Tainted Wings: Book Two

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With her memories and powers back, Virago has finally reunited with her family and friends. Knowing that Michael is searching for her, Lucifer never lets her out of his sight. Virago now has to follow his rules in order to stay safe. But she develops thoughts of having a normal life again. She wants to go back to school, be with her friends, and attend Wrath's MMA matches. So when Michael gets his way and captures Virago, all Hell breaks loose. Join Virago and Lucifer in the sequel and final installment of Tainted Wings for new secrets, powers, and the ultimate sacrifice for love. WARNING: Some chapters of Tainted Wings: Book Two ends with implied sexual trauma that may be upsetting to some readers. Although these scenes were not written with explicit detail, please read with caution.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


My memories all came back to me. I flowed through my old life like it was an uncut movie. Every detail, every aspect of my life from the moment I was born to the day Lucifer fell from Heaven. Everything. I relived the night Lucifer first said he loved me. When I first gave birth to my kids. When they all got their wings, and the day Michael took my beautiful life away. I felt it all, the pain and suffering he caused me and my family once again.

The second I lost vision of Lucifer and my children, as soon as I let out the last breath I ever took, I woke up. I woke up to my beautiful family.

“I remember, I remember everything.”

This entire time, I was with them and I didn’t even know. The boys all were on the brink of crying. Smiling with my tears, I jumped off the couch and opened my arms wide.

“Come here and hug me!”

My babies all sobbed as they gave me a group hug. I couldn’t help but join them, trying to hug them all back.

“I wish I had longer arms to hug you all at once!” I sobbed.

This was the best feeling ever, being surrounded by my beautiful kids. My heart filled with joy, I was gone for so long and their emotions came crashing down on me. Envy sobbed in my neck and Sloth dropped to the floor to hug my leg. I kissed every single one of them on their cheek, each of them sobbing harder.

“We’re never letting you out of our sight again!” Wrath cried.

Envy gripped the back of my shirt. “We missed you so much!”

The others had trouble speaking. Pride moved back to blow his nose and I finally had view of the man who changed my life all those years ago. My body filled with euphoria. Lucifer was watching us with a tear falling down his chiseled jaw. The boys let me free of their hugs and I ran to the love of my life, jumping up and wrapping myself around him.

Our bodies molded together. Lucifer held me tight in his arms. I kissed him all over his face and he was unable to control the bright laughter overtaking his senses.

I held his face in my hands. “You found me.”

Lucifer kissed me deeply. Now that I have my memories, kissing him felt more jubilant than before because now I know everything that we’ve been through. All the pain of my past melted away as our lips rejoiced together.

The boys coughed and I giggled against Lucifer’s lips, sliding off of him and landing back on the floor. I continued to hug and smile up at him. He caressed my cheeks, his tears clinging to his blue eyes.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to hear you say that.”

“How come you didn’t give my memories back sooner?” I asked. “And why didn’t I come back a hundred years later after...you know?”

Lucifer’s jaw tightened, anger clouded his features.

“Oh, fuck,” Wrath whispered.

I turned to find them all distraught. Sloth slumped on the couch. “Does Michael know now?”

The mention of his name struck instant fear down my spine. I tensed up against Lucifer and he felt it, resting his hand behind my back.

I clutched the back of his blazer. “Knows what?”

“You need to take a seat for this, Virago,” Lucifer sighed. “You have to let me do something for you.”

Lucifer held my hand and we both took a seat together. The boys sat down, some on the couch across from us and some on the floor.

“What is it?” I asked.

“You need to give me your soul. You give me your soul and you become immortal.”

“My soul?”

That was something I never knew we’d ever talk about. Lucifer didn’t have that power when I was alive back then. When did he get it?

“I think I know where this is going...” Pride said.

Lucifer nodded. “Virago, Michael put a curse on your soul so you wouldn’t come back after thousands of years.

My mouth fell agape. So not only did he kill me, he put a curse on me? What the hell was his problem? Why would he do that to me?

“You have to give me your soul now, Virago,” Lucifer continued. “If anything happens, if he finds you, he won’t be able to place another damn curse on you because I’ll have your soul.”

Lucifer then explained everything – the reasons why he didn’t want to give me my soul and that Michael would know that his curse has been lifted. If he knows then what are we waiting for?

“Well, then let’s hurry up and do this,” I said urgently. “We don’t have time to waste.”

As soon as I finished that sentence, a yellow sheet of paper and a fancy pen with ancient markings appeared on the coffee table.

“Holy nuggets,” I whispered in astonishment. “That’s so cool.”

My kids chuckled. I sat on the floor to look at the parchment paper. “When did you start taking souls?”

“A year after you died,” he said. “I had to dig deeper than before to find that forbidden power. I learned it once I discovered the art.”

“You were too late,” Wrath muttered.

“Wrath.” I raised my voice. “Be nice to your father.”

“Yes, Mother!” Wrath said quickly.

I smiled and he blushed in embarrassment. Envy and Sloth snickered.

Personally, I found what Lucifer said interesting. Before I had my memories, I thought Lucifer knew how to do that without having to look for the power. How many other forbidden spells and powers are in Hell?

“Awesome,” I said in astonishment.

I didn’t bother reading the contract. There’s no reason for me to read because, I mean, this is my husband I’m signing my soul away to. Gripping the fountain pen, I attempted to sign my name but there was no ink. Lucifer laughed and took the pen.

“You need to sign it in your blood.” He smiled. “I should’ve mentioned that, sorry.”

I knew that, I totally knew that. “Okay, let’s do this.”

Lucifer pricked my pointer finger with the sharp tip of the pen. I winced at the pain and he apologized. It filled up with my blood, just enough to sign my name. As soon as it was full, Lucifer gripped my wrist and licked away the blood from my finger.

I gulped, my cheeks heated up as he healed the small wound with his hot tongue. He could’ve used his Angel Lyght for that.

Lust groaned. “Oh, you gotta be kidding me, Mother! Out of all the time in the world, now?!”

“I’m sorry!” I cried. “It’s your dad’s fault!”

Lucifer pulled away from my hand and snickered, wiping my finger. The boys cringed and I repeated my apology over and over before I finally signed on the dotted line.

Smiling, I let out a blissful sigh. “Well, that was easy.”

The pen disappeared from my hands along with the paper. I didn’t feel anything. I waited for something to happen, but nope, nada. Shrugging, I stood up and clapped my hands. “Okay, cool! Let’s celebrate! We should go to this all-you-can-eat sushi buffet in Yonkers! It’s far from here but it’s worth the–”

“Virago,” Lucifer said sternly. “You can’t go out in public, Michael could be searching for you right now.”

My lips morphed into a frown. “But...but what about school?”

“Online school.”


“I’m going to sign you up for it.”

If I don’t go to school then I won’t be able to be with my friends. They’ll start worrying about me.

My shoulders slumped a bit. “But, Lucifer, my friends will–”

Lucifer’s eyebrows snapped together. “You can’t see them anymore. You can put them in danger if you meet with them.”

“Oh...” I sighed defeatedly. “Okay.”

Greed scratched the back of his head. “Father, I don’t think that’s fair for–”

“It’s for her own good,” Lucifer snapped. “You understand, right, Virago?”


I do understand, I really do. It’s just that I didn’t know my life would take a different turn now that I’m back. I’m going to miss attending class and seeing my friends. I’m going to miss our daily gossip at Starbucks. But Lucifer’s right, this really was for my own good. Besides, even if I’m going to miss being out in public, I’d rather stay home with my family.

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