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The Family

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*This book is just something I’m dabbling with. My serious Novel is Eye of the Heir, so don’t expect this one to be perfect* 22 year old Adalyn lived a fairly normal life. She lives at home with her mom while attending college. The summer before her last semester, her ever intruding mother sets her up on a blind date with Lorenzo Romano. Little does she know, there's more to Lorenzo than being a business owner. In this series, Adalyn will have to make choices that no 22 year old woman will ever think about having to face. Is she strong enough to avoid Lorenzo or will she let her heart get the best of her?

Romance / Action
Courtney Coté
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Chapter 1

A/N: This is purely for fun. I'm a stay at home mom of 3 under 3 and also in college. So when I'm not busy, I figured I'd dabble in writing, something I've always wanted to do. Any grammatical errors, forgive me! Lol. Also I'm new to writing on here so I have no idea what I'm doing. Thankssss!

"Adelyn, hurry up and get ready. They will be here in 15 minutes and you're not even dressed yet!" My lovely mother yells from down the hall.

It's currently seven at night and I'm getting out of my pajamas and into a ridiculously fancy red dress my mother picked out for me to impress her bosses son.

Yes, my lovely mother is trying to hook me up with her bosses son. Do I want to? No. But I told my mom I would at least meet the man. Her attempts to get me to date have failed. She thinks, being 22, I should be going out more and trying to date, Instead of being cramped in my room during the summer between college and work.

I walk out into the kitchen, red dress on and my shoulder length dark auburn hair only partially tamed.

"Did you even brush your hair, Adelyn? You realize you're about to have dinner with a 27 year old businessman. Not a 20 year old college frat boy."

I roll my eyes at her condescending tone. As if I even hang out with frat boys anyway. "No, mom, I had no idea. Although you've said it about 20 times today alone."

She opens her mouth to say something, maybe about my lack of make up, hello, it's SEVEN PEE EMM on a Friday night, when a knock on the door interrupts her. She gives me a deep sigh and an oh so dramatic look before making her way to the door.

Being the good daughter I am, I follow her to the door to greet our unwelcomed guests.

"KAREN! Hi! You look lovely!" Dr. Chancey, my mothers boss, yells dramatically as if she didn't see my mom a few hours ago. Yes, my mothers name is Karen. As you can tell, the name rightfully suits her.

"Come in, come in!" My mothers says. "This must be your handsome son you've told me about!" I look over her shoulders as the guests make their way in.

Dr. Chancey is the opposite of my mom. She's tall, fair skinned, blonde (a little bit of graying hair), blue eyed, with a very slim figure. While my mom is just below 5'2" with dark auburn hair, brown eyes and curves.

I look over her son, who also looks nothing like her other than the height. He's at least 6 feet tall, bronze skin, dark brown eyes, chiseled cheekbones, and muscles for days.

I felt my mouth drop just as I heard my mom say, "Adelyn, don't be rude. He said hello", in the most smug tone I've ever heard her use.

"I'm sorry. I'm Adelyn". I shook his reached out hand. Obviously he knows my name already. Yikes. This is embarrassing.

He smirked and offered his name, "Lorenzo".
Is that an Italian accent, I hear? Weird. Mom never mentioned Dr. Chancey being Italian, nor does she have the accent.

We make our way into the dining room, I sit in my seat at the table, part of me wishing I did brush my hair more and the other part not even wanting to entertain the man due to that obnoxious smirk and my mother.

Lorenzo takes the seat across from me while my mom and Dr. Chancey stand in the kitchen gossiping about something that happened at work.

Lorenzo clears his throat. "So, my mother tells me you're an English major, yes?" He drawls out in a thick accent.

"-uh, yes. That's the plan. I hear you're a businessman of some sort?" I stumble a little on my words. Partly because I'm socially awkward and partly because he's fine as hell. Even though I want nothinggg to do with it, I keep telling myself.

"Yes, well, I've taken over my dads business." He stares at me. I look away. And am so grateful that my mother and chancey enter the room at that moment. Because honestly, I don't know what to say nor do I want to continue the conversation. I just want this dinner to be over with so I can get back in my pajamas and binge watch The Vampire Diaries for the 5th time this year.

"Adelyn, it's so great to finally meet you, dear. Your mother here talks about you all the time. Although her pictures do not do you justice. You are gorgeous." Dr. Chancey says as she sits at the table next to her son. Is that a backhanded compliment or what?

I smile, shyly. "Thank you. She always has nothing but good things to say about you as well." Could this dinner be anymore boring?

We pass the food around. My mother made her favorite dish to cook; Lasagna with vegetables and garlic bread. I wonder if she did that on purpose though since I'm pretty sure this Lorenzo guy is Italian.

My mom breaks the silence after everyone's plates are full. "Lorenzo! Do tell us all about your business. What do you do?" I look from mom to Mr. Lorenzo.

"I run a chain of hotels. I don't know if my mother told you or not but I inherited the business from my father after he passed 8 years ago." Lorenzo, or should I say Enzo, told us.

"Well that is tragic. I am sorry about your father. I had no idea he passed." Mom looks from Lorenzo to Dr. Chancey, who sheepishly shrugs.

"It was years ago, Karen. I've moved on. My current husband is his step dad. We got married about 3 years after his father passed." So if I'm gathering this right, Lorenzos dad was probably Italian and he inherited a hotel chain when he was like 19 years old. That's insane, right?

"So you were only 19 when you inherited a CHAIN of hotels?" I ask him,
eyeing him suspiciously.

"Yes. Is that a problem? If anything the business is doing better now than it was back then. My father taught me very well." Lorenzo snarked back. I casually roll my eyes and look away. When I was 19, I could barely take care of myself. I'm 22 and I still can barely take care of myself let alone run a business.

"That is magnificent. Your father sounded like an upstanding man, Lorenzo." My mother says.

"There's a lot words people would use to describe my father, Ms. Karen. But upstanding isn't one of them." Lorenzo muses. He looks half joking, half serious.

Dr. Chancey clears her throat, "Well that's enough of that. Let me help you clean this mess up, Karen."

My mom doesn't seem to notice the switch of Dr. chanceys mood, but I sure do. Why would Lorenzo bring up his dad if he knew it would upset her? Maybe he wanted this night to end as much as I did.

They clear up the table and I stand to help them but my mom stares daggers at me and I can only guess she wants me to strike up a conversation with my buddy Enzo. So I glance over at him, "Would you like to go in the living room?" I ask, not waiting for an answer as I make my way into the living room.

"You know, if I didn't know any better I'd say you're ready for us to leave.. which is odd considering the outfit you are wearing to impress me." Lorenzo smirks as he sits on the sofa across from me.

My jaw drops. I mean, yes it was to impress him. But I certainly didn't do this because I wanted to impress him. My mother did.

"I'll have you know I always wear dresses on Friday nights. I surely didn't wear it to impress you." I roll my eyes, clearly lying. I'm 22 and I've yet to go to a club or party or anywhere that would require dresses instead of pajamas on a Friday night. "What would give you such an idea, anyway? I mean, you're dressed nicely. You're in a suit. Was that to impress me?" I ask.

Lorenzo sits back enough to be comfortable but not to wrinkle his precious suit. Yes, he looks amazing in it. No, that is not the point. "Dolcezza, I always wear suits. I noticed your mother staring at you the whole time. It was obvious that she was trying to set us up."

Dol-what? "Okay. I can't deny that. Your mom clearly had the same intentions. Why else would she bring you here for dinner with her employee and her employees daughter?" I ask, still wondering what he just said in the beginning and why it made my stomach flip.

"You're correct. Mother has been on me for a few years now about finding someone. She thinks I need a break with my work. She's incorrect. I love my jobs. It's become quite overwhelming with her hassling me about dating, so I gave in and decided to entertain her." Wow. Two young adults who are perfectly happy being single. Two parents who don't know when to stay in their lanes.

I nod. "Story of my life." I smile and begin to stand up, hoping this is the end of this conversation and I can finally go back to my room.

Lorenzo stands with me, "wait. I have a suggestion." He says.

I look at him skeptically, "Okay. What's your suggestion?"

"Why don't we go on a date? You know, to keep them off our backs." He says.

"Are you talking like 'to all the boys I've loved before'? We pretend to date for awhile so people leave us alone?" I say and bust out laughing.

He gives me a confused look, "I have no idea what that is. But yes, we just hang out and make it seem like we're dating to appease them and get them off of our backs, yes."

I think about it for a minute. Of course it sounds kind of silly. Why do we really even care about our parents wanting us to date? But it would be nice to not have anymore blind dates set up by my mother. Plus, he's a very attractive man. And really, how can I say no to that accent?

"Okay. Deal." We shake hands, just as my mom and Dr. Chancey enter out of the kitchen.

"Adelyn. It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope to see you again soon, dear." Dr. C. Says as she gives me a quick hug which I return.

"Yes, Adelyn. It was very nice meeting you. I look forward to our date tomorrow. I'll see you at 5, yes?" Lorenzo drawls. I glance at him questioningly. We never set up a specific time. Maybe I have plans tomorrow at 5.

"We'll see. I might be sick tomorrow at 5." I smirk at him.

"Well here's my number. Text me if that happens." He says. Holding out a card with his business information and his cell phone number written in ink on the back.

"Do you just hand these out to women all the time or..?" I ask.

"No, Dolcezza. Just to the lucky ones." He winks at me. In front of my mom. I internally face palm. No doubt is she dancing with joy in her mind right now.

"Have a good night you two!" My mom calls out as she closes the door.

"So you have a date tomorrow night?" She asked as soon as the door was locked.

I grimace internally. "Yes and I'm going to bed now!" I call out as I hurry to my room and shut the door.

I get out of that god awful dress and throw on my abandoned PJ's. Turn out my light. Right before i pass out, I send a text to Lorenzo, not bothering to tell him who I am.

Me: Accent?

Lorenzo: Italian.

Me: dolsessa...?

Lorenzo: lol. Dolcezza. In English you would probably say sweetie or sweetheart

I smile at that and don't bother responding. I have no clue what I just got myself into. But I can't say that I'm too annoyed by it. After all, who can turn down a man that looks like him?

So sorry about how long and boring this chapter is. It will get so much better! I have many ideas.
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