Heaven's Chosen

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I Don't Want To Be Weak

The man twisted and the sword, thin and long, paused in the air for a moment before it pulled back down to point at the ground. Silver eyes turned to him and watched him for a moment.

“You want to learn?” There was the curl of those lips and it made Ying Yue’s heart melt.

“Yes,” he nodded as his platinum blonde strands slipped over his shoulder, “I want to be strong too.”

“Why?” The beautiful man asked tilting his head slightly and Ying Yue’s emerald eyes caught the sweat dripping down the curve of his Adam’s apple to his collarbone.

“I don’t want to be weak,” he admitted and found courage to stare straight into silver eyes, “I want to learn. Please teach this pitiful one,” he bowed.

Being weak was only going to be an issue, wasn’t it? Also… if he were to get into an altercation with Wang Li, then at least he could fight back, and maybe get a chance to run away.

‘Yes. I will do this,’ he nodded to himself, ‘I will tell him when I am strong enough to defend myself.’

As he waited with his head lowered in the quiet of the courtyard, he saw Wang Li’s hand holding the sword move forward.

“Hold this,” he heard and did as the Ghost King asked.

Holding the sword, it was heavier than he thought. It was like trying to carry a ten pound chowchow up a steep hill. Trying and failing to hold the blade, he felt sweat build up across his forehead. Wow, he was weaker than he thought. Did this body not have any muscles at all? Frowning to himself, he felt those familiar hands touched his cheeks. Fingers sliding through his hair to bundle up his locks, he could smell the scent of plum trees and wood and… sweat from Wang Li’s skin. The exposed collarbone was so close to the tip of his nose that if he tilted his nose forward, it would be pressed against his hot skin.

Fortunately (unfortunately), the sweaty skin pulled away and he was face to face with the raven-haired male. He felt his face flushed slightly, realizing the man had just put his hair up for him. Ying Yue watched as Wang Li went behind him to place those large hands over his to grip the hilt. Lifting it up, he moved along with the Ghost King and he found himself smiling.

‘This must be what it feels like to float or fly across the sky with no care. This is amazing,’ he grinned feeling so free.

The swing of the blade, the stretch of his arms, and the twists of his body seemed to spark something in Ying Yue. It felt almost like… it was natural for him, like this was what he was meant to do. When they finally stopped, he was breathing hard, but the smile did not leave his face. Sweat slid down his temples, but it did not deter the blooming of his happiness. He had not felt this alive in so long… he wasn’t sure if he ever had before.

Turning so he could face the king, he smiled wider and opened his mouth to thank him, but the press of those thin lips touched his. Eyes widened in shock; he didn’t know what to do! He was being kissed… HE WAS BEING KISSED! HIS FIRST KISS!!! As soon as that thought came, those lips pulled back and he felt himself wanting to try it again. Instead, he covered his lips and aimed his round doe eyes at those lips that just touched him… that were just… that were just on his… his own lips.

“Get ready for lunch,” Wang Li said with soften eyes, “I will return.”

“Where,” Ying Yue cleared his throat, “Where are you going?”

“Do not worry,” Wang Li replied with his back to him, “I will return tonight.”

“But…” He questioned quietly watching the Ghost King walk away, and when he couldn’t see those dark locks and blue robe any longer, did he realized he was still holding the sword.

As they all settled to sit at the table and the meal had been placed, he stared at the empty space beside him. Without Wang Li, it almost felt as if there was a melancholy song that dampened the air around him.

‘You’re being a sap,’ he berated himself, ‘Why are you acting like a lovesick puppy? You just met him. You should be happy that he is away! The longer you have to live,’ he reminded himself.

All that came out was a sigh from his lips as he chewed softly at the wrapped dumplings. As he stared at his bowl, the rice seemed to be moving and shaping into the beautiful face of the Ghost King.

‘Stop it!’ He shut his eyes and shook his head.

“Are you alright Madame Yue?” Hein asked looking at him with concern.

“I’m just,” missing Wang Li, “… wondering why Ghost King needed to leave and,” when will he come back, “… what he does there?”

‘Something must be wrong with me…’ he told himself.

“Do you know why he is called the Ghost King?” Yun questioned drinking her tea.

“Is… is he a ghost?” Ying Yue questioned afraid of the answer.

He had been wondering this the entire time he was here, which was… one and a half day… wait! ONLY one and a half day?!

‘And I’m acting like a forlorn lover? What is wrong with me?’ He pursed his lips as his brows pinched in the middle.

“He is alive,” Yun stated after a moment, “Would it be appalling if he were not?”

He made a face that he was sure was offending, since Yun looked away clicking her tongue and there were loud sighs from the others.

“My apologies,” he quickly said, “it’s just… how can he be ghost? He looks too-” he shut his mouth and let out a deep breath from his nose, “Does he go to help?”

“What type of help do you think he does?” Chu asked him with her big purple eyes.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “Maybe… maybe there was a problem with a seal?”

‘Isn’t that usually what it was in those stories and movies?’ He wondered. He didn’t watch much, but from what he had heard, there usually was a portal or something to ward off bad things.

“The portal needs constant maintenance,” Shen stared at him, “Only those our king deemed worthy may live in the village.”

“Oh,” Ying Yue nodded, “Is it far and does he do it by himself or are there others?”

“He goes alone,” Chu stated chewing on her rice, “Anyone else would get in the way.”

They returned to finishing their lunch and when he was finished, he stood up and thanked everyone. As he was walking away, he heard Yun speak up.

“You looked happy today, practicing with our king,” she stated and handed him the sword, noting her easily holding it.

“Yes,” he smiled taking the blade and pretending as if his arm wasn’t shaking, “Felt freeing.”

She nodded blankly and was about to walk pass, but Ying Yue wanted to check out the library she mentioned. If he was going to have free time, then he was going to learn what he could. Who the sectors were and the world he lived in now. So, asking the eldest sister, she pointed him the direction to the place and he headed there. It was located near the courtyard, surrounded by plum trees. Closing his eyes, he took a whiff and felt himself relaxed.

‘Smells like him… I wonder if he sits here meditating?’ He laughed into his sleeve before tucking his light blonde hair behind his ears, ‘Geez, a true sap.’

Sliding open the door, he stepped in to see the library was very large. There were books and scrolls everywhere, like a collection through time. Blinking, he felt a bit of dread at so many hours he would be using up.

“Remember! You are doing this to learn more and be smarter,” he told himself, “also to find something that can give you a one up on him,” he nodded and clapped for finality.

Grabbing a handful of books and scrolls, he sat down on the floor cushion- next to the sword- and placed the items beside the table. Taking a deep breath, he opened the first book and began soaking up the knowledge written.

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