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We all start a life off being carried inside some woman's womb for 7 to 9 months sometimes we come out much sooner then expected. We enjoy the feeling of being safe, loved secured and cared for. We expect when we are born to still feel those exact same things. But that's not always teh case with everyone. My name is Shana Jenson I am 17 years old. Born to a hybrid mother who apparently didn't have the cuts to raise me herself or to teach me the things I would eventually grow to need. I found out this year that I had been adopted when I was only 3 hours old. Who does that to a child? According to the guy that was sent to find me I am the long lost granddaughter to a Royal Vampire and Werewolf couple. Who would have thought they existed? Not me On my journey to meet my grandparent's I end up facing many betrayals and Finding new love' What happens when the who is to help me the most is the very person to knock me out to keeo me from losing control and cending everyone to the depths of hell? My powers have emegred fully giving me access to my beast inside me. I am a pureblood born into the Dracula line that only happes once every 4000 centuries . This is my journey intot he unknown world of dark shadows and secerts. My own light at the end of the tunnel is new found love Jay.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1- Jolly Neon Skittles

Lilly and I sit around the bonfire with all our friends from school and think back to our junior year and everything we did that year. "Shana, do you want to tell us exactly why you decided to prank the entire football team right before their big game against East Compton High School?"

"Hmm, well, what had happened was a certain individual who shall remain nameless drew first blood. It was just payback for what he may or may not have done."

"Girl watching them walk out of the locker room looking like the jolly neon pink and rainbow skittles was pretty damn funny if you ask me. Lilly, do you honestly think they will remember I mean they get their heads knocked around a bunch?"

"Well, we are about to find out now Shana, girl if I was you, I’d get up quickly and start running as fast as you can go." After my friends finished speaking, I turned around and looked over my shoulder and what do you think I see?

My best friend's brother and all his friends slowly walking over to us with his ever-growing smirk. It has got to be his signature face feature, as I never see him make any other face. Guess you could say, Sir. Smirk a lot thinks he's god's gift to women when he isn’t.

Just before I can get up to run, I hear his deep southern voice, "Shana just where do you think you're going?"
"yeah, anywhere that isn’t here so peace out." Just as I turned to take off and run, Jackass grabbed the back of my jacket really quick, thinking that if he grabbed, he could stop me from leaving. Yeah, that didn’t stop me at all as I unzipped that jacket really fast and made a beeline for the side of the house.

As I round the corner of the house with Freddie hot on my heels, I didn’t realize that there was a strange group of men standing in the front yard. I came to a sudden halt, nearly running into the tallest, sexiest, godlike individual I had ever met. I wasn’t able to stop myself completely from stopping, no thanks to the big Buffoon that rammed into me from behind.

If it wasn’t for this stranger standing in front of me, I can tell you I would have planted myself in the dirt. "Young lady is everything okay? He asked me before I could respond to him."
Freddie pulled me behind him, "what are you doing here?" I am here on business.

“I am looking for the parents or guardians of a girl that lives around here” Her name is Shana Jenson.
"Well, the girl you're looking for is right here, but what do you want with me?"
My name is Luther Abernathy and the reason I am looking for you is that you are the long-lost granddaughter of Charlotte and Dean Emerson out of Kingston Falls.
"Mr. Abernathy, can we continue this conversation in private where prying ears can’t hear us?"
" Sure, that's fine" he agreed."
Right as we enter the house enter the living room to talk. I see a sight I wish I hadn’t seen. "Oh my god, you two I’m going to need bleach to clean my eyes out!"
I did not want to see my brother and his girlfriend in the middle of their dinner. "Damn Nicky that’s what the hell bedrooms are for dumbass." They break apart as fast as lightning. Nicky notices the strange man standing behind me as he tries to rearrange himself.
"Shana, why is there a strange man standing behind you?"
"He says he has some information for me. As we have no parents, I figured he should discuss it with me here with you."
"Nick, this Luther Abernathy says he is from Kingston Falls and they sent him here to look for me. According to him, I am the missing granddaughter of this couple from there."
“Mr. Abernathy, who exactly are they, and what do they want with me?" As we all sit around the table talking, he filled us in on his mission.
"Well, Shana, as I mentioned before, I am looking for this young woman by the name of Shana Jenson. We believe she is the lost granddaughter of Charlotte and Dean Emerson from Kingston Falls. Word came to them that their daughter had come to America and left behind a daughter.”
Shana asked me who these people were. In my hometown, they are the rulers of our country and they feel it is time for you to come home and claim your birthright. They aren’t getting any younger and would love to see her.
Both Nick and I just stare at him. "So, you’re telling us that Shana here is royalty?" Nick has a weird look on his face as he takes all this information in. As we sit here and digest all this recent information, I wonder where do I go from here. Do I go alone, take him with me or just take a few of the girls with me? Yes, I know the people who raised me weren’t always there.
Nick and the girls have always been there for me and it would be difficult to just up and walk away from all of them. And everything that they meant to me, everything that we went through growing up. My life is here and I can’t just uproot myself regardless of what the cause is.
"Nick, did you know our parents were not my parents?" I asked him. He scratches the back of his neck, swearing under his breath as he looks at me and nods his head.
"Yea Shana, I knew I came across some papers before mom and dad took off on their extended vacation. They brought you home straight from the hospital when you were only a week old."
"Nick, why didn’t you or anyone tell me about this as I got older." Nick looks down at his hands.
"Shana, I didn’t tell you because mom and dad should have been the ones to tell you. Yes, you're my sister no matter what, but something that big should have come from them."

"I couldn’t be the one to up and break your heart like that to end up being the reason you're in tears and hurting all the time. Yeah, I’m good on that; not for me, Hun."
I stood up to leave and heard Luther's phone rings as he talked, I couldn’t hear what was being said on the other end. But judging by the nervous look it can't be an easy call.
He looks at me while speaking on the phone. "Mrs. Emerson yes, she's sitting here beside me. Yes, I told her why I was here. Are you sure that’s what you want to do? What are you going to say if she tells you no way in hell? Yes, I will hand her the phone so you can talk to her." I look at him like he had lost his ever-loving mind.

Luther turned his body my way to hand me the phone, I looked at him like he had grown two heads. He tries to hand me the phone and I shook my head while looking at him and told him.
"I don’t even know these people; why are you putting me on the phone with them?" He looked at me as if to say just humor them. I take the phone and put it to my ear and said "hello." Once I started to talk the voice on the other end cracked.
“Is this Shana?"
" yes, it is"
"I know this may seem a little strange for you to talk to someone you have never met before. But we were wondering if you would come for a visit. That way we can talk about everything in person. Instead of going through a middleman and you can ask us questions that you may have at this point and time or later on.”
While on the phone with her, an idea crossed my mind. And I told her yes, as long as Nick and some of my friends can come with me. She was fine with it, which surprised me. She told me to hand the phone back to Luther and while they make plans for the upcoming trip; I told Nick that I actually wanted him to come with me. But he had declined and said he had to stay here to take care of his dad’s business while he is away.
Well, it looks like it’s just me going to this strange place alone. Let’s see what adventures await me in this unknown land and the people surrounding it. Let’s all call it a night and get some sleep as we have to be up early to get ready to leave. I showed Luther and his friends to the guest rooms where they could sleep for the night.

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