Time to grow.

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The BlueMoon Pack- chapter 8

Oren's pov

Why did I bloody leave her there?
Alone with Corine of all people.

I was standing in the hallway at the exit end, so far, too far from Isla.
All I heard was screams. Short and gasping. Terrified screams.
I should have left a guard outside the door, fuck respecting her wishes. She could be dead for god sake.
It took me all of 2 seconds to turn and run to that cell door at the other end.
I couldn't see through the window fast enough before I had flung it open anyway.
I was a little surprised to see Corine held up in the air by her throat, and Isla standing there holding her.
The bang of the door swinging back had Isla's attention.
But when she turned to face me, her eyes were glazed over. There was no pleasant blue like the ocean waves shining at me. They were just grey blurred clouds. No emotion, no soul.
Isla dropped Corine, who started choking on fresh air, and crooked her head sideways as she started toward me.
She had one hand stretched out aimed for my throat, I guess I was lucky I felt I wasn't in danger. Surely Isla couldn't harm her mate? Could she? Maybe she doesn't know I her mate.
We were about to find out, her and I.
Her trembling hand reached out, she placed her hand over my heart and her eyes fluttered.
When she lifted her head back to look at me, her eyes were blue like the ocean again.

"What is happening to me, I feel as though I'm in a dream. I can see and hear every thing but I have no emotion to it. Corine had me so angry and then I just fell asleep. When I opened my eyes I had my hand around her neck, but no guilt, no happiness or sadness. Just nothing. Like an instinct took over and just did what I felt like I should be doing. I'm so scared, for everyone. What if I can't control this Oren. You're people aren't safe, the pack, you're family, even Koby. The first person who understood me. Who helped me. What if I turn on him?" She was talking so fast it was hard to keep up.
"We will figure this out." I replied.
Then I turned to face Corine.
"You, you are the one. The one who turned her into this. Who has her unable to control her emotions. I know it's you witch. Explain yourself."
I held her chin to make her look at me as I spoke sternly while she was knelt to the floor from the aftermath of Isla.
"I'm only a witch because I'm a descendant from Goddess Hecate. Hecate rules over witch kind. I am her blood, I am their ruler. Do not push me to beckon those here." She spat at me.
"They won't find you here Corine. You have no way to beckon those. Not with your hands tied up, but I can make you a deal." I offer.
"Keep talking" She says still staring into my soul.
"If you can give me your blood oath that you will never step foot on our lands again, and never even look at Isla again, I will set you free."
I say to Corine.
"You'll have to do better than that Oren. Give me Wyatt. We were meant to be together anyway." I would have believed it were for love except I know her all to well and she was smiling creepily.
"I don't think Wyatt is up for offer here Corine. Not worth just taking the high road today and fleeing us?" I say smugly.
"Oh but you'd like that Oren. That's why I will not. I will have revenge, eventually. So I cannot blood oath to leaving you or Isla alone...Come on in handsom." She says to the door way.
As I turn to see Wyatt there.
"What's going on Alpha, I caught wind of the pack talking about screams. Everyone okay?" Wyatt asks staring at me with Isla in a fetal position on my knee and my hand still holding Corines chin.
"Yes, all is fine thanks Wyatt."
"But you can stay, I've asked for you anyway, to come home with me. Be with me? Like we should be, I know you love me Wyatt." Corine pulls away from me staring after Wyatt who stopped in the middle of the room awkwardly.
"I cannot and will not." He stated and then he walked out.
"Tell me your terms and conditions, one last chance for freedom here if you aren't asking for anything radical, and I may let you go." I offer Corine.
"Wyatt to take me home and you'll never see he or I again. Blood oath." She says.
So I let her go. I pick up Isla and I walk out. I leave the guards with strict instruction no one in or out unless it is me. And me only.

I walk Isla up the stares and stand her in the dining hall.
"Let's go have a good night's rest and get ready to host the ball shall we? Not long to prepare." I say to Isla trying to lighten the mood.
In the back of my mind I know I cannot harm someone of the goddess bloodline. All hell will break loose and you open yourself and your pack family to any kind of life long horrible misery.
"I just need to shower first. Wash today away."
Suddenly I'm eager for a shower too but don't want to let her know.
I walk up the flights of stairs beside her and we separate to our own rooms.
I need to focus on us. There's been too much else going on and I need to gain my strength back through my mates bond. I need her.
I talk to myself. I have to find a way to woo her before the ball. I'm bloody glowing and I can't do anything about it until she agrees to biting me. To owning my heart as I bite her and own hers.
We are supposed to belong as one. To rule together as one. The moon Goddess chose us to be together, reason is yet to be known, what greater good we are here together for. But for now it's so I can keep running my pack and keep them safe from Zorrow.
Tomorrow I start putting effort into Isla.

Isla's pov

The next morning I'm buzzing. I feel amazing. Like I needed that sleep, like I've also drank two large coffees! I'm ready for the day so I get dressed and head outdoors for some training.
I get out to Viv and we chat about life since I've been here.
Then we choose to spar in wolf form. And I'm excited for today. Azeera is strong, and slowly but surely we have been working our way through the majority of the woman warriors and only have Viv left to take down.

Azeera waits, she waits for Freya to make the first move. Freya is Viv's wolf. Freya is a deep grey wolf with green eyes. Larger than most because she is part of Viv this means she is the beta wolf. Along side Viv's partner Raff and his wolf, Bex.
The lot of the pack leaders are automatically bigger than your pack wolves. It comes with the responsibility of taking care of the pack.

Freya takes lunges, swipes and bites at Azeera, none of which come in contact. Freya is working hard and Azeera is waiting her out. I can see the fur on Freya getting damp with perspiration.
Soon enough Azeera has the upper hand and Freya is exhausted. Azeera only needs to send one paw after another out swiping Freya's legs out from under her and having her front legs bow down. Freya lowers her head in submission.

Finally we are the the strongest female fighter of the pack. I feel so empowered by Azeera. So proud of her. Proud of us.

Freya and Azeera walk us to the stone wall just behind the practise park for training and we both shift.
Changing into clothes, Viv turns to me.
"Well done today Isla, Azeera is not only brave taking on everyone here in such little time, but she is smart. Waiting Freya out was clever, no one else has done that before." She tells me.
"Thank you Viv it means alot, especially coming from you. I've always looked up to you and your skills. I feel so empowered now, like I could achieve anything!" I exclaimed.
"Do you know why?" She asked raising her brow at me as we finishing changing clothes and start walking to the dining hall.
"Becauss I just bet the best of the best!" I say giggling and shoving her.
"No Isla," she says laughing and pushing me back, " because you are more powerful than I, within your wolf, within our pack.."
Then she looks at me seriously.
"What's that supposed to mean, within the pack?"
"You're meant to be here Isla, you're meant for greatness, surely you feel that with Oren?" Then she pushes the door of the dining hall open and we file in with a few members of the pack tagging along we find our seats.
It's just become normal now that I sit with the pack leaders, even though I'm no one special.

Then Oren walks in, I can feel him, smell him, need him. My eyelashes flutter, and I look up as he walks over to join us.
"Afternoon, how are you today?" I ask him like a school girl with a crush, awkward as ever.
"Good, did you sleep well?" He asks me.
"Um yes not to bad, I woke with a great energy this morning though!" I tell him.
"I had quite the opposite, shall we take a walk?" He asks me.
I hop right up and he puts his arm around my back and leads me out the front to the garden area. So many beautiful roses and the sun is beaming down on us.
"I need to tell you something, something Corine told me. I'm unsure what you know and how much I'm falling apart without you Isla." He turns to face me but won't look into my eyes.
"Falling apart? You look great Oren what do you mean?" I say.
"Corine explained it to me, and it makes too much sense to ignore it. We are mates, you're mine and I am yours, we were made for each other. To belong together, and make our pack strong, to raise beautiful pups to take on the leadership after we have gone. And without your bite on my neck I am without a mate. My wolf has left me at the moment and I'm weakening by the day. My human form won't change but what kind of an Alpha am I to a wolf pack if I have no wolf?"
Oren looks to the floor, with sadness. He holds onto my hands tightly though as if I am all that's keeping him from the darkness.
"Bite you, right yes the books I've read. They did explain this. That's why I can smell you miles away, a fresh rich hot chocolate, that's the amazing scent I get when youre near. If I'm your mate then what do I smell of?" I ask shyly.
"Summer, pure sweetness and fruits.. I love it, it's intoxicating and I find it hard to hold myself together everytime you're close." He says that staring at me with a cheeky glint in his eye.
"Oh really?" I tease him, smiling at him.
"Yes really, Isla since I first saw you I knew something was different with you to any shewolf I had met. You had my attention, I could hardly talk properly. I came across rude but I was trying to be short to save myself any embarrassment." He pulled me in to hold my waist and face me. "I've never felt like this about anyone before, I need you Isla. I need you to be mine."
But before i could answer him, Raff came outside and grabbed Oren's shoulder.
"Sorry Alpha, but Zorrow is on his way here, it's a 2 day travel but we must keep on schedule to get the dining hall ready and food prepared." As he bows his head to his Alpha, he then turns and leaves.
"Think on what I've said Isla, come and find me in the next 2 days if you feel ready to move forward together as a couple." And then he kissed my forehead and left me standing there.

In the next 2 days? Is there a rush? Before Zorrow is here? I'm a little taken aback.

Thats when Viv with perfect timing comes out,
"Raff told me he might have interrupted something awfully important. So i came to check on you, shall we run?"
I nod and we both go the stone wall to hide our shift.
Our wolves are best friends. They play fight and wrestle and run and run.
We hit the creek down the side of the fence line and stop for a drink.
After a good run, our wolves take us back and shift, we get dressed and go to the dining hall.

The tables have all been shuffled around and there's ladders everywhere reaching to the highest points of the ceiling.
The chandelier has been lowered so it's hanging in the dining hall instead of up at the third floor.
There is ivy and roses hanging from garland hoops over the tables around the outer parts of the room so the centre of the room is clear for dancing.
Just next to the kitchen wall is a small stage with a booth for the dj we hired.
There's wonderful lights being hung up too for atmosphere.
Everything is coming together nicely.
Viv and I head into the kitchen where we know they will surely need our help.

"So I've organised the two different roasts, roast chicken and lamb, how many of each?" Maryanne is talking to Glenys.
"Eh I don't know Mary why didn't you count it out how many in the pack and how many guests?" Sprays Glenys as she glares at Maryanne. I love her and her straight forward attitude, poor Maryanne. Luckily they are sisters. So usually it's great fun helping in the kitchen. We all laugh together.
"Yes girls your here! Okay let's get sorted, one of you count in our adult pack members and let me know the numbers of the cubs so I can organise a mini feast for the littlies." Maryanne points to me as she scurries around getting recipe books for babies ready.
"Yeah hand over your chores to the girls Mary, geez they just got here!" Huffs Glenys.
"Any way, Isla if your doing the head count, Viv will you be a darl and head to the shop for the order of potatoes please love."
"Sure Glenys, as long as your not using us." Laughs Viv and she hurries off.
A couple of hours of food prep go by, the hall is finished with the decorations we both look at each other heavy eyed and nod.
"Time for bed for us oldies!" We say laughing to Glenys and Maryanne. And they thank us plenty as they wave us off to bed.

Tomorrow Viv and I go shopping for a gown!

Awake before sunrise again but no chance to spar today as Viv meets me out the front of the mansion. We start chatting and walking around to the right of the building and I swear I've never seen a bigger garage in my life.
How I hadn't ever noticed the garage is beyond me. All the doors we use, where we spar, the other pack members cottages are all to the left of the mansion even where we all let our wolves run wild. But behind the tall hedging stood a garage..
Viv pushed the button on her keys and one of the large doors rolls up to show off her black pride and joy. A new merc. We hop in, but not before I get a chance to scan the place..
There's an elevator?
And at least 15 cars here.
Then I spot a Lamborghini Veneno. I don't know much but i know this car. It's a 6.5 litre V12, and I'm in love.
I jump in the merc, just before Viv is about to take off with me half hanging out the door drooling.
"Oh my God, who on earth owns that Lambo?!"
I almost squeel at Viv.
She immediately laughs at my facial expression, "ohhh, that's your man's car!"
"What?! And his never shown it off to me once? Never said a damn word about it!" I say to Viv.
Viv pulls out of the garage, pushes the key and the garage rolls closed. We start off on the drive too Minnesota. It's only 30 mins from Foot Hills State Forest.
"So how did Oren get that car?" I ask, because that's only like $4,000,000. Lousy I know.
"Oren does own his own company outside of the pack walls. He also is the Ceo of the company as he says, why send someone else to do a job you can do yourself." She mocks his voice for the last part.
"Oh really, what doing? No don't worry I'll I'll him myself." I say matter of factly.
"Go for it girl, because we are going to stop to get a coffee and keep going until we have bought out as many shops out as we can!" And she giggles slipping on her sunglasses.
"Sounds like a perfect girls day out." I say.

We arrive back at the pack mansion at 4pm.
We have literally been shopping all damn day.
My feet are killing and I need a bath.
I leave Viv with Raff in the beautiful dining hall all done up for tomorrow night and head to my room. I pass Oren's room and smell his scent right away. I know his in his office.
Without hesitation I push the door open to greet him and show off my new dress hoping for his approval.
And then I smell someone else's scent at the same time as my eyes meet hers. Her hand holding his face.
Oren looks right at me and he jumps up from his office chair and pushes her off the end of his desk.
I scowl at the brunette with perfect hair and I slam the door and run to my room.
Making sure I lock the door.
I can hear Oren yelling for me from the minute I walked out of his office. But I ignore him.
I start pouring the bath trying to think rational thoughts but my mind is racing, my heart is thumping and I cannot control any of it.
What the hell did I just see.
Who is she and why the hell is she sitting on his desk holding his face.
Why is he letting her, he just told me how much he needed me? What is she to him then?
Why do I care so much. I hadn't bitten him. He isn't cheating.
Pull it together. There's still time for me to ask someone else to the ball tomorrow night as I'm sure he will take that skank.
Then I sink into the bubble bath and try to think of anything else but what i saw.

Once I finish scrubbing every inch of my body and trying to relax, I get out and towel dry the ends of my hair that got damp.
I get myself into a night gown and just curl into a ball on the bed.
I'm sad, not angry. I'm hurt and disappointed.
I haven't gone home and faced my parents because I thought I was making head way with this mate of mine. Supposed mate. Oren. I was going to ask him to come home with me. To support me. But instead he's in there with some other shewolf.
Then I hear my door knock.
"No thanks" I say before anyone can ask to come in.
"I have the key Isla, but I don't want to push my way in, I just want to explain." I hear Oren say through the door.
"You better bloody not just unlock my door and help yourself in!" I shout, annoyed.
Who on earth just let's themselves in. Absolutely not.
"It isn't what you think it is, she's a colleague." I hear him say to the door.
"I don't care, it isn't any if my business what you do with your business." I say back to the other side of the door.
"Isla, please just let me explain it." I wait, but I don't answer him. I let him stay there in an awkward silence.
I hear him linger for awhile, then he just turns and leaves. And like that, I have no desire to be at this pack any more... so I curl up in bed and drift off to sleep.

I sleep in, completely.
11:46am when I wake.
I jump into the shower and get ready for the makeover.
I almost missed my hair and makeup date with Viv, she booked someone to come by the mansion and do us up for the ball. I get into a silk dressing gown and head down one flight of stairs to Viv and Raff's room and knock.
"That you, Isla?" I hear Viv call out.
"Yeah Viv, sorry I'm here, I just slept in."
"Just come in, I've just started getting my hair done."
So I push open the door and walk through the room to the bathroom.
I'm super impressed, the bathroom is set up like a salon, there's mirrors and hot rollers, there is blow dryers and two chairs, one for Viv and one for me.
The make up artist is sprawling her things all over the bench top and asks me to come and take a seat, so it starts.

Literally hours later, our hair and make-up looking absolutly perfect, red carpet awards night ready, and I leave Viv's room to go up to mine and slip into my dress.

I step into my dress and pull it up over my body.
It's tight fitting, silky black low plunging top and back, and yet long to the floor with a slit up the side. I love the way it looks on me and I don't say that about myself in any item of clothing.
But I have outdone myself.
I'm ready to show Oren what he just missed out on.

I hear the music start and I come out of my room, I start to decline the stairs and I catch the scent coming from Oren's room. Why is he so delicious. Why can't I stay so mad that I never want to see him again, I see the way shewas holding his face and I make myself sick replaying it over and over. So I keep taking the stairs, step by step.
I feel someone's arm push through mine and force me to link with them.
I look up and see Wyatt..
"Didn't want you walking in to the party alone, plus I owe you something." He said not looking at me, focusing his look on the stairs below our feet.
"Right, and what might that be?" I ask.
"An apology, Isla, sorry. I'm sorry for thinking you were the bad guy, I'm sorry for taking until now to apologise too. I see the way you look at him, the Alpha is lucky to have found his mate. And I believe, you'll make a great Luna." He says to me and I'm shook.
"I really appreciate that Wyatt. Better late than never, they say." And I hate myself for being cheesy with that line. But it is true I guess.
We get to the end of the stairs and a waitress offers us a champagne. Wyatt takes two and hands me one.
"Thank you, who knew you'd be a gentleman?" I say teasing him.
He doesn't answer and I notice his eyes are staring elsewhere.
I scan around to see what his checking out, and I spot Zorrow and the bunch of outsiders making there way through the hall.
"Sorry, excuse me. I'll see you some time tonight Isla," and he leaves me standing there alone.
I sip my champagne and start walking toward a table to be seated.
Oren comes souring down the stairs and he looks preoccupied.
I don't bother stopping him, he swoops passed and greets Zorrow and his newly appointed Alpha, Branxton. I see Oren shaking hands with him. Branxton makes Oren seem slimmer than usual. His such a strong man of muscle usually but not so much today, even though he looks great in a tux it isn't as tight as one would like. It is me, I am that one.
As Oren turns to talk and show them our guest suite, which Oren prepared elsewhere as im in the guest suite, he notices me.
When our eyes meet its like fire and ice. I feel like ice, cold toward him, I'm mad for whoever she is. And he seems to have forgotten all of that at the sight of me in this dress, obviously.
Oren excuses himself from the two men and comes straight over to me.
"Listen, Isla. You look stunning, you just, wow."
He says eyeing me up and down. Then after he pauses and starts again, "her name is Monica, she's human, she takes care of my business, the one I own. While I'm away, attending to pack meetings and business here. There isn't anything between us. Monica hopes there would be, she hopes ill turn her. But I won't. And I only have eyes for you. Just YOU." He finishes.
"Right, well I guess my suggestion to you is to fire her and take me on. I've actually got my advanced diploma in business management. I could help you there and rid you of her." I say with complete disgust for her. And I cannot help that I'm jealous. As jealous as they come, I want to be the only one he needs.
"Will she be coming tonight?" I ask.
"Yes, but only because Wyatt invited her. They have some weird back and forth thing going on. I did not invite her. I'm here with you." And he links arms with me.
We walk together through the beautifully decorated hall and eyes are all over us.
Especially from the BlueMoon crew. They are glaring. Oren walks me to Viv and then excuses himelf to go out and chat with Zorrow again. Clearly business pack stuff going on.
Viv and I start chatting, she looks amazing and Raff didn't do so bad scrubbing himself up for the night either. He even shaved.
About an hour later I realised I hadn't seen Oren return inside after he left with Zorrow and head out the side door.
I decided to follow out and my senses kicked in.
I could feel Azeera pulling me along, I started to run, I ran around the front of the building over the driveway and infront of the garage. My heart was racing and I didn't even know why.
I heard someone cursing. I followed the voice to the other side of the garage. Behind the hedging I found Oren, Zorrow, Branxton and an unfamiliar girl. Branxton was cursing at Oren.
Zorrow stopped him when he spotted me and I stood beside Oren feeling protective.
"Sorry am I late to this meeting?" I say abruptly as if I know what's going on.
"Not at all dear, sorry who are you?" Says Zorrow.
I've known who he is from Viv telling me about the BlueMoon Pack, preparing me for tonight.
I know what they are here for, because Oren just told me they want to take over. And so I'm here to stop that happening.
"This is.." starts Oren and I cut him off.
"I am about to be Luna, did you not receive the invite to my ceremony? Hmm." I say and pout.
Then I link Orens arm and turn to walk away.
"We will see you inside, where the party is, you won't want to miss this next part." I say looking over my shoulder at them. Then we walk back in doors.
Oren slumps over his chair at the table we choose to sit at and I start straight into questioning. "What was that about?"
"They tried to corner me, tell me they don't want to do it here, but that I'm weak and they can see that I won't be there to protect my pack anymore. I'm a waste of space as Alpha. They will take me out Isla. They see this glow around me. They know my wolf has left and I'm vulnerable. I don't want you here to see this." He says with such disappointment in his eyes. I smile and assure him it will be okay then I say "I'll be back dont move." And I run up to the dj stand.
I whisper in his ear and run back to Oren.

"So wolves, she wolves and humans, tonight we have something so very special for you. Alpha won't you come centre stage, for us." The dj sings through the microphone as he turns down the music.
Everyone's eyes are on Oren and he must get up and go to the centre of the room.
"Now what? " he yells with a smirk to the dj.
To which the dj replies, "I'm not sure, ask her?"
And he points to me.
I make my way over to him also in the centre of the room now and I kiss him.
First time ever, on the lips. I kiss him. For everyone to see.
And he kisses me back, I feel fire works happening inside my stomach, my heart is fluttering. Then something more, in my mind. Azeera, she's clawing at me. Itching to get out.

Mark him, Mark him. Do it now. Please, let him mark us.

I pull back my lips from his, as I find my way to his ear and nibble on it, I tease his neck with kisses and I whisper to him, "mark me, right here."
" I can't, it's supposed to be just us, romantic and such." He says.
"No, it's supposed to be about us Oren and this is us, we will be fierce leaders and protectors of our pack, now mark me and show them that. Prove our worth to our pack. And promise me you'll love me eternally."
Without another work Oren grabs my hair and pulls my head back showing my bare neck to all, he takes in my scent and I see the glimmer of his large canine teeth sprout out ready to take me.
Oren takes one last look at my neck and bares down hard with his teeth, sinking into my flesh and making me his.
The pain I feel is horrible, but not for long. It's an instant pain then it starts to fill me with warmth, love and safety. I feel high. Like on cloud nine. I am just in love with him. There's no other words that can explain how this one act, can triple the love you had.
The love you had is gone, it has been replaced by something much stronger.
I would die for him.
And I would kill for him.
This is me now, I belong to Oren.

But now it's my turn.
I feel Oren licking my wound to help heal my neck and I brush him off, I grab a handful of his hair and return the favour. I inhale a beautiful scent from him and feel for the first time ever a set of canine teeth form in my mouth. There's something about your instinct that takes over and I knew where to bite.
I clenched down hard until I felt his blood on my tongue. I released after he stopped squirming a little and I licked his new wound.
I didn't get any feelings biting him but I knew he felt what I did, when he bit me.

We stand there for a moment holding each other before realising and hearing some whispers.

What did I just witness, he doesn't even hardly know her, it's been what, 6 months at most.

Awww I love this day. Good on Alpha he deserves this happy ending.

My man, bags the hot lost dog. It's a cute love story.

Gee that girl is rocking that dress no wonder she pulled the Alpha.

I stopped and looked around noticing all of these voices yet no one's mouths are moving.
What the hell is happening.
Oh your apart of our pack now, Isla this is how we can communicate with no outsider hearing us. Welcome to Ironclaw.
Oren's mouth isn't moving either and his words are clear as day.

Then suddenly Viv runs over to us and throws her arms around us, "finally" she says.
"Took us only 6 months, that's fast!" I say knowing I've just tied myself down for eternity with someone i met 6 months ago.
"That's a long time in wolf time, Isla. We know our mates scent right away and we mark within a day or two sometimes the same day! We know the moon Goddess paired us and rarely you find a wolf who will fight it. It's unbearable to be without your loved one as you had seen with Alpha here." She squeezes him and runs back off to Raff who is walking up to shake orens hand.

Branxton comes up next, "Alpha, you do not glow anymore, we will come by for the Luna ceremony in a weeks time and see how you are travelling. Hopefully for your sake there are improvements on your size." He didn't bother to shake Orens hand who had been holding it out for the entire time he was scrutinised, then Zorrow followed closely behind. "We shall see you next week Alpha, congratulations to the new couple." He shook Orens hand, nodded and left.
Wyatt came up next with the unfamiliar girl in his arm. "Congratulations Alpha and to the new Luna, must be the night for it." He said with a huge grin across his face, "this is Lilly, sister of Branxton at BlueMoon Pack." She smiled and gave us a small wave and she just kind of hid behind Wyatt's big arms.
"Nice to meet you Lilly, I hope you two enjoy living here. We cannot wait to have you with us." Said Oren.
But Lilly's face dropped, she turned and faced Wyatt, "we would be living here?" She said.
And Wyatt smiled nervously at us, then he excused them both and they wandered off together.

We spent the rest of the night having a party and familiarising me with all of the pack members. There weren't many I didn't know at this point. I had been around for 6 months I almost knew where everyone resided at night to sleep too.
As the night came to an end, Oren held my hand and we walked up the flights of stairs to our level.
We reached Orens door first, "would you like to come in?" He said. And I couldn't think of anything worse than being awkward and talking our way through everything. I grabbed him and kissed him as we threw open his bedroom door. I stopped just to kick the door shut and I threw us both down on the bed.

As the books go, that I read, once you bite your mate, you must do the deed to seal the deal. If you bite while your doing it, it excels the pleasure ten fold. And then your wolves must also mate to form their bond, if Oren still has his wolf.
We were about to find out.

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