Heaven's Chosen

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Why Do My Heart Beat Like This With Him

‘What… what is wrong with me?!’ He was having a hard time breathing like he couldn’t breathe, ‘Hyperventilating just from his voice?! That is ridiculous! I…’

The gorgeous man leaned closer and tilted his head to one side.

“Ah!” Bai Lan shouted punching him in the face, causing the Ghost King to fall off the bed.

Moving back and to the corner like a scared animal, he pulled his legs with his knees to his chest. Covering the bottom of his face with his hands, he could not believe what he had just done. He… he had just hit the Ghost King! He was definitely going to die! He watched as the man stood up staring at him curiously, before his lips curled.

‘Is he smiling?’ Bai Lan wondered, but that smile was so brilliant that he was gravitating to the beauty of it.

But the Ghost King turned and left him there alone on the bed. Alone.

The room was no longer warm; it felt as cold as winter on a blizzarding day. Wrapping his arms around himself, he was feeling too much. Dying and coming here in this strange body, he was broken. That was the only reason to why he couldn’t keep his emotions in check. He never was attracted to anyone but the man in red, the man in his dreams!

‘Then why does my heart beat like this with him?’ His eyes went to the closed door where the Ghost King had left.

After just a glance of the Ghost King, he was getting flustered, his heart was getting excited, and his mind was imagining things. Not to mention the hard-on he was having. Flushing deeply, he shut his eyes and tried to go back to the comfort of the man in his dreams. The man that calmed his heart and ease his mind. When he closed his eyes, all he saw was dark raven hair and sharp silver eyes.

He made a wounded noise.

‘Not this too! Can I not have something that is mine?’

He was so tired and exhausted. During the entire way from holding the strong hand, pressing against the solid back, the intimacy of just moments ago, he failed in doing what he told himself.

The entire time, Bai Lan never once told him the truth.

‘Stupid Bai Lan! Stupid,’ he groaned and closed his eyes, hoping his dream lover came to visit.

When he woke, he realized the sun was starting to set. Stomach growling to signify his hunger, he sighed and got off the bed. Looking around the room, it didn’t look like the Ghost King had returned. He felt slightly guilty for hitting him and felt he should apologize, then he tell the man the truth. Taking a deep breath, he stood and headed to slide the door open. Walking around unsure where to go, he stood in the middle of what looked like a courtyard and glanced around him.

“My lady,” a female voice called out and he turned to her.

She had short brown hair with light purple eyes. She looked to be about his age and reminded him of an equal beauty to his friend, Jia Le. He cleared his throat and pitched his voice a bit higher than his normal one.

“Hello,” he bowed to greet her.

“Are you looking for my king?” She asked holding a wooden tray with soap bars.

“Um, yes,” he said, “Are you going to bathe?”

“Oh this?” She let out a laugh, “We all bathe when he does.”

His mind screeched to a halt.

‘They… all… bathe… together…’ he blinked a few times just staring blankly, ‘Those bastards were right. They were right!’

“My lady,” the female called out with a smile, “This way.”

He followed swallowing the bile wanting to escape his throat. If he walked into some orgy, he was going to die. He would smash his head in over and over until he never woke up again. Deciding that this was the practical answer, he heard a female voice chattering and laughing. His right eye twitched and he gritted his teeth, readying himself to throw his head straight against a boulder, a rock, something really hard.

His eyes took in the naked form of the female in the pool and he felt his lips dried up.

‘How shameless!’ He felt his face warm looking away from the female.

But as his eyes moved away, he saw the back of the Ghost King. Smooth expanse of skin, strong wide shoulders that looked as if it could carry him easily. The ripples of hidden muscles beneath the layer of creamy white skin, seemed to emit a blue tint from the reflection of the water. His hair was over his shoulder, but wet strands stuck to his skin dripping trails of droplets down his back.

Ying Yue felt his face heat up as his eyes continued to take in the beautiful man in the water.

‘This… this is not a bath!’ He covered his face to hide how flustered he was feeling.

“My lady,” the female in the water spoke up and he removed his hands from his face, “Will you be joining us?”

His eyes glanced over at the King to see him turn his body, revealing his left profile to him. Those silver eyes sparkled like the stars, waiting for him to speak. He felt his tongue stuck to his throat as words were unable to escape. Cheeks burning, he stood frozen a few feet away from the hot spring. Ying Yue wasn’t sure if it was the steam or if it was his imagination, but the Ghost King had a small smile on his lips.

“My king,” the female with blue hair and purple eyes spoke up taking the wooden tray from the brunette. He watched her walk a few steps to reach the man in the water and said, “I will wash your back for you.”

“No!” He shouted before he realized and stuttered out red faced, “N… no. I will do it.”

“Oh, okay why d-” before the blue haired girl finished, he was already in the water.

He had miscalculated and thought he was where the steps were, only to fall into the hot spring. Drenched from head to toes, his wedding robe clung onto him as his head came up. His light blonde hair fell onto his face and he spluttered out water, trying to wipe his hair aside. He felt fingers on his hand, and he froze in his movement.

These fingers… he was already familiar with the touches of them and it scared him. He never, in his life before, even liked being touched. It was disgusting and dirty, but when the Ghost King touched him…

He found himself staring up at those platinum eyes once more, as those fingers tucked his hair behind his ears. Then they trailed down the bridge of his nose to the bow of his lips. His mouth parted on its own as the man’s thumb trailed over his bottom lip.

Oh god, he wanted to kiss him and hold him and feel his skin and-

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