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Donald or Pres, the only two names he answers to. DEA agent and the President of a government sanctioned broken down MC club is on a quest. To find himself again. With the loss of his wife and child years past, his position within the club, his club family, and tangled emotions with a Queen that isn't his to hold. Finding his balance and still remain true to himself. Taking the days as they come... How to balance work and have a relationship... To be a family man again Agent Jamison-Fisher. "Trust me. I'm tougher than I look. My only word of advice to you, if I am injured in any way, do not try to help me. I have a thing where I disassociate. I don't feel pain in any form. My mind blanks out and I'll kill before I can process who you are. Unless I am able to clearly communicate with you, hide or die." Alicia Stewarts... Girl next door. "Hey. Would you like help with that tire?" She jumped at his voice. "Damn your tall." Smiling, "damn you're put together in all the right places." "What?"

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The wind in his hair is how he liked it. The feeling of flying through the air, exposed to the elements. It was the closest he could get to destressing. Donald, MC Club President, DEA operative lead, family man. He had been chasing drug trails, missing persons, roughed out gang clubs for over a decade. Had been married to the love of his life in his early 20’s, his soul mate. A job away from home, had led to his downfall. Changed him. The teams left, his wife and son died in a car accident while he was away. Grieving, he buried himself in work, became unbendingly harder.
He should have taken James’ route, retired, but couldn’t. Needing the work to keep him busy. From pondering over what he no longer had. Love, happiness. The only time he allowed himself over the years was based on one thing, James’ twin boys. The man had been so far in his grief, losing his wife in childbirth, it took the DEA team together to take care of the beans. James’ finally snapped out of it about the time they were crawling. As was though, none of the men could pull away from the boys they had cared for.

Then there was now.

Pulling into the cul-de-sac, and into the driveway, Donald set out the stand and moved his body off the bike. A hand wave over to the neighbors, he braced himself for the three boys he considered nephews. Their hands moved fast in ASL telling him what he had missed while away. Jake and Sean talking as they did. Jared after having a rough start as an infant, was the only one that was deaf.
"Alright, I'll be there. Game Saturday, got it." The three high-fived then ran back to their yard. Walking at a more leisurely pace, he met up with the fellas on the lawn. "Anything up?"
"Throw up and diapers, about it," James replied.
Wincing, "which one?"
"Autumn. Go ahead and head on in, say hello. Lisa is putting something together."
Leaving his helmet on the door-side table, Donald walked in. Two babies in a portable playpen off the kitchen, playing with their feet and a few cups. He'd be back for them. He made his way into the large gray granite kitchen. Eyes on the piece of perfection he could only dream about holding. Dressed in a light gray Camino top and cut offs as she went about putting together what appeared to be lasagna. "You're a sight for my poor eyes."
"Need glasses already Donald?"
"If they're to see you better, sure. Do they make them x-ray visioned?" He gave her a teasing smirk.
"If so, I want a pair. Come greet me properly."
Leaning off the wall, he went to Lisa, "hey hun." Hands on her hips, her head tilted back as he kissed her cheek. "Lasagna tonight?"
"Yeah. I have enough for the cul-de-sac, just about done with the first batch. How'd the meeting go?"
Head on her shoulder, he wrapped his arms around her stomach, "we have another job coming up. Be gone about a week or two."
Her head dropped back to his shoulder, "Donald. You just got back."
Laying a kiss to her neck, "I know, bad guys don't take vacations, Lis. We have a week of furlough. Let's make the best of it."
Laying her arm over his, "we don't have much of a choice. Who's all going?"
"Undecided yet." He nuzzled into her neck. "Check the food hun, let me look."
Doing as he asked, she bent over as she checked the oven. "Five minutes."
Laughing, "that is all I would need Pix, trust me." Closing the oven she turned crossing her arms without realising that they lifted her breast up and emphasized her little peaks. Smirking at their play-tease, he stepped back and gathered a fussing Autumn out of the playpen. "What's wrong, baby girl?"
She went quiet and started cooing at him. "Sinuses," Lisa answered his unasked question.
"A cold?" He asked as he rubbed her back.
"Possible with how much those two are handled."
"Need anything? Anthony okay?" Referring to the twin that was still in the playpen.
"He's good."
James walked in going to the playpen picking up his son. "You two good?"
Donald looked as his former Sergeant of Arms with their son in his arms. He was happy. Why wouldn't he be. Home and hearth, sexy as sin wife, great kids. "Greets are done. Business still good?"
"Contracts for the next three months in place. Thinking about moving some supplies into the shed on the back of the club house. Maybe getting another truck to handle the workload."
"Do it." He shifted Autumn in his arms, "it'll benefit in the long run."
Lisa spoke, "I'll have three pans ready in 10 minutes. Let the guys know. Have the boys go wash up."
Donald followed James out front where he relayed the message over, his boys running in. The men sat at the table with the babies joining the others. Kirk, his right-hand agent and former club Enforcer sat back. "Pres, how'd the meeting go?"
"Furlough granted, for a week. Waiting on the final roll out date, we'll be out a week or two."
A hand through his hair in frustration, "Anyway we can get Dean's crew to take it?"
Kirk ran a hand over his stomach, "bad guys need to take a flipping break!"
"Deja vu, just told Lisa that same thing." Standing, he passed the baby over to Kirk, "I need to get cleaned up. Be back." They nodded as Kirk started cooing to Autumn making her laugh.

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