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SMUT WARNING, contains mature content and strong language TW: This book contains dark themes such as suicide, self-harm, rape and sexual assault. *** "This is a promise ring. A promise that no matter what we'll be together, through thick and thin. A promise that in the future, this will become a real ring." *** Started: January 2, 2021 Finished: TBD All credit goes to J.K. Rowling for all the characters from Harry Potter and anything I did not create myself. Natalia Edwards + all other non-HP characters are not related to J.K. Rowling.

Romance / Erotica
ms. lube 😽
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Natalia Edwards has lived all of her life hiding her true identity from everyone around her. She wasn’t ashamed of who her father was but it was for her safety which is also why she had attended Beauxbatons since she was 11 even though she lived in London with her uncle.

What happens when one summer, her dad and uncle decide to send her to Hogwarts instead of back to Beauxbatons for her final year of school?

This story takes place starting from the summer before 7th year and will end a few years after then.

Natalia is in her 7th year so she is the same age as the twins and she is two years older than the Golden Trio.

It is an AU in which Harry defeated Voldemort after Cedric's death at the end of GoF.

All credit goes to J.K. Rowling for all the characters from Harry Potter and most of the plotline. Natalia Edwards is my OC and not related to J.K. Rowling at all.

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