Heaven's Chosen

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He Was Broken

Bai Lan’s body shivered from his trail of thoughts and stepped back until he felt the edge of the bath. Hyperventilating, he turned away covering his face. He had become a one of those shy schoolgirls! He couldn’t even look at him without thinking of… thinking of shameless thoughts! He was shameful; he was pitiful.

“Oh, so shy,” the blue haired female cooed.

“What a shy wife,” the one with the brown hair said.

“Different from the other one,” the girl in the pool mentioned.

‘Another one?’ He found himself wondering, ‘Did the other sectors offer the Ghost King wives like me? Where are they?’

‘Dead,’ He could still hear those bastards in golden robes laugh and he found his face whiting out.

“My lady,” he recognized it was the naked woman in the pool of water, “Would you like me to continue?”

“No, I shall do it,” he cleared his throat and stood tall.

‘After the bath and away from them, I am going to tell him to let me go. Easy!’ He nodded to himself and grabbed the wooden tray. Moving past the other man, he placed the tray to the side and picked up the bar. Avoiding those hypnotizing eyes, he gulped back the built up of saliva seeing the well-toned chest before him. His eyes took in the mark on his right chest, breaking to curl underneath his rib. His eyes drank him in as it went lower to see the dip of his hips in the water and-

Forcing his eyes up quickly, he found his heart beating as if it was trying to run out of his chest. Making himself look away, he ended up staring at that handsome face. He was beautiful, that was as obvious as saying the sky was blue and sun was yellow. However, there was a small bruise on his right cheek from their altercation earlier… okay, from his violence. His left hand reached up to touch, maybe soothe him, but he stopped midway.

‘Soothe him?’ He found himself thinking as his heart teetered.

Before he can think any more on it, he felt the Ghost King’s hand grip his wrist to finish the motion. Hand against smooth cheek, he found his eyes widened slightly in awe.

‘Yup. Not human. Too smooth, too beautiful, too much for any person,’ he concluded.

Then the ethereal man decided to turn his face to his palm and kiss it, like a lover would. His whole body shivered with want and it scared him. He had never been scared like this before, but right now before this tempting man, he would crawl out of his skin and run if he could.

The soap slipped out of his hand and plopped into the water.

“Ah!” He called out pulling away and reaching his arm into the water to look for the soap bar.

‘I must look like an idiot!’ He was starting to panic, ‘The man can kill you anytime and you told him you would clean him but ended up wasting his time! Should’ve just let that naked woman do it! Stupid!’

“Wife,” his voice, baritone and smooth like his entire body, “Here.”

He looked to the offered item and saw it was another soap bar. Slightly relieved he thanked him quietly and went to cleaning the body. He focused on his infatuation and of how the man in his dreams would whisper softly in his ear. How his touch was featherlike, as if they were the petals of a rose trailing down his skin. He focused on the warped voice and blurred face that would hold a smile.

He paused realizing he had finished cleaning the top half of the man’s body. Soap still in his hand, he looked wide eyed into silver ones. Was he going to… wash the rest of his body, particularly his bottom half… did he…? To his relief and slight disappointment, the Ghost King took the soap and finished washing the rest of his toned body. Bai Lan turned away and wasn’t sure what to do, as he just stood there.

“You are finished, my king?” The brunette questioned.

He turned back to watch the water drip down the king’s waist, hips, and-

He quickly turned back to avoid the rest of the body he knew would be perfect. Sinking into the heat of the water, he stared at the corner for a while blankly.

“My lady,” the brown haired girl from earlier spoke up, “Would you like us to help you?”

“With what?” He questioned before clearing his throat to pitch his tone higher, “With what?”

“Your bath,” she explained pointing at him.

“Oh.. no, no I can do it myself,” he sent a smile.

“With your robes on?” The female with a deeper tone looked at him with a frown. She had curly blue hair and purple eyes. The one that was in the water earlier.

“I can remove them myself,” he stood up, “You ladies may go… do whatever it is you do.”

The girls looked at each other before they did as he asked. Once he was alone, he relaxed into the water with his head placed at the edge. Staring at the clouds, he felt like whoever brought him here was laughing at him. This was some sick joke, maybe a simulation or something. He was not himself at all. What happened to the boy would just wanted to sleep. The boy who hated touching and being close to someone. The boy that never got attracted to anyone or anything but the man in his dreams.

Yet the Ghost King made his heart felt like he couldn’t breathe and had too much air at the same time.

He was broken.

That was the only reason why his heart was doing stupid flips when he looked at the Ghost King. That was the only explanation to him wanting to touch the God-like man’s skin by pressing his to him. That was the only, ONLY conclusion to the shameless thoughts and feelings he was having.

Nothing else.

“When you get out of this muscle relaxing pool,” he told himself sternly, “You tell him the truth, or he will kill you.”

Agreeing with himself, he undid the robe and pull it off his body. Bai Lan tossed it to over the side and washed himself quickly, so no one saw his naked body. Looking left and right, he walked up the steps as fast as he could and reached for the white robe. Letting out a relieved sigh, he wrapped it around him and tied it.

“Purr,” the sound of a beast sounded from behind him and he felt his whole body rigid.

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