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Ajax felt like another lost soul swimming in the river of Styx, living but not feeling alive. He was the Half-Breed son his father never wanted. Each day was a fight, each day was another groom to take a throne he never wanted, a throne to the Underworld, to be Hades rightful heir, except Ajax couldn't stand the thought. Each day he stared at the woman in the picture, hoping she could find a way to save him, each day he stared at the mother he wanted so desperately to find. Grace spent each day the same, begging for her life to change, for her parents to accept her and her twins wishes, to be a full family and not a girl with empty chairs as parents. Each day she wished for a distraction from the pain, and her twin brother wasn't helping anymore, he didn't even seem like the same person. Was this what life was supposed to be? waiting for each day to reach its end so she could finally get some peace? That was what she thought, until she met him, until she met Ajax. She had never met anyone that challenged her, until then, and suddenly she had a reason to live again Will the two find a way to distract the darkness? Or would it devour them whole?

Romance / Fantasy
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The picture

The woman sat there, with her long golden hair thrown over her shoulders, her legs were crossed as she was laughing. Her smile was so bright that it could cast a light into the dark. She looked so carefree and happy, I wondered if I would ever feel that way too.

I looked around the Underworld and sighed, placing the photo in my pocket for protection. I felt a cold metal on the back of my neck, and groaned in annoyance.

Quickly I grabbed the object and pulled it from its owner. I felt it slice against my hand, yet felt no pain as I heard it fall to the floor. I turned around to face the demon Aamon.

"That all you got boy? Taking my knife?" He grunted out, with a smirk before racing at me, ready to attack. I quickly jumped, feeling his claws scratch against my abdomen as I narrowly avoided his attack and grabbed his arm. I watched his eyes widen as I threw him over my shoulder and to the ground. He struggled as I pressed my foot into the back of his neck, still holding his arm back.

I slowly leaned down, a smirk on ny face. "I'm not a boy." I hissed out quietly before letting throwing his arm down roughly and walking away.

This was what the Underworld was like, constantly watching your back, avoiding attacks and finishing them. It had been like this for as long as I could remember.

"Stop! Stop!" I yelled in pain as demons stood over my little body, I felt two hold me down as another one crawled over me, a menacing look on his face. He watched the tears fall from my eyes and laughed.

"What did your father tell you about crying, little boy? It is for the weak minded. Stop CRYING." He screamed with a laugh before taking out his sharp claw and scraping it down the length of my arm. I howled and thrashed as much as I could, trying to escape as the demon carved into my arm.

When he was done, he admired his work with glee. He nodded towards the demons and I felt their grip release me, tears staining my cheeks as I looked down at the word now carved in my bloody arm. "Half-Breed."

I sniffled and wiped my face quickly as I heard footsteps appear behind me. I turned around and looked up at my father, a frown etched on his dark face. "You were supposed to use your powers and fight them off Ajax. Not cry pathetically. You are the son of Hades, not the son of a Bitch. Now stand up." I hesitated, before pushing myself up weakly. I felt tears sting the back of my eyes, I was only ten. I looked away from the cold brown eyes that gazed down at me, ashamed.

"Do better next time, and stop crying. You are weak. You are letting your human show." Hades said simply, before strolling away.

(Flashback over)

I shook my head, trying to wipe the flashback away as I glanced down at my arm. It had been eight years since that memory, yet the word was still etched into my arm as an everyday reminder of what I was, a half-breed. I took another glance around, making sure that another surprise attack was coming, and then headed to the River of Stynx.

I said on the hot ground, everything in the underworld was hot- but that didn't bother me. I looked down at the river, watching the lost souls of humans swim by, begging to be freed. I knew it was only a matter of time before the demons would come looking for me, I was just another source of entertainment for them here. I heard footsteps behind me again and grabbed the sword I had on my side, though I knew it was no demon this time. I didn't even turn as I heard the woman cough to announce her presence.

"Something I can do for you Persephone?" I asked casually, glancing as a soul reached up to try to grab me, I pushed it back into the river with no hesitation.

"Your father requires you." Her silky voice rang out. Sometimes I forget that she was once a prisoner here too, though she certainly didn't act like it anymore. "You know how impatient he gets, I would come now. Half-Breed." She sneered lightly and I chuckled.

"Still jealous? After all these years? You still cannot accept that he slept with a human?" I asked with a slight smirk, knowing it would only anger her further.

I felt a breeze go through my golden hair, knowing that she was pissed. I turned around and flashed her a smile, watching her long brown hair float in the breeze she was creating. "Go." She seethed out, and I couldn't help but chuckle. "As you wish Phoney," and stood up.

Her face turned red with anger. "Do not call me that boy. I am your Queen, and you.. You are nothing." I rolled my eyes lightly. "Does it still aggravate you? That he had to sleep with a human to produce an heir?" As I egged her on.

Suddenly I felt a hard pressure against my cheek, feeling her hand spray across it in anger. "He should have killed you at birth." She spat out, before shadow flying away.

Getting a rise out of my step mother was always a bright spot in my day, knowing that she couldn't truly hurt me without risking the wrath of my father. We never had a good relationship, Persephone was always jealous of the fact that she couldn't bare the children that Hades wanted, so he chose to go to earth and impregnate a human instead, in order to have a piece of him living. Of course I never got to meet my mother, I was taken away by one if the demons shortly after my birth and brought to thr underworld for my father to raise me, not that he actually did. I was mostly brought up by demons, learning that I had to fight to survive at a young age.

I brushed myself off and started walking to the castle, wondering what else my father had in store for me. I had not seen or heard from him in weeks, the underworld had been quiet, and that was never a good thing. I could have shadowflyed over, but I was in no rush to see my father. I kicked rocks gently, wondering if there would ever be a time that I could escape and be a normal 18 year old boy.

Sometimes I would use my fathers portal and watch the human world, to see what a normal life was like, a life I could have had if my mother raised me. I watched boys play sports, make out with girls, drink and laugh, everything I wanted. Of course if my father ever knew, he would destroy the portal. He wanted me to be his solider, his perfect prodigy. I was taught that love makes you weak and to be loved destroyed you. I was taught not to feel, to push forward, no questions asked.

As I reached the castle doors, I hesitated. I took a deep breath and steadied myself before heading inside.

My father sat at his throne, his dark hair curling slightly over his ears, his dark brown eyes skimming the scroll he was reading, his other hand stroking his dark beard lightly. Looking at us, you would never know he was my father. I had golden blonde hair, lighter skin and my eyes were.. Well different. One was completely blue, and the other was half blue-half brown. We were built the same, same broad chest and strong jawlines, and our heights were similar, but other than that I took pride that I looked like my mother.

"About time you decided to grace us with your presence, Ajax." My father said cooly, never looking up from his book.

I bowed slightly, "I apologize father. What is it you wanted?" I strained out politely, wanting to get as far away as I could.

Hades looked up from his scroll. "Straight to the point are we son?" He placed the scroll down. "Since you are so busy, I will get down to business." He said coldly.

I bit my lip slightly, hoping that I had not angered him. My father was not one to be trifled with, and all I seemed good at was pissing him off. I thought back to the burn marks on my chest that I had because of him and shuttered. "Sorry father." I mumbled slightly as he snorted.

"A very important soul is floating in the River at the moment. A soul I still require to be on earth. I figured you could practice your Necromancy a bit and put the soul back where it belongs."

My eyes widened slightly, my father hardly brought back the dead, unless they served a purpose for him, and never let me do it. I shivered slightly at whatever monster this soul was and what my father wanted from it.

"Yes father, I will do what you asked.. But may I ask why you want to bring back a human?" I knew the minute I asked the question, I had messed up. One of the rules I had was that I never aak questions, a good solider didn't ask questions.

Hades raised an eyebrow, his eyes slowly turning red. "Tisk tisk.. I thought you would have learned by now." He simply stated before snapping his fingers. I felt the dirt start to loser beneath me as my heartbeat quicken.

"F-Father-" I begged out, the dirt tightening and pulling me down till only my head remained out. Hades smirked, "Quiet boy. You will learn one day." He chuckled before clapping his hands, fire emerged around me and I screamed as it seeped into the ground, burning me alive. He laughed and watched for a moment before stopping. With the movement of his hand, I was flung outside the castle doors and onto the ground.

I looked down at my burnt flesh, even though I knew it would heal, it still hurt. I stood up wobbly and slowly looked to the sky, and in that moment I knew.. I had to get out of here and find my mother, I had to go to earth. There had to be a life worth living out there, even if I was alone.


Thank you for reading the first chapter! I have never wrote a book before, so go easy on me! This book will be a slow burn in the romance section..but it WILL happen. I plan to update as much as I can, but I am a mom to a newborn so just be patient. You will meet Grace very soon, maybe another chapter or two. I love Greek Mythology, but I am no master. So if something seems out of place, do not judge too harshly, everything is just my interpretation.

Face claims:

Ajax- Dominic Sherwood
Grace- Abigail Cowen
Alec- Young Sam Huegen.

Please review!!
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