Heaven's Chosen

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His Heart Seems To Be Pulling Him

Wang Li had felt the tear and left Ying Yue and the others to close it up. Holding his wife so close and for them to be moving in sync brought back memories of a time so long ago. In synced with their blades, their hearts, their soul, their love making. Letting out a soft sigh, he stood before the barrier and entered. He spread out his aura to feel around the barrier until it found the rip. Sealing it, he looked over to the portal and stood waiting.

A tear of his barrier only meant one thing.

Someone wanted out.

“Show yourself,” he said sternly as the air around him thicken with a chill. The smokey blue portal swirled and twisted before a face appeared.

“Ghost King,” the voice greeted calmly.

“What do you want?” His silver eyes narrowed into daggers.

“I am feeling neglected,” the man in the portal frowned, “You have been away for so long. Don’t you miss me?”

“You know the consequences of tearing the portal,” Wang Li stated materializing a dagger.

“Eh… but I have done so much for you,” the man frowned with his bright red eyes, “Won’t you forgive me?”

The dagger flew off his hand to float between them. The Ghost King marked the blade with his blood and shot it through the portal, stabbing the man on the other side through the chest. A swallowed grunt sounded and the blade returned to the raven haired male. Moving his hand over the dagger, the flame burnt the black inky blood left on the metal. Dematerializing it, he watched as the man in the portal laugh softly.

“Still aiming at my heart,” the man in black smiled and looked at him, “Don’t you know you already have it, Ah Li?”

His silver eyes sharpened at that statement and he waved his hand to remove the image of those red eyes. Doubling the strength of the barrier, he walked for a moment before jumping onto the roof. Closing his eyes, the memories of the past tried to haunt him once more, but he pushed it aside. This time, it would be different. This time he wasn’t going to let history repeat itself.

With that thought in mind, he watched as the moon rose and the sky darkened. The sound of the undead filtered through the air, like chiming of bells jingling at night. Transparent skins, yet they were lively as they chattered and went about their night. A few looked up to see him and waved happily to him, like a friend they knew. He nodded back before heading back home where his wife was probably asleep.

‘Ying Yue,’ he felt his lips smile thinking of those big emerald eyes and soft skin.

Landing at the courtyard, he saw the snow leopard lying outside of the library. The big cat turned to him and got up purring. Rubbing Snow’s ears and fur, he patted the head before sliding the door opened. In the darkness of the room, the moonlight casted into the room to reveal a body slumped over the table asleep. Wang Li walked into the room and bent down to see his beautiful wife breathing softly. Glancing around, he saw books opened, strewn around him as scrolls laid rolled out.

“Ying Yue,” he whispered softly as his hands cupped the cheek of the blonde.

A soft mumbled as his wife leaned closer to his touch, making his lips curl up. Wrapping his hand around the blonde, he tucked his wife against his chest and lifted underneath Ying Yue’s knees into a bridal style. Walking out of the room, he stood for a moment underneath the moonlight and plum trees. His silver eyes soaked in the beauty in his arms.

‘One day, Ying Yue, you will know the truth,’ he bent down closer to place a kiss upon his wife’s temple, ‘When that day comes, would you still wish to be beside me?’


He opened his eyes to see he was surrounded by roses: red, white, pink, and even blue. The smell of it relaxed his body as he felt his lips curled up into a smile. Moving his eyes to the side, he witnessed someone in red walking toward him. His dark hair moved with his walk and his lips help a smile. Ying Yue watched the man stopped and pause as the wind blew by. Petals flew in the air around them and he felt himself walking toward the man in red. Walking turned into jogging, jogging turned into running, as the view of the man got clearer. His heart was beating happily, and his body felt at ease.

Ying Yue felt his arms reached out wrapping around strong necks. His body swung as the man lifted him, spinning around and around. He heard himself laughing, before pulling his head back to cup the man’s face with his hands. Silver eyes were staring at him so softly, so lovingly, that he felt it touched his very soul. He moved in and their lips touched making him feel as if the world spun just for them.

“Thank you,” he said softly when they pulled away and his feet touched the ground, “Wang Li, my husband.”

He watched the man’s lips curl up into a smile before they pressed against his once more. His legs wrapped around the man’s waist and he felt hands on his hips rolled down to cup his ass. A nip against his lips and they pulled apart, smiling, breathing one another’s space.

“I love you.”

“My beloved wife,” Wang Li whispered and pressed his lips on his once more. Opening his mouth, he gave access for his husband to pillage and taste. Moaning, he squeezed harder, pressing their hips closer.

“Easy, my love. We are outside.”

“Then take me to our room, my husband.”

He could feel the strong chest vibrate with laughter and he sighed.

Closing his eyes, he felt whole, safe, free.

When he opened it again, Ying Yue found himself in the room with the candle unlit. Not moving from where he laid, he stared at the door thinking about his dream. This one was more vivid than before and it felt so real, like a memory that he already lived. This time… this time he saw the man in red’s face, the man in his dreams. The same face as the Ghost King. But that… that couldn’t be right, could it?

If the Ghost King was truly the man he was infatuated with, would the raven-haired man know of his dreams? Would the feared king see dreams of him as well?

‘This… this can’t be right,’ He shook his blonde hair, ‘A dream is a dream for a reason.’

But his heart was telling him this was real. This dream was part of something that had happened before. A time where he was here with his husband, touching, holding, in love.

‘What is this?’ He wondered letting out a sigh as his hand curled before his heart, ‘Is this what people call… soulmates?’

Letting the word soulmate roll around in his mind for a moment before he sat up quickly frowning.

‘No, it can’t be. I’m just confused and lost.’ he shook his head and stood up, ‘A coincidence. There is no soulmate with a dream.’

Convincing himself of that reason, he dressed himself and saw the sword laid against the wall. Smiling, he grabbed it and slid the door to see the sun shining brightly. Staring at the birds flying by for a moment, his mind wandered off to thoughts of freedom. His green eyes widened when one of the doves looked at him, so intensely Ying Yue felt his body twitched.

‘What was that about…’ he looked at the bird as it flew away with its partner, ‘Was that bird staring at me? So creepy…’

He shook his head and walked over to the courtyard, hoping Wang Li was there to teach him some more. When he was heading over there, he looked over to where the library was. It was strange, but he felt his heart seemed to flutter in that direction. Standing and staring in that direction, he felt himself in confusion. What was there that his heart seemed to be pulling him to?

‘Was it a compass now? A compass to where?’

That thought made him frown as he headed in the direction of the library where the plum trees bloomed. Turning the corner, he found his heart calmed as the man in soft blue sat with his eyes closed. His green eyes took in the soft look on the handsome face and he felt his lips curl up. However, those eyes traveled down to see the large beast curled around his master’s left side. The head of the leopard was placed on the Ghost King’s lap, with his back to Ying Yue. Those long fingers patted and smooth down white, black spotted fur.

‘They must be close,’ he told himself, ‘It hadn’t killed or attacked me yet… maybe it’s because Wang Li hadn’t told him too or…’ Ying Yue tilted his head, “It’s because I am close to his master…”

“Ying Yue,” the Ghost King turned his head to him and held his hand out, “Come.”

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