Heaven's Chosen

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What Would You Call Me

“If our king wasn’t strong, then the leaders would kill him off already,” Chu stated bluntly, “Everyone is so scared of him.”

The girls laughed, but Yun just sighed closing her eyes. The sound of footsteps entered the space they occupied and Bai Lan did a double take. It was a thin male with a cold demeanor as he brought out a large tray with prepared meals. Setting them down, the man with deep purple eyes stared at him for a moment before walking away.

‘A… a man too?’ He frowned watching the man about the same age shut the door behind him.

“Ah! Ah Shen always make such delicious meals,” Chu exclaimed clasping her hands before her.

“Who is that?” He asked watching the Ghost King pick off meat to place into his bowl, before his own.

“Ah Shen had been here as long as we have,” Chu stated taking a bite of her fish, “The best cook there is!”

“None of you have a family name?” He questioned with furrowed brows as he looked at the females, “Why is that?”

“Hm?” Chu tilted her head with a frown, “Never thought of that.”

“But-” he was going to continue, but Yun interrupted him.

“What else would you like to know?” She stared at him as she ate a small piece of meat.

“What is your name?” He turned to the handsome man beside him to ask.

It was quiet for a moment as the man named Shen returned, sitting beside Hein. They all seemed to be staring at the Ghost King as if he was God, like his very words gave them meaning and life. He felt himself gravitating toward the handsome man, waiting as if his words were the only thing to fill him.

“What would you like to call me?” The beautiful eyes of that man lowered to his, as if to eat his soul.

‘Oh my… I am a cheesy hopeless romantic! How in the world did this happen?!’ He forced his eyes to slide away as his heart pumped out of his chest.

“Why?” He questioned softly looking at his sleeve hidden hands.

He felt those familiar fingers pulled his chin upwards and turned, so their eyes could meet. Silver eyes softened and he couldn’t help the pitter patter of his heart. This man… the things he was making him feel was just too much. The Ghost King was too beautiful, too godly, too… everything! How can he even be his wife? He wasn’t at his level of beauty, strength, knowledge, ANYTHING?! He was too much of a-

“Wang Li,” Bai Lan whispered out as the tip of his ears burned with heat.

‘Strong, beautiful, a King,’ he thought it fit the handsome man perfectly.

The king’s lips stretched into a smile that crinkled the corner of his eyes, and he felt as if his whole life became brighter. The voices of the females all drowned out and there was fuzziness haloed around the beautiful man. Head tilted slightly forward to the right, as long dark tresses slipped down his shoulder. The fingers on his chin held him so gently yet strong, anchoring him on the ground or else he would float away.

“What do you want to call me?” He found himself asking the king without any thought. It felt so natural to ask that it tremored his heart, as he bit his bottom lip.

‘It was the right thing to do, right?’ He told himself. He technically wasn’t his past name nor was he this body’s name and… and since the Ghost King let him- a nobody- name him, then… it was only right to offer the same thing, right?

“Ying Yue,” Wang Li said softly and just like the name given, he felt his face brighten up as if he was going to get a heatstroke. Reflection of the moon… that was what the Great King thought of him? And… to be given such a name… it felt… familiar, like this name was meant for him. It felt so intimate like-

‘Like family,’ he told himself and felt his eyes teared up, ‘Family…’

In his past life, he was living in his fifth home. Pushed around from family to family like a used-up pet, he never felt as if he belonged at all. Even the other children would avoid him, pick on him, or accuse him of things he had never done. He stuck to himself and daydreamed most of the time of the man in red, wondering if this was all his life was. Were the Heavens this cruel to him?

He remembered each time he was brought back to the adoption agency, they would shake their heads and sigh. It wasn’t that he was a bad child, he just wasn’t liked. He didn’t ask for hugs or give kisses. Physical touches were something he avoided. Some of the families were fine with it, but it didn’t last. The children in those homes would break things, steal money, lost their pet, and got into fights but all the blame fell onto him. He was the scapegoat and the easiest to get angry at.

He wasn’t attractive nor was he smart. He did things averagely, mundanely, and that wasn’t enough for them. The last family he had, thankfully, did not have children, but they fought every single day like a routine. The only relief from it was school, but even that did not make him happy. The only thing that made him truly happy was in his dreams. The man in red with touches-

‘He… could he be him?’

Bai Lan, no... Ying Yue wondered and his heart said yes over and over again.

‘But… that can’t be true. This must be a dream. Maybe I am not dead and just living a long dream?’

Shimmering green eyes blinked and blinked as tears fell down his cheeks. Now it felt as if he was living and he belonged. If this man was the one in his dream, he would stay here forever with him. It was scary and strange to feel this way in a place he had no knowledge of. How did this even happen? Why did it happen to him? Did the Heavens finally take pity on him and granted him some sort of happiness?

He felt thumbs swipe across his cheeks so gently. Then it stopped and the touch was pulled away, making him suck in his trembling lips to stop the whimper of loss. He was about to turn away when he felt a soft cloth pressed against his cheek, dapping against his wet skin.

“Do you not like the name?”

“I do! I… do… thank you,” he let out a smile feeling quite embarrassed.

“It has been a long day,” Wang Li said softly as he pulled the small handkerchief away, “Rest after dinner.”

Ying Yue nodded not daring to look at the others. He made a fool of himself and his brain was hurting from his mess of emotions. Focusing on eating, he noticed how quiet everyone was and he was curious to see why, but he felt shame fill his vision. When dinner was done, he saw the offered hand of the Ghost King’s. He placed his hand on Wang Li’s palm as he stood up, balanced by strong arms.

He heard the group bid their farewells and he turned to nod goodnight but caught the sad looks they all sported. Why were they sad? Did they pity him because he cried?

‘How embarrassing… how am I going to face them again…’ he thought to himself as he followed the taller male.

Hand and hand.

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