Bleeding Hearts

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I moan in discomfort, my whole body stiff and rigid from staying in one place for too long.

Why am I on my back? I never sleep like this.

Since childhood it always made me feel like I couldn’t breathe, so laying on my side or front was most preferable. Even in my adult life I never got over this so it makes sense as to why my body is in pain and achy.

I force my heavy eyelids open but can only see a small glimpse of my surroundings before my lids shut once more.

Warning bells begin to ring off in my head, but what for? I can’t remember anything that happened yesterday, it’s all a big blur. Just trying to recollect these thoughts have my brain feeling like mush.

A painful twinge blooms right along my spine

This is another reason why I don’t sleep on my back. I get muscle cramps.

I try and twist my body to the side to ease the slight ache but a surprise tug on my wrists stops my movement.

That’s new.

I attempt to pull both my hands down to my side but a force continues to hold them back. The weight upon my eyes disappears immediately and they fly open in a panic, zipping around the room. Instead of seeing my white dresser across from me, as usual, a bookshelf is in its place holding personal items that don’t belong to me. I gaze down at the bed I’m lying on and notice a grey quilt rather than my normal comforter. The room is also much darker and mysterious compared to my light and airy bedroom.

I’m brought out of my thoughts as something tickles my ankle. I pull my leg towards my body to relieve the itch but the furthest I can bring it is up to my knee.

I look down and what I see causes all the color to drain from my face.

A thick rope is tied securely around both my ankles which are attached to the post of the bed.

My chest heaves quickly in fear as I continue to tug at the material, tiny whimpers unconsciously leaving my mouth.

I attempt to bring my arms down to untie the rope but they fall short as they are also restrained. Looking up I see they’re attached to the headboard. Tears spring to my eyes as I struggle to wrestle my limbs free from their entrapment.

“Help!” I scream into the empty room as I whither around on the mattress trying to escape. “Please help me! Someone please!” The bed groans due to my effort to break free from my imprisonment. Tears stream freely down the side of my face, not stopping until they’ve fallen and hit the bed beneath me.

It seems these days I always have something to cry about.

I hear the turning of a lock through my yelling and turn towards the noise. The wooden door leading into the bedroom opens slowly and black combat boots are the first thing that steps inside.

I follow up the strong legs clad in washed-out dark jeans to a black t-shirt covered in a blue flannel. Finally reaching the person’s face, all the tension leaves my body as my knight in shining armor walks in.

“Alex, oh thank God you’re here. You have to help me, I don’t know where I am and someone tied me to the bed,” I say quietly as more tears swim down my face. He makes his way to my side and kneels before me, his stoic expression never changing, I continue, “you have to hurry before whoever did this to me returns, okay?” I say, mostly to reassure myself that I’m going to be fine.

Alex holds my stare but doesn’t say a word, almost like he’s analyzing every feature on my face. I try again. “Please we don’t have much time, you have to get me out of here as soon as you can. I can’t remember anything from last night and I’m terrified.”

He still doesn’t say anything.

He raises his hand to move an auburn curl off my forehead.

“Oh, Dani, you’re so beautiful,” he says lightly as he continues to mess with my curl. I freeze at this statement, not understanding why he would say this in the situation we’re in.

“Alex we don’t have time for this, please, you have to untie me,” I say desperately. Why is he being so casual about this? The lunatic who tied me up could come back at any second and we’ll both be in trouble. His hand makes its way to my cheek and wipes away a salty tear.

He tilts his head to the side. “Now why would I want to destroy all my hard work, hmm?” He asks softly as he continues to stroke my cheek with his thumb.

“Wh-what?” I must not have heard him right, did he say his work? I knew my ears would give out one day but I didn’t think it would be so soon. “Alex, I don’t like this joke. It isn’t funny. Please just help me.”

Adoration shines bright in his eyes as he looks me up and down. He lays his forehead on mine and we stay like this for a few seconds. “Dani, my sweet Dani,” he pauses for a brief moment, “you don’t know how long I’ve waited to have you tied down on my bed, completely submissive under my control. Just seeing you like this, if only you knew the effect you have on me, doll.”

My brain shuts off and all I can feel is numbness.

“No,” I whisper. This can’t be true.

He smiles and nods. “Yes.”

“But you-you’ve always been so nice. How could you...why would you do this? The notes, the doll, my apartment...,” I trail off.

“Was all me, baby,” he finishes.

Tears build in my vision of their own accord. I feel my whole body begin to tremble and my heart pounds harshly against my chest it feels like the whole room is vibrating from its pulse. “Why are you doing this to me? I thought you liked me?” I croak out, my throat now feeling raw and dry. I know a sob fest isn’t far off.

He shifts his head back, but only far enough to where our noses are almost touching.

An innocent smile graces his lips, contrasting his crazed golden eyes. “You’re more special to me than you will ever know,” he says quietly upon my lips. Leaning forward he places a light peck on my forehead before standing and walking towards the door.

Fear rushes through me. This can’t be real. Andrew was supposed to be my stalker, everything matched with him. He was new in town, his personality and clothing were so immaculate that he stood out like a sore thumb, and the way we last interacted made it certain it should’ve been him.

I’m terrible at reading people and look where that got me. The man I didn’t trust is dead and the man I began to trust the most is my ‘admirer.’

“Alex, you can’t leave me in here like this!” I scream to his back.

He continues walking as if I hadn’t spoken.

“Alex, don’t leave me in here! Alex! Alex don’t do this to me, please let me go!” He grasps the handle in his hand before turning back to look at me. An evil smile lights his face before he closes the door behind him.

“No! Get back here you asshole! You can’t leave me in here like this! You can’t, you can’t leave me like this,” my screams slowly turn into a whisper as the deafening sound of a lock echoes throughout the room.

I have never felt more alone than I do in this very room.


I’ve lost all sense of time in here.

By the fact that there are absolutely no windows, I have no idea if it’s morning, night, afternoon, or evening. I’m left here in a blanket of darkness.

I haven’t seen Alex since he left and I’m dreading the moment he walks back through the doors.

I’m such a fool.

Finally, someone gives me an ounce of kindness, and I depend on it like an infant to its mother.

A sigh flows through my lips and I look up at the wooden ceiling. Of course, this was too good to be true. As if someone would actually want to get to know me, and take me out on dates, and marry me, but, of course, that’s too much for me to ask for.

I thought Alex was different. That we would leave this small town together and go to the country, maybe start our own family, and Claire would come over all the time and be the fun-outgoing aunt. Oh, Claire, she must be devastated; not knowing where I am is going to freak her out, and if I know her well enough, she’s probably going to find me herself due to the lazy law authorities we have in this town.

The smell of cooked onions wafts its way under the door and envelopes my senses. My stomach rumbles as it tries to capture the amazing smell and savor it.

This is what I get for not eating before our so-called date and now I’m going to have to eat this monster’s food. It could be poisoned for all I know, but it smells so good I can’t help but close my eyes and take in this nostalgic moment.

I haven’t had a good homecooked meal since I left my parent’s house. I’ve been eating microwaved dinners or leftover diner food most nights, and I’m not complaining because most people receive less, but, a nice warm homecooked meal would’ve been nice every once and a while.

I test the ropes holding my wrist again.

Alex must’ve been a pretty great boy scout or something because there is no way these are coming off without a knife. I continue to tug on the rope causing the headboard to bang against the wall multiple times. I hope this damages the paint job because when I get out of these he’s going to hope all he gets is a damaged wall and bedpost.

I’m so focused on what I’m doing I don’t even notice the figure standing in the doorway. “Jesus Christ!” I scream as I notice Alex standing next to the now open door. “Fucking knock would ya, I could’ve been naked for all you know,” I say sarcastically trying to hide my fear bubbling up due to his mere presence.

He humphs. “Cute,” he mumbles to himself. Walking to my side he sets a bowl of food down on the bedside table. A lump of noodles resides in the middle of the dish covered in red tomato sauce.

Of course, he makes spaghetti to get on my good side.

He takes the fork and twirls a bit of the pasta around its tines so it doesn’t make a mess.

“Open up,” he says, holding one hand underneath for safety, bringing the food near my mouth.

“No.” I swivel my head away from him in defiance. How dare he think he can be my friend after all he has done.

He tightly grabs my jaw in his hand and turns my head towards him.

Let’s hope this doesn’t leave a bruise.

“I have spent hours perfecting this the way you like it. Now, you’re gonna be a good girl, and eat the spaghetti.” He applies pressure on the bone causing pain and discomfort, “Or I’ll forcefully stuff it down your throat.” The pressure becomes too much and I open my trembling lips to make way for the fork.

He places the warm noodles inside my mouth and waits for me to clamp down. He pulls the fork out and smiles when I slowly begin to chew.

His frown turns into a light smile as he pats my head. “Good girl,” he comments as he twirls more spaghetti onto the silverware.

There’s no way I’m going to accept this treatment. I’ve worked too hard to become this confident in myself only to be so belittled by a man once more.

I need to find a way out, but not today. If I’ve learned anything from books is that rash decisions usually end in terrible consequences.

For now, I’ll wait.


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