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The Wilson Twins And Me.

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I'm Annabelle Rodriguez. I'm 16 nearly 17, and this is my standard story. I moved house. Moved town. Moved school. And met a gorgeous guy, so sounds pretty standard, doesn't it? Well let me tell you, it didn't end up being 'my standard story'. No. It went right out the fucking window. I now understand what Phaedrus ment by "Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden." Enjoy my strange love life.... ******************** ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ There is dark bits to this story. Sexual Abuse. Bullying. Panic attacks. Please don't read if these are a sensitive subject for yourself. I hope you enjoy. Please like and comment. I would love to know what you think, just no hate please.

Romance / Humor
Charley-Anne Hardy
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Moving Day

"Each Moment Of Our Life, We Either Invoke Or Destroy Our Dreams." - Stuart Wilde

"Annabelle hurry up!"

There we go again. My Mum never has any patience. She wanted things done yesterday.

"I'm coming now. calm down!" I shout placing down one of the hundreds of boxes, I have already carried in to our new house.

"Finally" my Mother greets me, as I walk out the newly built 3 bedroomed house.

"I wasn't that long Mamà" I say with a eye roll.

She ignores my attitude and passes me two more box's. One on top of the other, might I add. I Don't understand why this women even thinks I can walk without seeing where I'm going.

I stumbled a couple of times and walk in to a wall as I aimed for the kitchen doorway but I got the boxes and me in there, in one piece.

Looking at these boxes that are covering the black tiled floor and kitchen sides, makes me think how the hell we are going to get them all unpacked before school starts Monday.

Like who moves house the weekend before they start their new job and their daughter starts her new school?

"That's it, they are all in!" My Mum announces, joining me in the bright white kitchen.

I smile letting out a breath of relief. I Don't think my back could take it anymore if I had to carry another box from the car.

We both look round the kitchen before I ask my Mum, "where do we start then?"

My Mum runs her hands through her long sandy hair as she looks over all the box's "hmmm, I will start in here. Maybe you should start with the living room."

I nod my head in agreement. It's been a stressful day and we have been bickering most of it, so best we aren't on top off each other.

After a hour of unpacking the 'living room' labelled box's, I take a seat on the black leather, three seater sofa.

Closing my eyes, I feel exhaustion start to creep in. My body hurts. I'm sure this is against child labour rules.

"I'm going to order pizza. Just found a place online, you want your normal Annie?"

I cringe at that nickname, like I do everytime she says it. My Mum has called me 'Annie' since i was a baby. The only times she would use my full name is when she is annoyed with me.

For me I personally prefer 'Bella'.

I didn't like it at first, it was the nickname my best friends gave me at the age of 9. How I miss David and Poppy already. It's only been a few hours since I said bye to them. I Don't like being social but they was both adornment they wanted me to be their third 'amigo' as they call it.

"That's fine with me Mamà" I shout back towards kitchen.

I get up off the sofa and make my way up to my new bedroom. I know I need to make some headway in there, so I'm unpacked before tomorrow night. I don't want to be looking through boxes, Monday morning to find the stuff for school.

Half a hour later, most of my clothes are unpacked now, hanging in my new little walk-in closet. I have found my school books and pencil case aswell, I have put them aside on top of my white desk/dressing table.

I even found the tubes of hair dye I brought 6 months ago when I was feeling bored with myself, but my old school didn't like people having their own personality.

Maybe my new school doesn't have the same rules. Might as well look at the school paper work on top of my school books.

Just as I start reading the uniform rules Mum shouts up to me, saying the food is here.

I run downstairs with the page that has the rules on. As I finish reading it the smell of freashly cooked pizza hits my nose and I completely forget what I was even thinking about.

My stomach rumbles making it's self known as I sit at the island in the middle of the kitchen with a pizza box in front of me.

"Comamos" My Mother says.

It means 'let's eat' in Spanish.

My Mum is originally from Spain, she moved to England when she was 18 to study hairdressing. She lived with her aunt and uncle when she got here, that was 25 years ago now. She was only ment to be here temporarily to study, but then she met my Dad who's English.

So that makes me half Spanish, half English, just incase you didn't work it out.

It is only me and my Mum now, my Dad passed away when I was 3 years old. I Don't remember him being as I was so young. I do have photos of us all together, so I know what he looked like. My Mum said he was such a loving man and from the photos, anyone could tell he was by his face. She always loves looking in to my eyes, she said it reminds her of him, because I was gifted his sapphire blue eyes.

"This is so good" I moan with a piece of pizza in my mouth

Mum hums in agreement before looking down at the paper I placed next to the pizza box.

She points at it "what's that?" She qustions.

"It's the uniform rules for school, I was checking I could dye my hair."

The face in front of me filled with excitement.

"What are we going to do?" Mum says with the biggest smile.

"Are you not going to ask me if school will be OK about it?" I ask.

Her face turns in to a frown. Looking disappointed as she bites of a piece of cheese and ham pizza. I roll my eyes and look at the rules again to confirm they have nothing stating about hair colours.

"Well there is nothing here to say I can't do it." I say meeting her shining green eyes.

Mum jumps up from the bar stool and starts rummaging through the box's that are still untouched on the dining room table in the adjoining room.

"What are you doing Mamà?" I question.

She doesn't answer me and I don't need one now as pulls some of her hairdressing kit out the box.

Well I guess we will being doing this tonight then.

"What did you want doing? Please tell me It's something fun!" Mum asks.

"I was thinking half baby blue and half baby pink. I have the colours upstairs." I tell her, she looks like a child on Christmas day.

"Suena perfecta" that means 'sounds perfect'. "We need to bleach your roots first" she tells me as she looks at my hair.

Lucky for me this isn't going to be such a long process being as my long hair is already bleach blonde, I just need to sort out my dark blonde regrowth.

I run upstairs to my bedroom to grab the tubes of colour. Once back downstairs my Mum makes me sit back on bar stool and starts appling the first lot of products to my roots, whilst I finish eating my food.

While we waited for the colour to develop, me and Mum sorted the last bit of my room. It finally started to look like mine, apart from the very white walls, that I can't wait to put a lick of paint on. I'm more for bright colours. I feel like life is always abit better with a splash of colour.

Once the colour was finished developing, my Mum washed my hair over the bath/shower.

I am getting really excited for my new look.

She applied the two colours to my hair and left me to finish making my bed whilst she started making a dent in her room.

"Good thing your tattoo is watercolour, I may have got a bit of blue on it." Mum laughs as I put my hand over the back of my neck, where my Morpho Butterfly tattoo sits.

I look at my now blue stained hand and roll my eyes, "thanks Mamà" I mutter.

"It will fade after a couple days. Most of it will come off when we wash you hair." She tells me with a emused look, "Talking about that, come on it's time to rinses it off."

Leaving Mum to clean the bath, that is now stained pink, blue and purple. I live in hope she won't notice I have disappeared, she always tries to chop some of my hair off after it's been coloured. I love my waist length hair where it is, but she is so pushy about cutting a few inches off it.

I dry my hair in the middle patterning I have been rocking for the last year then look over it in the ceiling to floor length mirror I have at the side of my bedroom door.

I bloody love it. This is so me, I'm happy I can actually show the world who I am now.

I notice my Mum standing in the doorway watching me with a proud smile on her face.

I don't know if that's for me or the work she has just done on my hair.

"estoy tan feliz" she says.

"Why are you so happy Mamà?" I ask.

Her eyes start to fill with tears. But she said she was happy, I'm confused.

She comes over to me and raps her arms round me, "I'm so proud of you. You really have grown into una persona asombrosa."

She said 'an amazing person' by the way.

I wrap my arms round her, hugging her back. I love the fact my Mum has always pushed me to be my own person and supports me in what ever decisions I make. Even if she doesn't 100% agree with them sometimes.

"te amo mamá" I told her, 'I love her'.

"te amo" she replys as she pulls away from our hug.

I notice some of the tears have fallen from her green eyes. She is quick to wipe them away.

"It's getting late. We have so much more to unpacked tomorrow, you should get some sleep." Mum said.

I nod before pulling her back in to a hug "I love my hair so much! Gracias Mamà."

She kisses my forehead before saying goodnight and going off to bed herself.

I can't believe what a hectic day it has been.

I slip on my pajama shorts and top before getting inbetween my purple bedsheets. I look at my phone for the first time since getting to my new home.

David and Poppy have been texting me like crazy in the group chat.

David- you there yet? Xx

Poppy- is the house nice? Xx

Poppy- I miss you already xx

David- it's not going to be the same here, without our third amigo! Xx

Poppy- why isn't she replying? Has she forgotten about us already? Xx

David- oii bitch! Text us back xx

I can't help but laugh at my friends texts. I keep playing with the idea to not reply till tomorrow, just to wind them up abit more. But then again I know I would feel guilty if I did.

Bella- how could I forget about you guys! I miss you so much already. Sorry I have been busy unpacking, only just looked at my phone. Xx

Poppy- OMG. She is alive. I swear I was going to ring Mamà if you didn't reply in the next hour. Xx

David- I told you she was fine Pop. How's the new house Bella? Xx

Bella- it's good thanks. Just wish it wasn't so far away from you guys! Xx

Poppy- we will come over in the next half term, it's not that far away! Xx

David- yes. Hopefully I will be driving by then and we can go to the coast for the day, when we come down. Xx

Bella- sounds like a plan! Can't wait. Counting down the weeks already! Night guys! Xx

David- night amigos! Xx

Poppy- night guys. xx

I really am counting down the days. I don't know no-one here apart from my Mother, and that makes me feel a little nervous. I'm not use to this feeling anymore. This isn't the new me. I guess it's because so much has changed. New Town. New house. New school. New people.

As soon as I put my phone down, my body is overwheled with exhaustion and I fall in to a deep sleep, slightly dreading that tomorrow is coming.
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