Falling For The Stripper

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Jasmine is a stripper at a club, what happens when she and Julian cross paths. +17 Years old (Mature)

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Chapter 1

Jasmine was tired she was twenty-two years of age, she hadn’t expected herself to be still supporting her twenty-six-year-old boyfriend who was too lazy to do anything. She couldn’t do anything because of it such as going to college.

This was her third year financially supporting the both of them yet he never seemed to pass. He didn’t do anything besides go to college and whine at her.

She worked a day job at mc Donalds and she had a two-hour break which she had to then go to mizzles a strip club where she worked until three to four in the morning depending on the customers she sometimes had to stay until five in the morning.

In her two hour break, she had to make supper because Miles wasn’t willing to help her out with the house chores.

She had dark circles underneath her eyes due to lack of sleep, and Miles didn’t sympathize with her. She was lucky to have two days off where she slept and tried to catch up on sleep.

Miles would accuse her of being lazy yet all he did was go to college or he would go out with his friends.

She recalls the argument they had about this subject,

“Miles I work, I am lucky to have two days a month off, I cook, do laundry and I only have Sunday evenings off. I am tired, let me sleep in. ”

" You are so selfish, just because I asked for sex, a simple thing.”

Jasmine could barely keep her eyes open. She was too exhausted to even do anything.

He had stormed out and went to the living room and blasted the sports channel that she paid for, and the very place they rented.

Miles loved to live comfortably but he didn’t want to raise a finger at all. All he wanted to do is sit and be served. She was shocked when he was the one who insisted that she become a stripper so she makes more money.

When she had protested, he said, “You just dance and don’t let men touch you. Don’t you want me to pass college?”

Jasmine had gone and got the job,

“You have the look and you have that thing, but can you dance?”

she had to practice endlessly to get the dance parts.

Miles was pleased with the money that she came with then he insisted on coming to her workplace.

He had come and taken her home, without saying anything the whole way back home and she was too tired to strike up a conversation.

When they got home that’s when he had lashed out, “This is why you get money, you don’t sleep with them, do you! Is that why sometimes you don’t want to have sex with me?”

Jasmine had been fed up and burst out, ” What am I to you Miles. All I do is work endlessly if I was sleeping with any one of them would I let you see where I worked?”

Miles had thought about it and nodded, and his voice had gentled, “I’m sorry I just love you so much and I don’t want to lose you.”

Jasmine always caved in when he was sweet to her, and she would go into his arms. He liked this side of Miles but it didn’t last that often.

He would go to college and fail, come back with a fit of rage saying it was the lecturer’s fault that he wasn’t passing, he blanked out, he was sick.

At this point she had heard it all, she didn’t have to know why he failed. She would just blank out and keep quiet.

There was no point because Miles never took responsibility when she asked if they could switch roles he refused to say he is almost there and he will be done soon.

She had met his brother and he was at least conscious of how hard she worked to sustain both of them.

She wondered how long she had to do this for? She had finished dinner and went to her room to take a much-needed nap and then she would go to her second job. Jasmine found that she loved to dance. It was a let out for her.

She danced hard, and it would help with her stress.

She went and sprawled herself on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

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