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Deep down I was scared by him but I knew Adler wouldn't hurt a women... Me. He couldn't pull the trigger as my body trembled. I learned something as we spent many days with each other and it was being brave and tough. So I licked my dry lips matching Adler's cold bright blue gaze as he presses the cold barrel of the gun to my temple. 'Do it... Shoot me' My soft voice hardens and Adler briefly looked surprised as he stays cold and bitter. 'Don't test me' His tone is low My head cranes closer to his 'Pull the damn trigger' I grit louder Then his eyes flicker to my lips... ___________ When Addison and Adler's worlds collide, Mind-blowing sex, warfare, and feelings will arouse that neither of them would anticipate.

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๐–ฌ๐–พ๐—‹๐–ผ๐–พ๐—‡๐–บ๐—‹๐—’ - I

It wasn't long until Addison finally gets relieved from her shift at the hospital wearing her fitted uniform which was purple colored scrubs and her long dirty blonde hair was in a neat bun. It's evening as Addison feels her feet beginning to ache including her back,

Working a ten-hour shift

She sighs holding the clipboard heading towards the locker room sending smiles to the patient's and other co-workers as she passed by, Entering the room while Addison is immediately greeted by her best friend, Brenda who's taking a break,

"Hey Addi! Clocking out now?" Brenda chirped, Beautiful five-foot Brenda is in her late twenties as her chocolaty-colored skin is hidden underneath her expensive scrubs gathering her hair into a ponytail.

"Yes! I just wanna go home and take a nice bubble bath" Addison sighed dreamily forming a smile digging in her locker

"Ugh, that sounds nice"

Addison giggled letting down her wavy hair as it falls past her shoulder blades "I'll call you later and can you inform Mr. Cameron I've left" Closing the door about to leave

"Of course sweetie, have a nice night"

"You too" Addison left the hospital on foot as her apartment wasn't far from the hospital. The moon shines down as light wind blows through her hair-loving how summer is during nightfall.

Finally checking her phone, Addison sees two texts from her mother instructing her to see them again after so long, Addison sighed ignoring the texts hating how she's been neglecting her parents for the past month.

Unfortunately, they weren't exactly close

"I'm hungry" Addison mumbles feeling her stomach ache so taking a left down the busy street, The grocery store called Bill's superstore wasn't far as Addison travels over entering the large establishment.

Ten minutes later, Addison felt eerie and watched as she scans the store seeing nothing odd or suspicious that was until she entered the vacant bakery section,

Browsing the bread, a sudden man dressed in black clothing with a cap on covering his bruised complexion, Addison glance to her left and noticed his knuckles busted including bloody as he fakely looks at the bread, his other hand holds his lower abdomen which was bleeding profusely,

The black clothing made it invisible

Her heart stopped knowing he's hurt badly but his radiation seemed cold and violent causing her to slowly back away,

"Don't move" The unknown guy's raspy voice ordered deeply.

Addison felt the fear cloud her completely doing as told, she gulps nodding her head and noticed he is buff, lean and tall not to forget handsome with his chiseled jawline and bright blue hatred eyes,

Wow, She thought in a trance

He can see the fear taking over her body, He loved it even her alluring appearance and so, He slid back his leather jacket revealing a silenced handgun tucked away in his waistband,

Addison's stomach sank in

"Where do you live?" He asked huskily

Addison's throat became dry controlling her trembling body "Three b-blocks down" Even her voice wavered praying he wouldn't hurt or kill her.

He snatched her basket containing groceries "We're gonna pay for these and your gonna keep your damn mouth shut and take us back to your place, Do you understand me?" His cold eyes glared at his new captive lowering to her level

Addison has never been so scared before

"Y-Yes" Agreeing timidly. He nods putting his hand on the back of her neck leading their way to check out. Addison made a plan to run quickly as she can then suddenly she felt him lean awfully close to her ear.

"Don't do anything stupid or the cashier gets it" He warned ruining her plan. Once they approached to check out, Addison cautiously placed her items on the retractable belt leading to the cashier keeping sane,

Her new friend stood aside keeping his eyes on her as she paid very meekly and finished. Addison saw how discreetly he's being about his injuries and saw the pain behind his cold eyes.

What happened to him? She questioned having a million suspicions roaming through her head.

They left the store as his hand returned to her neck feeling his grip tightened. Addison didn't want him in her home, he's dangerous and armed but sadly she didn't have a choice being held at gunpoint.

Ten minutes later, They approach inside her small apartment turning on the lights. Addison reverted her feared eyes at him as he removed his cap and jacket,

She can see he worked out due to his muscles bulging underneath his fitted t-shirt,

"Where's the bathroom?" He asked closing the window shades and locking the door securely as Addison watches in scare.

She gulped "I-In that door to the right"

He followed her pointed finger at the door across the room "Let's go" demanding deeply.

"I-I can't" She's scared wanting to run and his glare gotten darker "Now... Addison"

She gasped in shock wondering how he knew her name but then she glanced down at the nametag hanging on her shirt.


Doing as told, Addison followed as the two were pressed together due to the bathroom being small like a cub, Addison shuddered as goosebumps erected all over her creamy skin.

Then he sat on the toilet removing his shirt being right as rain revealing critical stab wound, bruises, and blood drenching his skin as well,

Addison gasped in horror "What happened to you?"

He avoided eye contacted as he clenches his teeth feeling the pain throb recalling unknown men in suits jumping him in an alley however, He fought well and killed them all

"Doesn't concern you, Now patch me up and give me antibodies" His pained voice erupted suddenly, and Addison trembles "I-Im just an n-nurse here, you need a hospi-"

"Fucking now, Addison! Don't make me use my gun again tonight" He gritted with a raspy tone glaring at her

She blinked her tears away walking towards her medicine cabinet grabbing that needed requirement and gotten down on her knees in front of him, Addison blushed due to the position they were now in and attending to his wounds.

A few groans left his mouth while closing his eyes as the pain inflicted where Addison stitched and dabbed rubbing alcohol cleansing the wounds.

Curiosity killed the cat and Addison opened her mouth "What's your name?" She asked daringly

He opened his eyes painfully glancing at her as he boldly checked her enticing features upon her face including her body just because he can,

"... Adler" He answered curtly


Addison repeated mentally knowing tonight wasn't gonna be as relaxing as she thought, Adler can be anything and Addison knew she was gonna have to sleep with one eye open tonight.
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