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Two lonely souls meet in the world. ¿Will they correspond to each other? Jacob falls in love with a stunning, perfect woman ... But ¿will he be able to win her heart? ¿Is there still room to love in these times? ¿She is perfect? or maybe she is just a mask ...

Romance / Drama
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And there she was, a stunning woman, in a glamorous pale pink dress, holding a glass of champagne, staring out the window on the 98th floor of the Miracles Building, gazing into the distance at the streets of New Heathon, while the rest of the guests, the men in ties from head to toe and women in costumes equal to, or more glamorous than that girl’s, were dedicated to enjoying the evening criticizing the lives of everyone else while no one noticed... or perhaps ... closing more capitalist businesses, as usual.

— They all seem so insignificant from here don’t they? However, we care so much about standing out and getting things ... — I said approaching her from behind trying to divert his attention from such an appetizing window.

She glanced at me, then raised her head and looked into my eyes, with a serious look.

— So that’s what you think of all of them? she answered looking at the tiny people who passed the streets, all in a hurry, very busy, looking at their phones, answering “important” calls, work, business, sales...

— ¿Don’t you think so? ¿Why aren’t you with the rest of the guests? Sharing the infinity of garbage that comes out of our mouths every day? I don’t know... maybe closing businesses or opening new ones? — I said to her in an ironic tone Why would you be alone looking through a window as if the rest of us were so little in this room as to share your time with any of us? I finished saying sarcastically as she raised an eyebrow.

She stared at me as if she were trying to read my mind, I was always very bad at reading people, so I couldn’t understand her expression either, I didn’t know if that had been interpreted as a way to start a conversation, sarcasm or a a tremendous criticism towards her.

She thought for a moment and simply said;

— What I think doesn’t have to matter to anyone but me, if that is what you are interested in knowing. But ... if that is your way of thinking, I do agree with you on something, we worry too much, for nonsense and many times we are not able to see what is really important.

— And what is really important? — I answered

— I’m still looking for it, but something I do have insurance, neither power nor wealth... is. — She said as she lowered her gaze.

I outlined a mischievous half-smile, while stared at her, to which she replied in the same way.

— Will you grant me this piece? — I asked.

She looked at me, while she took a sip of champagne, which was left with the mark of her lipstick, left it on one of the tables, and offered me her hand.

— I guess I have no choice. — She answered me while she smiled.

And so the night began ...

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