During quarantine last year in March I picked it up again, and then came the next title change to Confined, I felt it fit better, but still wasn’t my favorite. The story progressed slowly again, and then when work and college started up again I put it aside to write on the weekends.

A few months later I met a few indie authors online who truly inspired me and incorporated my writing into my week. Since September I’ve been writing almost every night after work and class and now after just over a year, I have finally completed Celine and Ace’s story with my final title change of Nobody but You.

I am so excited to have shared it with you all here!

Nobody But You will release on Valentine’s Day 2021. You can pre-order it now and find out what happens to Celine and Ace. The published version will also have a bonus scene!

Thank you for reading Nobody But You!

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