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When Damyn Met Dakota

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"When Damyn Meets Dakota"

Dakota’s P.O.V

“You will act like a respectable gentleman, do you understand me?” My father says with a scowl, watching me as I adjust my tie in the mirror.

“You must really want to tap that huh?” I laugh at his bemused expression, finally adjusting my tie just the way I want it and turning to face him.

“That’s just the language I’m talking about, Dakota. You’ve gotta stop acting like such a prick all the time. Then maybe you’d have a chance with her daughter.”

I perk up at this. This is the first I’m hearing of a daughter.

“How old is she?” I stand in front of him as he puts on his shoes.

“Around your age I think. Do I have your word you’ll be a gentleman around her?”

“Is she hot?”

“Dakota William Mitchell!”

I shrug. “Well, is she?”

“Go tell the driver I’ll be out in a second. Go on.” He stands and shoves me toward the door, handing me his briefcase.

I’m smiling because I love to tease my dad. He knows I’d never embarrass him in front of a woman he’s interested in. I have more respect for him than that.

I do as I’m told and tell our driver, Ray, that my dad will be out in a second. Then I slide into the backseat of the limo and get to work devouring the white chocolate covered strawberries in the mini fridge in the back.

In seconds, my dad is out and we’re peeling down the road toward Dad’s lady friends house. I’m not entirely sure what the whole purpose of this dinner is but dad says they have work to discuss and invited me, and now apparently her daughter too, to tag along because our parents work for Seattle Airlines and are gone three weeks out of every month and want to spend every waking moment they have at home keeping a close eye on us.

Of course he worded it another way but that’s the gist of it.

We’re pulling up to a small apartment building twenty minutes later and suddenly a curly redhead comes jogging out of her apartment and down the apartment steps to greet us.

“Hello Richard and...Dakota, is it?” She shakes our hands but I’m too busy staring at her to respond.

God damn this woman is hot. Her hair is long and curly and a super dark shade of auburn, trailing down to her waist. Her lips are pink and full and she has a cute button nose paired with eyes that can only be described as turquoise. She’s wearing a white T-shirt which is very see through and-

And she has a freaking twin. Someone almost exactly identically to her comes bounding down the apartment steps to greet us.

This has to be her daughter. She’s short at a mere five foot at the most. Her hair is shorter, only just past her shoulders and her eyes are a deeper blue. Her lips are more full and more pink and her body more freaking..sexy.

“Hell-ooo” I say, shaking her hand. Her cheeks go beet red immediately and she smiles, returning the shake.

My dad subtly shoves my shoulder with his and shoots me a look.

I straighten up, remembering where I am for a second.

“Hi, I’m Damyn” she says, grinning as she looks me over.

I bet I look stupid as hell right now standing in front of this beautiful goddess wearing a shirt and a fucking tie of all things.

“Dakota” I say flatly, too busy checking her out. Damyn and Dakota has a nice little ring to it.

“Please, come in. The food is ready” Damyn's mom, who earlier introduced herself as Nicole, says.

We all start to follow her when a green Mercedes comes speeding into the parking lot, lights and music blaring.

Nicole groans and glares at Nicole. “Why is Ari here?” she accuses.

Damyn shrugs. “Thought I mentioned it. He decided to join us for dinner.”

“He decided?!” Nicole looks like she’s trying to keep her cool as she glowers at Damyn.

“Mom chill, it’s not a big deal.”

Nicole begins to respond when my dad steers her in the other direction. “We’ve got a lot to discuss Nicolette. Maybe we should get started and the kids can catch up.”

“Or..” Damyn’s eyes light up. “We can all just go get ice cream, and leave the “Adults,” (she uses air quotes) to have a nice, quiet, uninterrupted, dinner together.” She smiles at her mother sweetly.

“I think that’s a great idea!” My dad answers for her.

“Sure…” Nicolette says reluctantly. Do you need some money?”

My dad sends me a pointed look.

“I’ll cover it.” I look at him for confirmation that’s what he wanted.

He smiles broadly and nods.

“Be back by eleven.” Nicolette waits for Damyn to answer.

“Yes ma’am.”

“And no funny business boys.” Now she waits for me to answer as a guy, the self proclaimed Ari, sidles up to Damyn after parking his Mercedes, sliding his arm around her.

“There won’t be,” Ari announces. “I’ll make sure of it.”

“I appreciate that Ari. You kids have fun.” With that, Nicolette turns and walks up the stairs, my dad smooth on her heel.

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