Love Lies Betrayal

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Briah she’s a 17-years old who’s having a rough time in a new city and in a new school. She moved from NJ to Allentown PA, it is so hard for briah because she’s new to this city and the school. Briah is struggling at home because it’s only her and her mom. Her mom just got a job at the hospital as home health aid.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

First day of school
“Briah, young lady if you don’t wake up right now, I will come up to your room and throw iced water on you. You are going to be late for school!”
“I’m up, I’m up. No need for all that mom,” I yelled.
I heard her laughing. I set my alarm last night for seven am. My alarm clock was buzzing five minutes after my mom interrupted my sleep. So I got up and went to the bathroom to do my morning routine. When I finished in the bathroom, I got dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen to eat breakfast. When I got there my mom had already set the table. We ate our breakfast and headed for the door to go to school. By the way my name is Briah me and my mom Brianne just move to this town called Allentown, PA. I guess you guys are wondering why it’s only me and my mom I never knew my father. My mom said that he didn’t want kids and he lost it the day she found out that she was pregnant with me. He left and never looked back. Today is my first day in school. My mom dropped me off to school I kissed her and told her to have a great day. She drove off to work and I walked straight to the main office to picked up my schedule. I got there and I saw a bald headed guy name Mr. Covenan behind the counter. I greeted him and told him I was a new student. I told him my name is Briah Reid. He checked on the computer and handed me my schedule. As I glanced over my schedule I was excited to see that my first period was history, my favorite subject. I was walking in circles looking for my history class. Luckily me I bumped into a guy who helped me looked for my class. We walked into class together and sat in the back. I was putting my notebook on the desk when I felt someone tapped me on my shoulder and I turned around. Omg I saw the most handsome guy with the most beautiful blue eyes. My voice stopped in my throat as I was lost in those eyes. He cleared his throat and I turned several shades of red. He smiled oh god the kind of smile that makes those girls go crazy.
‘Hi, I’m Cree,” his voice resonated smoothly.
“Briah,” I mumbled out, “Nice to meet you.” I managed a half smile.
He was about to say something but the teacher suddenly walked in. He put his bag on the desk and wrote his name neatly on the board, Mr. Fisher. He told us to come and each one of us to grab a textbook. Mr Fisher was teaching us about Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X. I was enthralled with every topic. I was blown away by all the things I learned about those two. He gave us a project to do on Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X. I’m so excited about this project. I’m double excited because Cree is my partner for this project. The bell rang to signal ime for second period. I walked out of the class so I could go look for my locker to put my stuff in there. I found my locker across from my history class while I was putting my book inside my locker I heard someone called my name. I turned around and I saw Mr. Hottie. Yes, that’s my nickname for him in my head but I would never have the courage to say it out loud. He walked up to me and asked me what class I had next.
“Biology,” I managed.
Cree lit up, “Hey, me too.” I smiled
“We can walk together”
“Ok,” I said, “That’ll be nice because I don’t know which way to go.”
“Are you nee to the school?” he inquired, lifting an eyebrow.
I hesitated. “Yes…” I finally managed.

Cree I was sitting in my history class when I saw the most beautiful girl walk in and sit in front of me. She started putting her notebook on the desk. I waited until she was done and I tapped her shoulder. She turned around and I saw the most beautiful dark brown eyes I have ever seen. She was staring at my eyes like they were the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. I smiled and cleared my throat to get her attention. She turned a shade of red. She looked so cute with that blush; I made a mental note to make her blush more often. She told me her name was Briah; cute name. I was about to say something but the teacher walked in and started the clas. The teacher told us to come up and each one of us to grab a textbook which we did. Mr. Fisher was teaching us about Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X. Mr. Fisher gave us a project to do about Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X. Briah is my partner in this project I’m excited but nervous at the same time, because I want to ask her out. I know I just met her but there’s something about her that peaked my interest. The bell rings and she ran out of the class. I couldn’t help myself.. I followed her and called after her. She turned around while she was about to put her book inside her locker. I walked up to her nervously scratching the back of my head, “uhm, hey Briah... if you are not busy I would like to take you on a date.
She looked at me shocked and speechless. After a couple minutes she was like, “Me? uhm you want to take me on a date?
I nodded my head and said yes.
She said a soft, “Yes.” blushing the deepest shade of red is seen yet.
I said, “What about Saturday? How does that sound?”
“That’s fine,” she said.
Before I took off to my second period I asked her if she needed any help finding her second period class.
“Yes,” she said.
I grabbed her schedule and looked at it. I discovered that we both have biology.

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